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The Importance of Having an Organized Work Space

19 April 2021

Reality Check

What does your desk look like? Let’s face it, whether you admit it or not, most of our working spaces are a mess. Like most people, our working spaces include an accumulation of objects given by people over the years, objects we don’t use, think of, or even look at. Things we wanted but didn’t need litter our desks, shelves, and wherever we can display them—in case the need arises (but who are we kidding?) Books we collected over the years. Books we promised ourselves to read before the week ends. We piled them high enough one day that our friends made a coffee table out of them. Power cords and charging cables look like ancient tree roots. Boxes of pre-loved DVDs (wait, where are they? Ah!) stored under the bed. New York is not the only modern jungle, people.

How it began

It all started well, of course. At the beginning, you celebrated the day you found the perfect spot at home to work on your passion projects. For me, it was the gardener’s shed near the edge of the lake at the back of the house. It was built the year I was born when my grandfather was still alive. He loved gardening. The shed was small but could easily fit 4 people comfortably inside. Made of recycled wood and terracotta tiles for the floor and roofing, it was a beautiful structure surrounded by flowers and fruit trees. Strategically placed shrubs and bamboo trees even obscured views of the houses, so one can feel you’re in the middle of nowhere when you’re inside the shed.

I’ve always wanted a working space inside the house. A space where I can develop and work on passion projects. No available space inside the house. And even if there was, it wouldn’t be conducive to creativity. The house can be noisy. So, one afternoon, while I was walking along the lakeshore, I noticed the gardener’s shed and had an idea.

The weekend following my discovery; I removed all the garden tools and storage boxes. I moved two traditional tables of different heights—one for when I’m working while seated down, and the other when I’m standing up and recording a video for my YouTube channel.

I carried from the house my father’s old office chair and a small shelf to house documents and books.

It was my little piece of heaven.

I didn’t even paint the walls. Apart from replacing the decaying door, I left everything as it was. The rustic and aged look added to the shed’s charm and beauty.

What Happened?

Working inside my new working space was therapeutic. I realized all stress from the working week melted whenever I’m inside the shed. It was my home away from home. A place where I can be alone and be my real self. I was there most weekends and when I had time at night after work. But then, unknowingly, I started to make the shed something I never thought it could be: a source of stress.

The Clutter

The small shelf I carried from the house now stood behind piles of documents and boxes. The two traditional tables couldn’t be used because it was filled with gadgets and things I’ve collected over the years. My father’s old office chair is now ancient. For almost a year, I worked outside the shed, on a beach chair facing the water with my laptop and coffee mug. I would sometimes turn my head and look at the shed with regret. What have I done? The space I made for myself—to free myself—is now a reminder of how cluttered my life really was. I turned away from the truth most times, choosing to ignore it than to face the reality. But then I decided it was time to take it all back. Regain my space. My peace.

Saving My Space

The garden shed for me is a symbol of creativity, but it became the opposite over the years. Instead of being busy enjoying the peace, I was busy spending time looking for something I misplaced. Instead of being a place to develop ideas, it became a place of regret. So, I looked online for solutions and found Flexispot.

Flexispot is a company known for their ergonomic office furniture and equipments. But I quickly found out that their products are also great for organizing work spaces.

Their amazing Adjustable Standing Desk can do what my two traditional tables could.

I bought their Under Desk Drawer S01 and Cable Management Tray CMP502 as well.

I saved space and regained freedom to move around inside the shed without worrying about knocking things down and stepping on cables unnecessaryand wires.

Benefits of an Organized Working Space

Our working spaces must help us work. It must let us do our jobs or projects without worrying about other things. It must be a place where we can focus on being “in the zone.” Having an organized space helps us save time. It reduces unnecessary stress which might take us away from being focused. We gain storage and decluttering helps us heal our spirits. It gave me confidence, knowing where to find my things and thus reducing the amount of time I need.

I discovered that creativity often doesn’t start inside the mind. We must have a space ready for the flow of ideas.

Do you often catch yourself unable to think? Perhaps it’s because the clutter around you are preventing you. Your ideas and creativity need a space in the real world to flow. You must provide them a space to flourish. 

Time to start today. You can do it too! You owe it to yourself to have a safe and creative space. The shed regained its original glory. But just a reminder: It takes dedication to maintain it that way. The amazing solution Flexispot is offering might help you reach your goals.