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The Future of Fitness: Exercise trends to watch in 2022

26 April 2022

After a long and difficult lockdown period, people slowly started flocking back to the gym. Most of us struggled mentally and physically during this pandemic period. Not being able to get out of the house for a long time made people feel stuck and helpless.

Fortunately, the bans have now been lifted and the permission to socialize indoors have brought people out of their closed worlds and given them a little opportunity to go back to their old way of life.

But not everything has gone back to as before!

Fitness manufacturers continued their activities and developed products that have changed the field of fitness, albeit partially. However, more productive and technology-friendly devices are produced every year than previously despite the fitness industry experiencing a sectoral decline.

As you know, a limited number of members were allowed to go to fitness centers due to the virus, and even the gyms were closed for a while. But despite all this, both manufacturers and fitness center owners exchanged ideas for new trends. Here are the new fitness trends for in 2022.

Training at Home

Some gym owners have started to offer live training sessions to their customers, either one-on-one or as a group, via internet connection.

Through YouTube, Zoom and any other live video-sharing you can think of, personal trainers and professional gyms have been offering live at home sessions, direct to your living room. This proved not only useful for keeping the fitness economy going, it also saved gym-goers a lot of time not having to commute, it is a trend that looks to rise as we continue further into 2022 and beyond.

Home training is mostly suited to rhythmic sports such as step, body bump and aerobics. Yoga and pilates are also very adaptable to virtual classes.

More Innovative Wearable Tech

In addition to training at home, wearable fitness products to track your workouts and increase your performance are getting more and more popular every day.

Technological products such as smartwatches, Whoop, and Apple Watch provide you with the necessary information for better performance in line with the information they receive from you.

These personalized trend products play an important role in helping every athlete achieve their goals. Wearable technological products do not only count the distance you have covered and your steps but also track your every moment from swimming to running with their waterproof features.

With the rapid rise of digital technology, manufacturers are opening the doors to a healthier life for their customers, helping them to reach their goals faster and more decisively thanks to these products.

A Holistic Approach to Exercise

Due to a dramatic change in society, a re-interpretation has occurred in the concept of fitness, as in everything else.

In the past, fitness centers were used for muscular bodies and tight hips, but have recently started to be used as a tool to protect mental health, and increase motivation in general.

This has made fitness part of a more meaningful journey. During the pandemic, individuals understand the importance of self-love, self-compassion, and continuity of motivation thanks to fitness.

A good cardio workout followed by lifting weights with a little bench press while strengthening muscles, yoga and breathing techniques help you relieve stress.

Trending Excercise Equipment in 2022

Cutting Edge Consoles

In 2022, most cardio consoles will be different for gym lovers. Consoles are the front control panels of treadmills or elliptical bikes.

In the past, these panels only allowed you to increase the tempo and speed. With their new designs, these panels allow many different interactions between the user and the machine.

It offers different options where you can enter virtual environments and watch visuals such as music and videos.

In this way, while doing your cardio, you can run longer than usual by watching motivational videos that make you feel like your out and about, and give you interesting things to look at as a distraction - this is great for those who like to run or cycle daily but can’t due to bad weather.

Peloton Bikes

Since peloton bikes are becoming increasingly popular, these bikes need constant quality updates and you can download updated software directly intot he machine.

Some Peloton bikes can be produced cheaply, while others can be expensive. In 2022, higher quality and higher price bikes will be on the market.

A Rise In Strength Training

In recent years, strength training exercises have become more popular among both men and women.

Strength training not only supports bone and muscle development but also prevents injuries. Strength training has become one of the most popular training techniques in recent years.

It is also a great opportunity for people with weight problems to lose weight quickly. In addition to training with dumbbells, many men and women today train at home with heavy specialist equipment such as barbells.

These training forms generally increase strength and increase physical endurance, which will be a preferred method of fitness in the coming years.

Exercising Outdoors (and bringing your dog)

With the closure of fitness centers as of 2020, outdoor sports opportunities have been possible, but restricted.

For this reason, trekking and light-paced jogging have become a preferred methods of exercise.

During the lockdown period, most people turned to nature sports. Athletes could not train in fitness centers so they switched to training in nature.

It's a great idea to take your dog (if you have one) for a nature walk on a regular basis. Nature walks will help protect both your mental and physical health and allow you to benefit from fresh air. Working out in nature looks set to remain a trendy exercise method of choice throughout 2022.

In addition, many run or walk with attachable weights on their wrists and ankles to increase difficulty. In short, the pandemic has shown that fitness is flexible, and no matter the circumstance the fitness sector will come up with new and innovative ways to get a workout.