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These Modern Accessories Shouldn't Be Missing from Your Home Office In 2022

01 March 2022

The holidays are over, and we're back to work. Thankfully, with most people working from home in the post-pandemic world, returning to work no longer spell hours of endless traffic. Still transitioning from holiday mode to work mode won't be that easy because, naturally, your workspace holds less appeal after weeks of festivities.

But you cannot avoid work, and you'll still have to put in 8hours daily in your office space. And this is why you need these modern accessories.

Tweaking your office design to include modern office accessories will make your home office more appealing. And thus trigger higher energy and productivity levels.

Scur through this list and select essential accessories missing from your office.

Must-Have Desk Accessories (2022 edition)

under desk bike

Stay Healthy with a Desk Bike

The thought of going fully back to work and sitting for long hours at a spot can make resumption quite stressful. You can ease this stress by getting a desk bike. This will enable you to plunge fully into work while avoiding the sedentary lifestyle.

FlexiSpot's under desk bike and the All-in-One Desk bike are great options to consider. A desk bike will ensure you stay active during working hours. You can move from slow leisure cycling to a serious workout without taking a break from work. Imagine the joy of conveniently keeping fit while working.

Magnetic Desk Organizer

An organized workspace is the first step to productivity. Cut clutter by adding the magnetic desk organizer to your desktop. This sleek desk tray holds all your desk essentials, including your phone, pens, clips, and pencils, in one spot.

This desk organizer features high-grade plastic set on a high-quality bamboo base for durability. Its patented magnetic attachment design enables you to customize the arrangement of its six compartments to suit your style. The nonslip rubber feet ensure it does not slip from your desk.

Adding this desk organizer to your workspace will help free up space on your desk by getting your phone and small office essentials out of the way for productive work.

Oblio Charger by Lexon

Uniquely designed to look like a tulip, the Oblio charger is a wireless charger, UV sanitizer, and an aesthetic piece for a modern office. This device kills bacteria and viruses on your mobile device discreetly using advanced UV light technology.

The 10W wireless charger conveniently charges your phone full in 3 hours. The LED indicator confirms the charging status of your phone. The best part is that this Art Deco European Designed unit comes with a 1year guarantee.

FlexiSpot Monitor Arm

FlexiSpot Monitor Arm

FlexiSpot monitor arm brings convenience to your workstation by enabling you to adjust your monitor to any angle for work flexibility. The flexible monitor arm rotates a full 360o allowing you to easily switch from landscape mode to portrait mode.

The adjustable arm improves the ergonomics of the workstation. It reduces eye, neck, and back strain because it allows you to adjust the monitor to the most comfortable position. Plus, it is easy to install. You can install it in less than 5 minutes.

Twelve South Compass Pro

This is a foldable stand for your iPads or tablets. It has three adjustable angles that allow you to place your tablet or iPad in the most comfortable viewing angle. It, therefore, eliminates neck strain from prolonged use of your device(s). It folds flat to the size of a candy bar (yes, that small) for easy storage and transportation.

WonderCube 8 in 1

The WonderCube is an all-in-one solution for charging multiple devices. It eliminates the need for carrying too many cords around. It is an essential accessory for office workers using multiple devices (phones and tablets) and will make a great gift for the tech-savvy. It is very portable. It slides conveniently into your pocket and easily fits on your keychain for easy use on the go.

Rule 1 Multipurpose Tool

Nothing frees up space as well as a multifunctional tool. This modern office accessory is a ruler and black ink pen fitted with a sleek, compact design. It comes with a convenient lanyard for attaching to keychains or other accessories.

Kana Standing Desk

Standing Desk E8

The standing desk E8 helps reduce the backache common with prolonged sitting. You can work sitting or standing at your convenience. The desk transitions between sit/stand positions at the push of a button. Plus, it is completely eco-friendly. The desktop and frames are waterproof, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

You can save up to four programmable presets and set friendly sit/stand reminders using its advanced keyboard. It transitions smoothly even when carrying a full load capacity of 275lbs, with no wobbling whatsoever.

Ko-Axis Rail Pen

This flat, wide, rectangular provides unmatched writing comfort far above the traditional cylindrical pens. Its sleek and futuristic metal design brings befitting class to the art of writing at every stroke of its ballpoint.

Magnetic Pens

Magnetic pens are perfect modern office accessories for those who enjoy drawing and colors. The colorful, refillable pens add a pop of colors to your workstation.


