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Top 10 Home Office Trends in 2021

11 August 2021

Biggest home office trends in 2021

The “Work from home” trend hit us all without so much as a warning. And apparently, it might not go away anytime soon.

In fact, It’s now a norm for companies like Twitter, Slack, Microsoft, etc., who have made virtual work permanent. 

While most people jumped on this bandwagon without adequate preparation, they are learning to accept this reality. 

Your home office can’t remain the second fiddle to your co-working space anymore. It’s a significant part of your work culture, and it affects it in various capacities.

Doesn’t matter if you have a whole room as your home office or a tiny space wedged between rooms. All that matters is that you have a home office, which you have to make conducive for work. 

We are aware that you have possibly set up your home office, but you can make it trendier in other to hit higher productivity scales.

We’ve compiled the home office trends and unique arrangements that you may find interesting. Since the presence of a productive and attractive workspace in any home is a knockout, it’s about time you revamped your office. 

Let’s get your workspace on the trending list, shall we?

Combining office and guest room

The home office keeps evolving to accommodate some “peculiar” arrangements that seem impossible. Usually, the thought of an office in a room makes work mission impossible. But now, it depends on how it influences your work.

You must understand that personal workspaces allow for flexibility. The question is: can you concentrate if you have your work office in a room? If the answer to this is yes, then you can maximize your space with ease.

When you are short of space in you home and need to reserve some for guest, you can consider your home office. There are ways to throw in a productive mix of a guest room and office without tampering with your work efficiency.

You don’t need to worry about guests spending nights in the living room or any other part of the house. One idea is equipping your office with a fold-out sofa. And when you need a guest room for your guests, this arrangement would pay off. 

That way, it’s a win-win. You have a comfy home office; you have a homey guest room. 

Smart Storage and Small office space design

Cute, cozy, and proper; we all don’t mind a home office that screams all these. And in recent times, it has been a rampant home office trend. 

Besides those three features, the presence of smart storage in this combo has been a thing. 

You would notice images of minimalist office spaces with hanging storage spaces on the walls. To be sincere, you can’t help but adore the organization these spaces portray.

The office equipment can stay tucked away on floating shelves or unique wall shelves while the office contains only basic sitting furniture. 

You can have a similar structure in your home office. 

Floating shelves are surprisingly multifaceted; their dynamism sets them up as smart storage anywhere in your home.

And if you can’t afford storage cabinets on your floor space, this alternative works perfectly. Plus, you don’t need to use more space than necessary for storage.

But while you are at it, ensure the storage idea blends in well. You don’t want your home office to come off as tardy; hence, fix this storage option attractively. 

Consider placing some plants at different points on your shelves to add a cozy feel. Now, this leads us to another trendy home office idea.

home office plants

Plants in your workspace

Are you a botanist? Maybe, Yes, or Maybe No. If not, do you need to have plants in your workspace? YES!

The role a touch of greenery plays in work productivity is gradually coming into the limelight. It’s more than mere aesthetic benefits.

Multiple studies have confirmed that the presence of plants in your workspace drives productivity and fosters productive engagement. To start with, plants have a way of improving your health. They help reduce carbon dioxide levels.

Moreover, the sight of plants inspires creativity and provides cleaner air. Hence, the presence of plants in your home office is beyond a touchup of the scenery. But that counts as well.

All these discoveries have led to the high demand for plants in the workplace. Unless you are allergic to plants, introducing plants to your office space will improve your work output. 

If you have a green thumb, it’s easier to transfer some beautiful plants from your garden or greenhouse to your office. But if you fall on the flip side, you can buy succulent plants instead—or develop the habit. 

Watering plants daily can’t be so bad. Right? 

Finally, psychologists raised an argument that plants make people feel relaxed. Assuming this is the case, where else do you need a relaxing aura other than your home office? 

Minimalist home trends

You know what they say: keep it simple and focus on what matters. This advice has found a way to the heart of trendy home office ideas. You can’t dispute the classiness a simple office setting portrays.

And when you know the art of creating simple décor, your home office could be the envy of many. Besides your brain feeling relaxed and ready to work, it improves your attitude to work.

No clutter, fewer distractions, and appealing aesthetics seem like an efficient formula for productivity.

Hence, declutter your office space; keep your storage ideas simple. The idea of a minimalist setting doesn’t necessarily cut off all forms of décor. 

But when the decoration overshadows the essence of your home office, it becomes disproportionate.

Our advice is that you should find the balance. Explore the decorative aspect of a minimalist setting while maintaining simplicity. 

You could employ an expert to help you achieve this look. Or check out classy minimalist home office ideas online. Since it’s a trendy style, you’d find one that suits your taste.

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs have been one of the trendiest office furniture for a while. And during the work-from-home saga, it became a staple for home offices. You are probably used to the whole ergonomic chair improves your wellbeing narrative.

Consequently, we’d like you to see this trend in a different light. Ergo chairs always have sleek designs--especially when it’s from a manufacturer that never neglects the aesthetic aspect of healthy living. 

Owning one translates to having an office chair that compliments the décor in your home office. Furthermore, several types can fit into a small office. 

It maximizes your office space and adds to comfort. 

