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The FlexiSpot Brand Day Crazy Sale Discounts In Full!

09 May 2024

Know Your Ergonomic Discounts for the Brand Day Crazy Sale

As the FlexiSpot Brand Day Crazy Sale approaches, running from 13th to 17th May, you'll want to be fully prepared to make the most of our huge range of discounts across our ergonomic furniture range! Let's explore some of the main pieces from our range in the sale, and what discounts you can enjoy throughout the sale.

The E7

The E7 adjustable standing desk offers our best technology and design in terms of ergonomic adaptability. With a spacious desktop, a full range of customizable height and support settings, an easy transition between sitting and standing, and reliable stability, our E7 has it all!

--shopstart--{"id":48192,"link":48192,"name":"Standing Desk Premium Series E7","shortName":"E7","url":"// 1.jpg","salePrc":419.99,"originalPrc":419.99,"itemFootMarkType":"HOT","itemFootMarkInput":"-£170"}--shopend--

In our Brand Day Crazy Sale, the E7 is down from the original price of £419.99 to just £249.99 from 13th to 17th May. Get a bargain while you can!

The E8

Revolutionizing your workspace with sleek innovation and modern design, the E8 standing desk offers incredible electric height adjustment features for full flexibility and optimized productivity throughout your workday. A spacious desktop space and sleek transition from sitting to standing make the E8 a solid choice for a standing desk investment. You can take the E8 home for just £299.99 - down from £439.99 - during our sale period.

--shopstart--{"id":48058,"link":48058,"name":"Standing Desk For WFO and WFH E8","shortName":"E8","url":"//","salePrc":279.99,"originalPrc":439.99,"itemFootMarkType":"INSTANT_REDUCTION","itemFootMarkValue":160,"itemFootMarkInput":"-£140"}--shopend--

The E7 Pro

Looking for a level up from our E7? The E7 Pro standing desk is the next generation in kinetic functionality, with an effortless transition from sitting to standing, a range of work setups available with a flexible desktop, and a sleek yet sturdy construction. Upgrade your workspace with style and functionality for just £329.99 during our sale period, down from our original price of £499.99

--shopstart--{"id":160001,"link":160001,"name":"Next-Generation Height Adjustable Desk E7 PRO","shortName":"E7 PRO","url":"//","salePrc":499.99,"originalPrc":499.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE","itemFootMarkInput":"-£150"}--shopend--

The Q8

Down from £599.99 to just £309.99 during our sale period, the Q8 8-in-1 standing desk is an absolute steal this brand day! With eight ergonomic configurations alongside smooth sit-to-stand electric height transitions and further adjustable height settings, the Q8 ergonomic standing desk is ideal for multiple users or projects in your home office or shared workspace. Get a deal while you can!

--shopstart--{"id":92002,"link":92002,"name":"8-in-1 Standing Desk Q8","shortName":"Q8","url":"//","salePrc":599.99,"originalPrc":599.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE","itemFootMarkInput":"-£200"}--shopend--

The E2Q

With absolute stability and ergonomic function, the E2Q standing desk can truly elevate your work environment, at home or in the office, with sturdy 4-leg construction with dedicated elevation motors, a spacious desktop, and a range of ergonomic support for optimized physical health and workplace productivity. The E2Q is down from £399.99 to just £249.99 from 13th to 17th May.

--shopstart--{"id":532003,"link":532003,"name":"4 Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2Q","shortName":"E2Q","url":"//","salePrc":299.99,"originalPrc":399.99,"itemFootMarkType":"INSTANT_REDUCTION","itemFootMarkValue":100,"itemFootMarkInput":"-£150"}--shopend--

The E7Q

Superior stability, seamless electric height transitions, and optimized flexibility options are some of our favorite features of the E7Q standing desk. This more recent addition to our ergonomic desk range offers the latest in kinetic design and innovative technologies, and also benefits from the huge discounts of our Brand Day Crazy Sale! You can take the E7Q home for £549.99, down from £799.99, from 13th to 17th May.

--shopstart--{"id":138001,"link":138001,"name":"4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q","shortName":"E7Q","url":"//","salePrc":799.99,"originalPrc":799.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE","itemFootMarkInput":"-£300"}--shopend--

The C7

Experience unparalleled comfort with the C7 Air, featuring advanced ergonomic design and breathable materials for all-day support. Adjustable lumbar support and a flexible headrest make this one of our favorite pieces included in our discounts this sale period. Redefine your comfort at work for just £259.99, down from £369.99. Get yours while you can!

--shopstart--{"id":602002,"link":602002,"name":"Premium Ergonomic Office Chair C7 AIR","shortName":"C7 AIR","url":"//","salePrc":369.99,"originalPrc":369.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE","itemFootMarkInput":"-£100"}--shopend--

The BS12-Pro

One of our longest-standing ergonomic chairs, the BS12 Pro is our pride and glory! Crafted with our trademark precision for ergonomic design and reliable construction, with premium fabric for a luxurious feel and durability, the BS12 Pro is a must for the productive home office. During this sale period, the BS12 Pro is down from its original price of £429.99 down to £279.99 from 13th to 17th May.

--shopstart--{"id":158002,"link":158002,"name":"Multifunctional Fabric Ergonomic Chair BS12 PRO","shortName":"BS12 PRO","url":"//","salePrc":429.99,"originalPrc":429.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE","itemFootMarkInput":"-£130"}--shopend--

The BS8

You can upgrade your seating for less this sale season with the BS8, engineered for superior lumbar support and comfort. Its ergonomic design promotes healthy posture, reducing strain on the back and shoulders, with incredible customizable features and luxury breathable mesh for enhanced airflow and all-day comfort. The BS8 discounts to £219.99 this sale period, a great saving from our original price of £299.99.

--shopstart--{"id":48021,"link":48021,"name":"Flexi-Chair Ergonomic Office Chair BS8","shortName":"BS8","url":"//","salePrc":199.99,"originalPrc":299.99,"itemFootMarkType":"INSTANT_REDUCTION","itemFootMarkValue":100,"itemFootMarkInput":"-£100"}--shopend--

The XC6

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with the XC6, featuring a plush fabric design, ergonomic swivel base, and plenty of customizable ergonomic features. Ideal for lounging or working, this chair combines style and functionality for a luxurious seating experience. You can save £100 this with our sale discounts, as the XC6 is down from £399.99 to just £299.99 from 13th to 17th May.

--shopstart--{"id":674002,"link":674002,"name":"Fabric Swivel Based Recliner Lotus XC6","shortName":"Lotus XC6","url":"//","salePrc":399.99,"originalPrc":399.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE"}--shopend--

The XR5

The luxury of our XR5 swivel recliner is perfect to unwind in after a long day, with expert ergonomic design providing optimal support, and plush upholstery enhancing your ultimate comfort. Perfect for relaxation or work, this chair offers versatility and style for any space, down from £459.99 to just £329.99 this sale period.

--shopstart--{"id":632005,"link":632005,"name":"Powerful Swivel Recliner XR5","shortName":"XR5","url":"// (3).jpg","salePrc":459.99,"originalPrc":459.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE"}--shopend--

Make the Most of the Brand Day Crazy Sale!

With so many discounts across our full ergonomic furniture range this Brand Day Sale, you can take home a bargain offering absolute comfort and style, whatever your needs. From shared workspace or home office to family comfort, we have exactly what you're looking for for less!