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Top 7 Foods That Keep You Focused

25 February 2022


The foods we fuel our body with affect our mind too. It’s important that we remain conscious of what we’re eating during the work week as this can make or break our productivity.

While you don’t need to completely change your diet, there are a few extra ingredients you can add to your shopping list for an extra boost. From fruits and veggies to different drinks, there are many different foods that are great for work focus.

If you’re interested in adding a delicious treat to your week, keep on reading. We’ve found some of the best foods for your mental health and some foods that will keep you focused during the workday too.

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How Does Your Diet Affect Your Focus?

The food we consume affects every aspect of our bodies. From physical health and mental health to concentration levels, some foods help us thrive and others dull our shine.

While junk foods and sugary treats taste great, they should be eaten in moderation as they can cause brain fog and sugar crashes. Instead, there are some super foods that can sharpen your memory and increase your wellbeing.

If you consume some of these options daily, you’ll likely notice an improvement in your work day too. Try adding some of the top foods into your breakfast and lunch meals for extra energy at the start of the day. Keep reading to find out which foods are best for your focus.

What Are The Top Foods To Eat More Of?

Ready to find out which foods can boost your productivity? Here are the top foods that improve memory and concentration.

1. Coffee

This will be a popular option, as many readers probably already consume this drink daily. We all know that coffee helps us wake up, but did you know it also improves your concentration too? When consumed in the mornings coffee helps us focus and it also makes us more alert.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a popular breakfast food, so here’s an excuse for a fry up before work. This food contains choline, this can reduce cognitive decline and inflammation. Eggs also boost your body’s serotonin level, which leave you feeling happier too. You can also try adding an egg to your lunch too, a great excuse for an egg salad or sandwich!

3. Nuts

Nuts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, plus they also contain manganese, sinc, selenium, and copper too. These nutrients boost neurological function and improve your focus. If you get hungry in the afternoon and need a snack, ditch the crisps and head for some nuts!

4. Tomatoes

Did you know that tomatoes contain Lycopene? This powerful antioxidant can prevent free radical damage. Tomatoes also contain vitamin C and A, boosting your immune system and brain function too. If you’re going to add tomatoes to your lunch, keep their skin on as this is where most of the nutrients are. Whether you add them to a pasta or flatbread, tomatoes are a must-eat for their numerous nutrients!

5. Dark Chocolate

Though you should avoid overconsumption of sugary treats, dark chocolate is a snack you can eat more of. Since this snack includes caffeine in it’s ingredients it can actually boost your concentration and it can improve your memory too.

6. Leafy Green Vegetables

Green veggies, such as kale, broccoli, spinach, and lettuce, are known for giving our brains lots of energy. These are perfect for a lunch or dinner dish, so make sure you pair your main food with a side of greens to boost mental functions. Most leafy greens offer lutein, nitrates, phylloquinone, and vitamin K - these nutrients are essential to reducing cognitive decline. Consider swapping your fries for a green side salad instead!

7. Green Tea

Another popular beverage that keeps your mind focused is green tea. Whilst herbal teas aren’t to everyone’s taste, green tea is a great way to add some L-theanine and caffeine into your life. These nutrients help with alertness and they strengthen your memory too. If you’re not a coffee fan, consider drinking a warm cup of green tea instead.

The Takeaway

Looking after your brain and body should be at the top of your priorities list. If you aren’t functioning well mentally, your work out-put will suffer too! Make a work-from-home meal plan at the start of each week so you can stay on track with your healthy eating.

You should also remember to pair your healthy diet with regular exercise too! These two lifestyle habits go hand in hand to make you the best version of yourself. Our 2-in-2 Fitness Chair is a great way to get started with home fitness, or you can sign up to your local gym.

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