The IRIScan is a must-have office accessory for an avid reader and researcher. It helps you convert books into digital formats for reading on the go. The device is very handy and makes a good travel companion. It is very useful for scanning documents on the go whenever the need arises.

Desk Mat

A desk mat is one of the stylish modern office accessories. There are lots of benefits to including a desk mat in your workstation. In addition to improving your workstation aesthetics, a desk mat helps to keep things tidy. It cushions your gadgets and devices, keeping them protected from scratches. The cushioning also makes drawing and writing more comfortable.

Nemonic Note Printer

There's no need to waste time handwriting small notes when they can be printed in seconds using the Nemonic note printer. The device is compatible with PC and mobile devices and can be connected using a USB cable or Bluetooth. It prints using thermal technology instead of ink.

Foldable Wireless Keyboard

One advantage of adding a foldable wireless keyboard to your office accessories is that it is compatible with several devices and operating systems. It is also very easy to carry around during transit during trips.

Adjustable Tablet Holder

Neck strain is likely to occur if you use your tablet for long hours. An adjustable tablet holder helps you set your tablet at a comfortable angle for viewing. This reduces neck strain and improves work efficiency.

MoMA Perpetual Calendar

No good modern office is complete without a calendar. This wall calendar is rightly called a perpetual calendar because it is designed to be used year after year. Move the magnetic balls to change the month and year. It is a good way to add fun to your date and time management routine.

Roland Golive Streaming Studio

The Roland Golive streaming studio is an ideal office accessory for someone who creates podcasts or streams audio. It is compatible with various devices, operating systems, and modern office accessories. It allows the user to add background music and sound effects to recordings.

Natico Decision Maker

You'll find this device very helpful if you're the type that struggles to make decisions most of the time. The decision will help you decide in seconds. It is also useful on your work surface as a paperweight because of its sleek metal construction.

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

If you're the type that writes for long hours on your computer, you should consider adding this invisible laptop stand to your workstation. It has two height elevation angles from which you can choose the one most ideal for your comfort, ensuring correct posture. It is lightweight, portable, and nearly invisible, with a thickness of only 0.11. It attaches easily to your laptop with a residue-free reusable adhesive.

Ergonomic Mouse

You get to hold the mouse for most of the working day; therefore, the health of your wrist and elbow should be put into consideration when purchasing a mouse. An ergonomic mouse provides extra support for your wrist and elbow, making your work more stress-free and productive.

LED Strip Light for PC or Desk

If you work from home and like neon lights, adding LEDs to your office setting can add warm vibes to your workspace. You can put the lights underneath your desk or around your monitor to spice up your office.

FlexiSpot Cable Tray

FlexiSpot Cable Tray

Including the FlexiSpot cable tray in your office arrangement is a good way to keep your desk surface and under desk free from messy cables. This non-flammable cable management protects cords and prevents fire. It keeps your workspace safe and hazard-free.

Desk Foot Hammock

Improve your circulation and support your legs while working at your desk using a desk foot hammock. It supports ergonomic sitting posture and can turn your work time into relaxation time. A foot hammock promotes active sitting and improves comfort and productivity. It also helps to reduce the chances of back, waist, knee, and foot pain.

3D Rocket Lamp

This 3D print rocket lamp is a fun addition to any office space. It serves both as a lamb and an office decor. It supports USB charging and can run for 8hours on a full charge. It's a great gift for a rocket lover.

Retroduck Fast Charging Dock

The Retroduck fast charging dock is a 10W Qi wireless charging station for your smartphone. This modern minimalist dock comes in an old TV design unique.

Cyber Clean Paste

Our keyboards are smartphones trap lots of germs and dust because of grease from our hands and prolonged use. They are arguably the dirtiest things we encounter during a workday. The Cyber clean paste is a perfect solution for dirty keyboards and smartphones. It removes dust and kills germs attached to our work surfaces. It is a good accessory for maintaining a hygienic office environment.

Flashforge Finder 3D Printer

This beginner-friendly mini 3D printer is useful for various projects. It's easy and safe to use as all the cables are safely hidden within the sleek plastic finish. It comes fully assembled with an easy-to-understand user guide.

Bottom Line

Start 2022 with the most productive office setting. One way to achieve this is by equipping it with anti-stress accessories. These accessories also help improve work well-being while adding style to your office outlook.