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Top 6 Best Standing Desks in the UK 2022

14 December 2021

The way we think about the office has undergone a total revolution in the past few years. More and more people are beginning to work from unconventional spaces, like co-working offices and the home office. Gone are the days of rows of identical cubicles, and workers and employees alike are exploring the potential of switching things up.

The traditional office often left workers sitting for hours on end at static desks, slouching in their chairs, and creating bad posture. Unsurprisingly, this has led to discomfort and back pain in a whole generation of office workers. In an attempt to combat this problem, and turn the work desk into a more dynamic environment, standing desks have quickly become a much sought after solution for many offices.

These adjustable, ergonomic desks allow workers to switch easily between sitting and standing. This has a whole array of health benefits for workers, from encouraging more physical activity to aiding blood circulation, and increasing focus and productivity. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of a standing desk, you might be wondering what model you are best suited to. Luckily, there’s a standing desk for every need, and we’ve put together a list of the top 6 models to choose from in 2022.  

1. FlexiSpot E7

Topping our list for 2022 is FlexiSpot’s E7 model. This standing desk has been generating a lot of hype surrounding it since its release, and with good reason. It is the trademark for high performance, professional standing desks, and a favourite for both home offices and employers alike. The E7 model comes with an impressive range of features, including an electronic control pad, dual motor lifting system, increased load-bearing capacity, and smart anti-collision function. And the height of the desk can be easily adjusted at the push of a button. The E7 comes is also highly customisable, as FlexiSpot offers customers the ability to personalise their desk to their own needs and taste. Price: £399.99

2. FlexiSpot EG8

FlexiSpot comes in again at number two on our list with its EG8 model. The EG8 is one of the most impressive models of the standing desk on the market today, with a whole range of smart features designed to make office life as smooth as possible. The EG8 is a multifunctional desk that can be easily adjusted to various settings depending on the configuration of your workspace. It sports built-in USB ports, cutting out the need for a tangled mess of charging cables and extension leads. The streamlined, tempered glass top of the EG8 makes it the perfect, high-performance standing desk to add sophistication and style to any workspace, all while improving health and productivity - what’s not to love! Price: £449.99

3. Herman Miller Ratio 

Herman Miller’s Ratio Sit Stand Desk is another go-to choice for many looking to switch up their work environment. The handy electronic control panel of the ratio model means you can easily adjust between sitting and standing throughout the day, without the hassle of fiddling with levers or doing any lifting yourself. The Ratio Sit Stand Desk is customisable in a variety of colours - both its frame and work surface, meaning it’s guaranteed to look good no matter what. Price: £1137.00

4. FlexiSpot EG1

Another great basic model of standing desk is the FlexiSpot EG1. Probably the best trade-off between affordability and quality on the market, the FlexiSpot EG1 is a perfect option for anyone looking for an effective way to vamp up their workspace while sticking to a budget. Like all of FlexiSpot’s desks, the EG1 is highly durable and built to last. It comes with a variety of customisable features, such as the colour of the frame, and the worktop material. Extra smart features can also be added to the EG1 to upgrade it to your specific needs! Price: £219.99

5. Fully Jarvis

To round off our list, we have the JARVIS, which is a particular favourite for eco-conscious consumers who have a forgiving budget to work with. This simple, yet beautifully crafted, standing desk is made out of bamboo and adds a simple yet sophisticated touch to any office, all while doing good for the planet. Price: £599.00

6. IKEA Skarsta

The IKEA Skarsta is an affordable model of standing desk that makes a good choice for those who aren’t 100% sure if ergonomic standing desks are a good fit for their work style. It raises and lowers the height of the table by turning the handle. It’s a basic but solid choice for anyone freshly experimenting with reinventing their workspace, and it comes in both beige and white - making for a clean and refreshing addition to the office. Price: £205.00


With the new year on the horizon, the time to shake up your workspace is now. These six choices of standing desks are the absolute go-to’s for standing desks in the UK in 2022. There’s a standing desk for everyone - don’t waste time on finding yours and reaping all the rewards to your health and productivity!