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Top 5 Standing Desks For Online Study

23 March 2021

COVID-19 has dramatically changed how people study, how people acquire knowledge. 5-year olds in kindergarten to nuclear researchers study online. Mostly from their homes. Even post lockdowns, the shift to online study will remain the same according to data from National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Many universities are actively considering starting online-only degrees in the coming academic year. Another interesting development is the increasing number of non-traditional students opting for online study. This changed the average age of online students to 32.6. The shift to online study will require students to adjust their environment and behavior for online study.

Sedentary Online Study

Online learning has many advantages that are fairly obvious. But the negative side of online learning is often not talked about.

  • Human beings are social animals. Our learning mechanisms are also wired to be stimulated by social interactions. Solitary online study falls short of this aspect, however hard institutions try.

  • Feedback is an important part of the learning process. Feedback from teachers and peers motivated students. Feedback from students gave teachers an idea of whether they are moving in the right direction at the right pace. This feedback mechanism is lost in e-learning, and students rate the quality of e-learning pretty low.

  • Hours of sedentary posture is not good for us humans. We, humans, evolved to be moving constantly, yet conserving energy. A study conducted among 123,000 Americans showed that people who sit more than 6 hours a day are 20% more likely to die of cardiovascular diseases if they are men. Women who sit more than 6 hours daily have a 40% higher mortality rate. This is a considerable downside of online study in addition to the general lack of motivation students face with online education.

Online Study Stimulant: Standing Desk

Researchers have done extensive research into workers that sit for long hours. The same can be applied to students that study online for long hours. As we saw earlier, it is established that we are not designed to sit for long hours. The problem is mainly the way we sit.

The way we sit generally does not engage many muscle groups. While people in tribes like Hadza in Tanzania sit for more than 10 hours but are incredibly healthy. They adopt squatting and kneeling posture and engages way more muscles than sitting on a chair would achieve.

'Standing' is the perfect median between squatting and sitting on a chair. It engages a lot of muscle groups simultaneously and consumes very little energy at the same time. This translates to improved energy levels and motivation.

A student might decide to move or walk occasionally while sitting and studying. He/she often forgets this and would be in the seats for hours. There is a higher resistance to physical activity while sitting. Standing reduces this resistance. These factors have increased the need and use of standing desks.

5 Standing Desks For Online Study

There is a wide range of standing desks to choose from. They vary in specific utilities, budget, materials used, and specifications. We have collated 5 among the best standing desks that are suitable for online study.

A. FlexiSpot E1 standing desk frame

FlexiSpot EG1 simplest standing desk

EC1 is a sturdy, environment-friendly, standing desk frame from FlexiSpot. It suit for large tabletop that would accommodate most monitor setup with space left for other purposes. The frame leg is 2 stage with a height range of 28" - 47.6". With a price of $209.99, it's economic choice for someone who want to DIY their own desktop.

Plenty of accessories available to enhance the capabilities of the desk. The easy-to-use buttons can be used to lower or raise the desk swiftly.

B. FlexiSpot all-in-one standing desk glass top

FlexiSpot Glasstop standing desk

Comhar from FlexiSpot is an upscale elegant standing desk option. The tabletop is made of tempered glass. It looks elegant and simple from every angle.

FlexiSpot Comhar has many smart features to go along with its elegant aesthetics.

  • Programmable height presets to configure one of the four saved settings at the push of a button.

  • Safe lock button to ignore accidental touches on the control panel.

  • Anti-collision feature that detects any objects in the path of the desk while it is being adjusted. The desk stops movement till the obstacle is removed. This will avoid damages and enhances safety.

D. IKEA Bekant

IKEA Bekant standiing

This standing desk from IKEA is a minimalist-looking desk with only the basic functions expected from a standing desk. It is easy to assemble and comes in 8 color variants. At £ 395, it does not pack the features that a student would find useful. It is available in only one standard size.

E. UPLIFT standing desk V2

UPLIFT Standing desk

V2 from UPLIFT is much similar to IKEA Bekant. The option from UPLIFT offers much more finishes (21 color options), different tabletop dimensions to choose from. Though the basic desk is available at $499, adding some customizations increase the cost rapidly.

F. Fully Jarvis bamboo standing desk

Jarvis standing desk

Jarvis desks are made from bamboo grown without using any fertilizers or pesticides. The manufacturers claim the standing desk to be environmentally friendly. Starting at € 599, Jarvis desks are slightly expensive than the budget students usually have.


Sitting on a chair for hours is not good for health, and motivation to study. Standing and working on a desk engages many muscle groups in the body. It also enhances physical activities compared to sitting on a chair. If you anticipate long-term online study, it is worth purchasing one among the six standing desks mentioned above. Standing desks from FlexiSpot are FSA-eligible on prescription, a cherry on top.