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The FlexiSpot Recliner X2: Sheer Bliss and Comfort

30 August 2023

The Complete Comfort Package

There's nothing better than to come home after a long day at work and just decompress on a recliner chair. Recliners are designed for promoting postural wellness along with helping completely take the pressure off your neck, back, and shoulders. That's why you'd also hear plenty of lifestyle specialists and doctors saying that sitting or lying down in a reclined position helps relax your back, improve circulation, and boosts spinal health. All of this is critical in achieving a natural state of comfort and relaxation to revitalise your mind and body.

Another excellent advantage of using a recliner is that it will help take a lot of stress off your joints. As modern recliners come built-in with buttons to instantly change positions, you'll be able to continuously adjust your posture until you find something that completely relaxes your body. But perhaps the biggest benefit of a recliner for modern-day workers is that it can help you battle chronic back pain and may even gradually help rehabilitate your bad posture. And this is where the next-gen X2 recliner by FlexiSpot comes into play.

Say Hello to the New FlexiSpot Recliner

The new recliner by FlexiSpot features a slew of innovative features that are designed to do one thing, help you relax and just decompress after a stressful day. In light of this, let’s take a deep dive into exploring what those features and functionalities are.  

Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in the FlexiSpot X2 Recliner

Multiple Position Adjustment Switches

One of the best things about the X2 recliner is that provides users with a slew of different posture adjustments. You can switch from sitting to lying down on the recliner with a press of a button. Moreover, you can easily set the most comfortable position yourself, experimenting with different angles thanks to the recliner's ergonomic and comfort-centric design. The product is designed to meet a variety of needs for people who're looking to relax, beat their bad posture, or ease their chronic back and neck pain from working hunched all day.

The Zero Gravity Mode

Another excellent reason why the X2 recline is worth considering is that it can help you achieve the much sought-after 'zero gravity' posture. This is where you're lying down with your legs slightly above your chest, evenly distributing your weight across your entire body, which is wonderful for boosting your spine health. The zero gravity position is ideal for preventing vertebrae compression, decompressing your back, and taking pressure off your hips and joints. Moreover, this position may also play a significant role in helping you improve your posture.

USB Charging Interface

Yup, you read the right. The FlexiSpot recliner comes with USB charging ports so that you won't have to abruptly get up to charge your phone or other devices and break the cycle of relaxation. Do you know what else this means? Well, you can also use the recliner to do some work lying down in a comfortable position.

Soft and Durable Fabric

The X2 recliner is designed with a combination of durable fabrics and materials, making it easier for you to clean and maintain. And guess what, the recliner is also manufactured with anti-cat scratch fabric, which means it will take your pets a lot of effort to do some damage, (which they won't be able to).

Vibrant Colours

The FlexiSpot recliner comes in a variety of exquisite colours making it easier for individuals to get something that will complement their interior décor.

Solid Wood Construction

The interior and exterior frame of the recliner features a solid wood and plywood construction, giving it a more streamlined and science-based structure. It offers excellent structural integrity and doesn't easily move or wobble when you're changing positions. With a solid build quality, the FlexiSpot recliner is designed for long-term durability and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

7-Zone Independent Fit System

Perhaps one of the best features of the FlexiSpot X2 recliner is the 7-zome independent position adjustability-fit system. This means you'll be able to sit or lie down in a variety of different positions and angles, completely relaxing every part of your body. Moreover, each independent zone is filled with an elastic sponge that functions as a sort of memory foam, providing you with the perfect position in line with your spinal curvature, taking pressure off your lower back, shoulders, and neck.

Larger Sitting Depth

Another advantage of the FlexiSpot X2 recline is the fact that it's designed to help you increase your sitting depth, which means you won't feel packed or cluttered when you sit on the recliner. The cushioned seat design will help you sit more comfortably.

Core Features in a Nut Shell

· 7-zone independent position adjustment system

· Bigger sitting space

· Available in a slew of wonderful colours

· Durable and stable structure

· Solid wood and plywood internal and external construction (for added durability and stability)

· Designed with ultra-soft, skin-friendly materials

· Anti-cat scratch fabric

· Switches to easily change position

· USB charging ports