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Top Tips For Keeping Focused This New Year

30 Jan. 2022

Our Top Tips For Maintaining Focus This Year

As we move ahead this new year, we all have goals we’d like to put our best foot forward for. Getting ahead on our year’s projects early on can make all the difference in a successful year, and forging good habits in the first few months of the year can really set your focus. So, how do you cut through the noise and find simple, effective hacks to hone your focus and help this year be one of your most successful yet? Keep reading for Flexispot’s top tips for new year focus that really work.

Develop A Consistent Morning Routine

Seizing the day with clear intention always sets things off on the right path. Developing a consistent morning routine can help you feel energised and prepared for the day, whilst developing a regular morning habit can help you create a schedule, and make focus and structure part of your working style. But what routine works for you?

Try taking a few minutes meditation over a morning coffee, tidying and preparing your workspace for the day, or setting a morning’s to do list. All of these suggestions focus on being present and mindful in your space and surroundings, which helps you to practice focusing on the task at hand. These simple steps can help you wake up and tune into yourself, and prepare to focus in on the needs of the day.  

The Importance of Eating Well

We all know that keeping a balanced, nutritional diet is important to keeping in general good health, but there are also some incredible superfoods that can help boost our psychological state and improve our focus.

Blueberries, fatty fish like salmon and cod, and leafy greens have all been proven to be successful in decreasing cognitive decline and improving concentration and memory thanks to ample omega-3 fatty acids and DHA.

Oh, and those indulgent favourites of yours you’ve been told you should cut back on? Well, everything in moderation. More than that, dark chocolate and coffee have some great health benefits, too. Researchers at John Hopkins University have discovered consumption of caffeine increases memory and improves retention, whilst dark chocolate helps improve focus.

Time For An Office Refresh?

As we have touched on above, having a clear, clean, and fit for purpose workspace can be a great way to create and maintain focus. But there’s only so much you can spruce up a workspace that’s shabby, crowded, or causing you pain, right? Maybe it's time to update some of those office elements that are causing you trouble.

If you’re working with a loose desk leg or cramped at the wrong height, investing in a height-adjustable desk or new office chair may make all the difference this year. Or how about some new desk storage, improved desk lighting, or vibrant house plants to bring a fresh atmosphere into your work space?

Making your space work for you can release stored stress you didn’t even know you were holding, and bring you the calm and clarity that allows you to focus.

Don’t Forget To Move!

Making time for breaks that allow you to move, as well as incorporating gentle stretches and movement into your workday, can help maintain and boost focus. For starters, ensuring good posture that minimises back strains and aches with a specialist back support chair can make movement more comfortable throughout the day, whilst taking time for breaks to practice gentle stretches throughout the day can give you a breather and your mind a reset.

Alongside this, a consistent morning run or evening yoga routine can further boost your focus. The body’s physical and physiological responses to exercise release hormones that create an excellent environment for brain cell growth, promoting brain plasticity, and stimulating new neuronal connections in areas responsible for learning and memory. These new connections have been found to lead to better multitasking, stronger focus, and improved processing of complex information.  

Keep a mix of heavier physical exercise, and gentle daily movement in your workspace, to keep aches and strains at bay, and keep your mind fresh and focused. Working these elements into your daily routine can keep movement a consistent part of your working day.

The Tools For Progress

Everyone struggles with maintaining focus, and developing habits that nurture focus can be difficult. But it’s our goal to find you the tried and trusted tips to help you succeed. So, try implementing these tips into your life over the next few weeks and see what changes you experience - it could be your most productive year yet!

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