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The Top 6 Questions About Ergonomic Office Chairs - Answered!

16 December 2022

Choosing a new office chair can be a challenge. Should you go for an ergonomic chair or an active chair, a swivel or fixed? And what about lumbar support?
Luckily, this article breaks down the top 6 questions about ergonomic office chairs for you, giving you straight-forward answers to help inform your purchasing decision.
Q1. Who are ergonomic chairs for?
There is an unhelpful stereotype that supportive and adjustable furniture is only for people with serious mobility issues - this isn’t the case!
Ergonomic chairs are for everyone.
Ergonomic chairs offer the comfort and support that everyone needs. Taking care of your body should start now, not when your back finally starts to hurt from years of poor posture.

Q2. What type of chair will help relieve my back pain?

Ergonomic chairs are the best option for relieving back pain.

The adjustability offered by an ergonomic chair is key for posture and pain relief. This means that you can tweak your chair to suit your particular needs and body. Getting the height, depth and tilt right on your chair can make a huge difference for your back and your posture.

If you do suffer from back pain, especially look out for the following features:

● Fully adjustable lumbar support

● A backrest that follows the natural curve of your spine

● Thick, comfortable padding

● Headrest and neck support

Only ergonomic office chairs offer the multi-point adjustability that is needed to relieve (and avoid) back pain. Many of the best models provide adjustable lower, middle and upper back support and curve to follow the natural shape of your spine.

BackSupport Office Chair BS10

Q3. How do ergonomic chairs support my body?

Ergonomic chairs are designed with one key function in mind: supporting your body. They have superior design, padding and adjustability which puts them leagues ahead of other office chairs in terms of comfort, pain relief and posture correction.

Ergonomic office chairs provide excellent support and comfort for your body by:

● Relieving pressure points

● Fitting the natural curve of your spine

● Being adjustable to fit your individual body perfectly

● Providing comfort and support where you need it most

Q4. What’s the best office chair to buy for working from home?

In many ways, buying an office chair for your home office can be a pleasure. You get free choice of design and style, and can pick a chair that most suits your individual needs.

While your wildest home office design ideas take flight, remember to think about your comfort too.

An ergonomic chair is the most highly recommended type of office chair for anyone working at a desk for long hours, including for those working from home. The support, pressure relief, adjustability and comfort offered is important for your body (and productivity).

Q5. What is the difference between ergonomic chairs and active seating?

Ergonomic chairs and active seating both provide benefits for your health and productivity, but the perks of each are slightly different.

Ergonomic chairs offer the best lumbar support and comfort. They are great for your posture and are fully adjustable.

Active seating stimulates your leg muscles as you sit, keeping you more active. Active seating is best for users that sit for long periods of time. They are also good at providing the mental stimulation needed for a productivity boost.

FlexiSpot’s Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH4

But if posture support, relieving pain points and comfort are the most important to you, then an ergonomic chair will best meet your needs.

Q6. What are the most important features that I should be looking for when buying a new office chair?

You can’t go far wrong when selecting an ergonomic chair, especially if it has the following features:

● Adjustable seat height that suits your body

● Adequate seat depth so that your feet rest gently on the floor and your back reaches the lumbar support

● Full lumbar support for your lower, middle and upper back

● Headrest to support your neck and head

● Backrest tilt to allow you to relieve pressure on your hips throughout the day

● Armrests at an appropriate height and angle for typing or writing

● Comfortable seat padding

● Swivel to help you reach for things on your desk without pulling at your back and shoulders

Bonus Question!

Q. Are ergonomic chairs worth it?

Yes! An ergonomic office chair is a very worthwhile investment for your health, wellbeing, productivity and mood.

Feeling comfortable and supported throughout your work day can make a huge difference. Good ergonomic chairs can successfully reduce the pressure points you experience while sitting at a desk for a long time and can even improve your posture in the long term.

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