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The Significance of Designing a Futuristic Office Environment to Attract the Top Talent

26 May. 2023

As the world continues to endure and persevere post-Covid-19, especially after mass resignations throughout the globe during 2020-21, a new type of working model has gained prominence and permanence in the modern office scene. The hybrid office model has significantly impacted how the future of the modern office environment will take shape both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Considering today's talented and tech-savvy employees and the apparent shortage of said talent, companies are fiercely competing to attract the best employees by creating employee-centric offices with a key emphasis on ergonomic office furniture, flexible working hours, and related corporate amenities.

In light of this, we're going to talk about how you should, as a business, strive to create a futuristic office environment to bring in enthusiastic talent.

So, without further ado, let's dive straight in.

Keep Your Employees in Mind First and Foremost

Employees spend most of their time in the office. This is why it's pretty important to set up a working space where they feel relaxed and well-accommodated. The environment must always aim at motivating them, enhancing their moods, and should be conducive to the type of work they do.

Providing your employees with a welcoming and invigorating environment packed with modern amenities and features, more than what a normal home office has is a step in the right direction to retaining your top employees. For example, install a height-adjustable desk so that they can work without straining their posture.

You have to understand that while working at home seems exciting, many employees prefer working in the office because of the added stress and anxiety that comes with taking care of the needs of their kids and family while also having to work long hours. So, they'll naturally look for something that gives them peace of mind.  

The Hybrid Corporate Model

Office designs from 10-20 years ago incorporated a more densely packed model where the aim was to get as many employees crammed into one space as much as possible. Hence the endless columns of cubicles, scarce conference rooms, and non-existent amenities.

Today, thankfully, there aren't as many employees in an office resulting in a more productive and healthier work environment. Modern employees still look forward to office spaces that incorporate customised spacing and not just aesthetically pleasing or comfortable chairs and tables.

To create a future-proof office, you need to reflect the needs of the employees in terms of changing trends and requirements. For example, you need separate conference rooms for employee meetings, private client meetings, and virtual meetings. These office spaces must come in different interior designs, sizes, and settings.

For instance, while one conference room may reflect a more traditional look, other rooms should have modern amenities such as a coffee machine, large screen TVs, proper ventilation, etc. everything that today's employee collaborations require. You need bigger larger desks and tables where employees can spread papers, comfortably place their laptops, design, sketch, etc.

The Use of Technology to Promote Employee Wellness

Implementing a health and wellness-focused work environment goes beyond accommodating social gatherings and offering healthy drinks. You need to implement amenities that are simpler and more long term such as a standing desk option for employees who wish to work standing up and maintain their posture. You should also consider installing a small office gym with machines such as ellipticals and treadmills to promote exercise and target employees that like to stay fit.

You see, getting more thoughtful about the needs of your employees can mean the difference between an "okay" office and one that an employee happily wants to come to.  

According to a study by Pew Research, it was identified that modern employees only choose to opt for in-house work if the environment is centred around productivity and preference. The research also determined that 6 out of 10 employees will always choose the office instead of working from home.

The Workplace of the Future

Futuristic offices are all about implementing biophilic aesthetics and interior designs. This mainly encompasses using natural materials such as installing larger windows to allow more natural light to come in, indoor and outdoor plants, greener technologies, open outdoor and indoor office spaces, etc. Sterility is gone and should remain gone. Today, employees are inclined towards aesthetic balance and comfort.  

To design a futuristic office is to implement elements that make the workspace more hospitable, welcoming, and diverse. It's all about taking care of your human resources.

Bottom Line

Every working professional commits several hours of their life to the office. So, it's pertinent that companies strategically invest in an environment that promotes workplace collaboration, amenities such as a height-adjustable desk, and office trends that instil health and wellness. If you want your employees to perform, you have to keep them motivated, healthy, and committed. For that, you need to give them a space where they can feel at home.

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