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The Secret to Fresh Room Air: Home Green Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

27 May 2024

Whenever you feel a bit mentally exhausted, it is surprising how going out for a stroll in a nearby park or anywhere where there's greenery can help boost your mood and well-being. There is something about nature, especially green spaces, trees, flowers, and overall flora and fauna that calms the mind and invigorates the soul. Not to mention, nature may even help improve your mental focus and promote a feeling of relaxation.

However, it is also important to know that research posted by the US Environmental Protection Agency determined that a majority of people spend their time indoors. It is staggering to know that up to 90% of us spend a good chunk of our time sitting indoors. So, if you don't have time to go for daily nature walks, is there an equally better alternative? Well, yes – indoor houseplants!

You'd be surprised to know that certain types of plants have been documented to help purify the air and may even help promote a subconsciously calming effect. In this article, we're going to discuss some different types of house plants you should consider getting for your home and the benefits you can reap from them.

Types of House Plants That Function as Air Purifiers and Promote Wellness

Spider Plants

Spider plants, which are scientifically known as chlorophytum comosum are excellent for cleaning and filtering the air around you, absorbing harmful fumes and chemicals such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a harmful gas that is emitted by a variety of common things such as dry cleaning, artificial carpets and rugs, nail polish, cigarettes, and more.

In addition, if you live in an apartment that oversees a busy road and if there is a lot of air pollution, spider plants are also known to absorb carbon monoxide. They can be equally effective in getting rid of similar pollutants caused by stoves and fireplaces.

One of the best things about these plants is that they don't require excessive maintenance. They can be grown hassle-free. But do remember to place these plants in areas with low to normal sunlight. You can also place these on a standing desk in the corner of the room.

The English Ivy

The Hedera helix, which is more commonly known as English ivy, is a very typically used indoor house plant for decoration. However, its benefits far extend that of aesthetical value. Apart from being low maintenance and very simple to grow, the plant is known to absorb a ton of household pollutants, cleaning the air.

However, it is vital to note that these plants don't like excessive sunlight, can thrive in low light, and need to maintain a cool temperature. Plus, you should also spray these plants with water once or twice a week to prevent insects such as spider mites from inhabiting them. The best thing about the English ivy is that it filters and purifies harmful gasses such as benzene.


The Pitcairnia Feliciana or Bromeliads are a beautiful indoor plant that also functions as an effective air purifier. They are particularly known for their capability to absorb carbon dioxide and other household gasses and pollutants when you are fast asleep at night, giving you cleaner and fresher air to breathe. Bromeliads have gorgeous bright colors and exquisite green foliage.

Powerful Reasons Why Having Indoor House Plants is a Brilliant Idea

Adding a bunch of low-maintenance houseplants isn't just about implementing a more visual aesthetic interior décor. Rather, understand that doing so will help improve your quality of life. In light of this, here are some cool benefits of indoor plants.

They Function as Natural Air Purifiers

You can think of plants as nature's way to combat global warming and keep the air clean and breathable for human beings. This is why a lot of outdoor and indoor plants have a common attribute and that is the fact they help absorb harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, releasing clean air during the photosynthesis stage.

So, when you integrate indoor plans into your interior design, you're effectively filtering all the bad air inside. The process will start immediately after you place the plants in your rooms. Breathing clean air is going to help elevate your mood and will help you sleep comfortably at night.

Nature's Dehumidifiers

Another excellent attribute of house plants is that they also tend to cool the air inside, becoming effective replacements for non-eco-friendly items such as dehumidifiers that run on electricity. With enough indoor plants in your home, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature. How? Well, during their photosynthesis, indoor plants also can spread vapor or moisture all around the atmosphere, effectively cooling humid spaces.

Great for Combating Stress

Indoor plants have also been said to help lessen the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress, especially in the workplace. So, if you have a workplace at home, sitting on an office chair right beside a couple of plants can help you breathe cleaner air, improving your psychological behavior.

Bottom Line

So there you go, a comprehensive look into all the reasons why indoor plants can be great for a home's aesthetic value as well as how they can also help promote well-being.