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Tips That Could Save Your Life

15 April 2022

We all would like to believe that our survival will never come to a split second, life or death situation - but some things in life are just entirely unpredictable. As unlikely as it may be, if these critical situations do come about, it’s best to be prepared.  

Long gone are the days when our ancestors would need to know which fruits, leaves, and berries they could use for medicine and which would kill them - nowadays we tend to turn to Google for answers about the lay of the land. But even with all of our modern technology, the need for survival skills has not been lost.

You never know when you might find yourself in a pinch, and knowing a survival tip could make all the difference. Check out these survival tips - hopefully, you’ll never need them, but in the advent that you do, you can thank us later!

1. Escape a riptide

Being caught up in a riptide can be a truly terrifying experience, as you quickly lose all control of the direction you’re being pulled in and can feel completely at the mercy of the sea. If this happens to you, don’t panic.

Do not try to fight the flow of the riptide, as it will serve no good other than to exhaust you, making the chances of drowning far more likely. Instead of fighting against the pull of the riptide, simply swim parallel to the shore, and let the current of the riptide pull you along.

Going with the flow will allow you to essentially “glide” along the riptide until it dissipates, at which point you can change direction and safely make your way back to the shore.

2. Surround your fire with stones

If you’re out in the wilderness and you manage to create a fire, do your best to gather large stones and encircle them around the fire. Not only will this help to control the fire and keep it going longer, but even if the fire goes out - the stones will remain of important use.

Hot stones can be used to heat food and keep you warm as the night falls. What’s more, hot campfire rocks make for an excellent water purifier, as if they are hot enough to get the water boiling, they can be used to kill any bacteria contaminating the water.  

3.The HELP position for retaining body heat

Should you ever find yourself floating in cold waters wearing a life vest, make sure to remain in the HELP position in order to retain body heat. The HELP position is formed by crossing your arms and holding them tightly against your chest by holding onto your sides.

If you can, also draw your knees up tight to your chest and hold them there tightly. Remaining in this compact position will slow down the rate at which you lose body heat and could be the difference between life or death.

4.Override the bystander effect

If you ever find yourself in need of help in a public place, do not appeal to the masses. When you call out for help this way, psychological and sociological research show that the likelihood of anyone stepping forward is greatly diminished. This is due to a phenomenon known as the bystander effect, whereby being part of a crowd reduces individuals’ feelings of responsibility.

Instead of calling out to a crowd for help, single out a single face in the crowd and address them directly - say “You! Call an ambulance!” while pointing at them and looking them in the eye. This will override the bystander effect and likely kick them into action.

5.Four right turns if you’re being followed

The thought of being followed by a stranger is truly spooky, and if you ever feel yourself suspecting such a thing is happening to you, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry, and check your suspicion before you lead them to your home or workplace.

In the event that you feel you may be being followed, take four subsequent right turns and see if your potential assailant is still in tow. As this should lead you back to the same place where you made the first turn, there really should be no reason that they remain behind you.

Leading a potential stalker to your private residence or place of work is a bad idea, so if the four-turn trick doesn’t get rid of them, your best bet is to drive to the nearest police station.

6.Do not remove objects from puncture wounds

If you happen to receive a puncture wound from a sharp object such as a knife or a splinter, do not remove the object in question. Oftentimes, the object is acting as a plug of sorts, preventing the wound from bleeding out. To pull it out would only increase your chances of bleeding out.

Instead, apply pressure to the area around the wound to slow the flow of blood, and keep applying pressure until emergency services arrive.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use any of the survival hacks on this list, but in the unlikely event that you do - better safe than sorry!