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The Ideal Wobble Stool for Office Workers

02 June 2021

Safety at the Workplace:

We usually find ourselves losing balance sometimes when at work. We might feel dizzy with the throbbing nerves on the neck and head. This usually happens after long hours in the office. What is dangerous about this is it is difficult to gain strength or control our bodies whenever we experience that dizziness. This is true to people with:

● Vertigo

● Weak immune system

At times, they are the ones who experience fainting or passing out after working for long hours. This is quite dangerous because some are severely injured after passing out. Though this might be the most extreme to happen, some alternatives may be used in the office. On the other hand, in some offices, they prefer to use non-ergonomic chairs or stools because they think those are more practical. However, what could make it more practical is to: 

● Prioritize the safety of the workers:

The safety of workers is important. When this is prioritized, the production may be doubled and the workers' efficiency would be felt in the office because they would understand the importance they being given by the company.  

● Make sure their workplace is conducive and is given the ergonomic solutions that they deserve:

A conducive and safe workplace would become more of a home than an office to workers. This could protect the company as well from spending for unexpected expenses. Hence, it is more practical to make sure workers are safe from harm or sickness. 

The workplace could be the worker's second home should they be given the priority and consideration by providing them the ergonomic solutions that they need by making the workplace like a home for the workers. There are other ways to make sure they are safe from harm and injury at work. That is through providing them pieces of equipment that could ensure their safety while sitting, for instance. However, some would still say no to this idea of upgrading their office equipment because of the fear of spending too much for it hence If one is worried that it could cost an arm and a leg, he may try some low-cost alternatives. Finding the right ergonomic solution would not always mean a high production cost. In today's article, we will discover the three choices that one could rely on when looking for the right office stools but before we go to the three options, we must know: 

How to Choose the Right Stool:

In choosing the right stool for all the dedicated employees, we must keep these things in mind. You are choosing the right stool if: 

● It creates the active posture of the person:

This refers to the right sitting position of the worker. If a stool strengthens the core of the worker, then you are making the correct choice, 

● It should be height-adjustable:

Swivel chairs are not the only chairs that could be height-adjustable, stools could be adjusted too. Hence, when you look for this piece of equipment, it should have this kind of feature. 

● It should have a comfortable thick seat:

When you look for an ergonomic stool, it should possess this feature. This is because a stool that could provide comfort could protect a worker from getting a spine-related injury that sometimes starts from simple strain and sprain. 

● It should have a balanced stable base: 

Some common stools do not have a stable base thus making it dangerous for a worker to use them because it would make him stumble when sitting there for a long time. Thus, this is one of the things that you must look for in a wobble chair: sturdy and stable. 

Okay, so we have seen the features of an ideal wobble stool but we are not done with that yet because, in this next part of this discussion, we would be talking about the wobble stool from Flexispot that would surely be the ideal choice that could provide ergonomic solutions. This is the: 

Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2:

Flexispot's Height Adjustable Wobble Stool is made with a breathable fabric that follows the curvature of the sit bone. This means that it is not difficult for the person to sit here all day long because it could sustainably give him the comfort he needs when sitting. We know that ordinary stools or chairs could not provide the same convenience one could experience from BH2

● BH2 also has a height range from 22.3"-28.1". This could make it possible for someone who needs a chair with a perfect standing height. 

● This is a wobble stool that makes a worker have the sit-stand experience. So, no matter how many times that person changes position when sitting, it would not damage or change the form of BH2 compared to ordinary office stools or swivel chairs. 

● BH2 has a tilt angle that is up to 15 degrees hence it is considered flexible and could adjust to the movement of the hips and sit bones without making the person lose balance or fall while being on this wobble stool compared to when he sits on an ordinary swivel chair or stool. 

● Its seat cushion diameter (13"x 15") is considered wide enough to let a person sit comfortably on it. It does not have a narrow space that gives discomfort to the person sitting on it. 

● This also has a weight capacity of 154lbs. Hence, this is lighter compared to the big swivel chairs that could carry a weight that is more than 150lbs. 

● What is wonderful about the material used for BH2's cushion is that it has a high resilience hence it would not be deformed or look torn when used for a long time. 

● This has an ergonomic design that makes the work worthwhile and provides a healthier lifestyle for the person using it compared to the ordinary swivel chairs or office stools. 

● Lastly, it could make the sitting experience of the person fun and active. If you're going to compare it with the ordinary office swivel chairs and stools, BH2 has more big differences than these chairs because it does not compromise the health of the person sitting on it but complements and follows the curves that make it an ideal piece of equipment for the office. 

Final Thoughts:

Having a fun time in the office while working inspires a worker to create and innovate more. It is because it makes him think that the office is more of a home than an establishment that requires him to follow deadlines. Hence, making them feel safe when in the office could help the company thrive more in the long run.