No one wants to wake up to an uncomfortable office chair daily. It’s KILLING. Frankly, that’s one of the highest anti-productivity factors. 

And we can’t help but mention the wellbeing narrative (Sorry about that, but it’s a big deal). Sincerely, you can’t ignore your spine health-- especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. 

The rule is if you spend long hours in your office chair, you may as well get the best. In this case, ergonomic chairs sum up as your best bet. 

If you are curious about where to get the best ergonomic chairs, allow us to introduce you to Flexispot. We deliver the top healthy options with the best decorative elements in place.

dad and son playing in home office

Include a kid’s space in the office

As a working mother or father, avoiding distractions from your kids isn’t an easy feat. But there’s a way to manage these situations. You could incorporate your kid’s space into your home office. 

This trend became popular because most kids are homeschooled due to the pandemic. Even if your kids have resumed school, there’s a possibility that they would get back home before your typical workday ends.

Instead of disrupting your work and trying to keep them out of your home office, why not create a space for them. 

You’d be shocked at how effective this trend is. 

Create their desk or workspace in your office and keep them engaged while you work. This engagement prevents them from feeling left out. 

To make this effort more successful, you can make a deal that promises them rewards after completing a task; it works like magic. 

The reward can range from a trip to their favorite event to their favorite snacks.

Moreover, the mere feeling of inclusiveness thrills kids. Capitalize on their desire to feel among and impact them positively. Plus, let’s not forget the fact that your frequent work interruptions affect your productivity negatively.

Color coordinating

Creating a personality for your home office allows you to pick what you’d like to see when your office comes to mind.

Simple color hues can tell more stories than you’d expect.

Go for a monochrome shade that that makes your office striking. Or a blend of colors that has a warm and tidy undertone. 

Sincerely, working from home is monotonous. Occasionally, you’d find your mind straying back to the serendipitous convos with your co-workers. Or the visit to an office pantry that always had refreshing snacks waiting.

These thoughts can affect your work negatively, and it’s distracting. You can introduce a vibrant and playful tone to your home office to improve your mood. It doesn’t have to be an unattractive mix of bright colors. 

You can make the walls a cozy accent while you brighten it with statement work furniture. However, while introducing a vibrant palette to your home office, ensure it’s in sync with everything else. 

All white office designs

Remember the monochrome suggestion we mentioned earlier? We probably had our mind on an all-white combo—maybe not. But what’s not to like? 

White is one of the few colors that stimulate you to get more work done. It’s rich and elegant in an exquisite way.

A white home office has a few benefits. For instance, it’s versatile. Almost all office furniture manufacturers have a white piece that can blend in with a white office wall. And a white office layout requires little or no décor efforts. 

Besides, white is an energizing color. You can’t deny the relaxing feel this color delivers. And while we’re at this, we might as well mention that it’s attractive. An all-white setting gives off a striking sense of elegance and beauty.

Who doesn’t love the idea of working in a classy and beautiful home office?

Standing desks

Have you ever heard that sitting is the new smoking? If this is news to you, then this will shock you. Physical inactivity (sitting for prolonged hours) is the fourth cause of death on the list of non-communicable diseases.

Surprising right? 

People do not understand the deleterious effect of sedentary practice. Now, the question is, how do you work from home without sitting for long hours? 

A host of workstations help you stay active while working; one of the major ones is a standing desk. As much as we advise that you work out daily, you should keep your home office healthy. 

Furthermore, this trend reduces the risk of dangerous lifestyle diseases like diabetes. You can find diverse standing desks that may interest you. 

Flexispot makes healthy and beautiful standing desks. So, you can go through our extensive supply to buy one that appeals to your taste in office furniture. 

You don’t have to worry about height differences because we have a lengthy list of adjustable series that caters to a wide range of heights. 

Summarily, a standing desk can turn a potential sedentary work culture into an active lifestyle.

black office design

Black office design

We suggested a white-inspired office design, and now we agree you can go all-in with black as well. If you are not a big fan of white because its maintenance comes with a lot of hassle, black is another monochrome idea that’s inspiring.

The versatility of a black office also sticks out like a sore thumb. Another peculiar nature of an all-black office is that it exudes power and unique vibrancy.

Additionally, when it’s time to pick your office furniture, you have tons of choices. Black is a universal color that manufacturers often favor. And that’s not surprising. 

Black is a beautiful color that projects sleekness on office furniture. Plus, black desks leave a convincing first impression on visitors. 

If you want a power-driven color scheme that’s not overwhelming, this is the best choice.


Serenity has always been a favorable work condition. But with the work from home trend, your family or roommates are a compulsory part of your work life. While this development is unavoidable, the distractions and noise are.

It’s a trend to invest in noise cancellation headphones. But this isn’t the only solution. You can touch up your window with double panes or introducing acoustic panels. 

Check online for more soundproofing options that you can introduce to your home office. You can’t underestimate the ability of a quiet work environment.

Final Words

The pandemic outbreak has seen the home office rigidly fixed as a staple in homes. Hence, you may as well make your home office as comfortable as possible. Remember, your office or work environment affects your work productivity. 

Find what works for you and effect the necessary changes. After all, you understand yourself better. But whatever changes you make, ensure they are healthy decisions.