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The Difference Between FlexiSpot E8 And Q8

05 January 2023

Flexispot is well-known for its extensive selection of ergonomic standing workstations for people of all ages. All of these standing desks are of the highest quality and come in a wide variety of styles. The E8 and Q8 standing workstations are among the best in a market saturated with alternatives. Here, we'll compare and contrast these two workstations so you can pick the one that's perfect for you. To that end, let us begin.

How Do These Standing Desks Work?

The standing desks from FlexiSpot are unique. There is no compulsion to use it while standing up, but the functionality is there if you want to. A few buttons are located on the right side of the standing desk. There's one that sends it upwards and another which fires it downwards. As you move around the desk, you'll find a lock button and a series of numbered buttons. You can set your default sitting and standing heights by programming these integers to correspond to your height.

Differences Between E8 And Q8

They are both high-quality standing workstations with many of the same features. Both the E8 and Q8 desks are constructed entirely of steel, making them extremely sturdy, and both include dual motors. Both the black and white standing desk frames have anti-collision technology. The main focus of this discussion is on the fact of their differences from one another. The E8 and Q8 standing desks differ primarily in these respects:

Looks: You will appreciate the flexibility of the E8 standing desk, which allows you a wide range of personalization options. The rectangular desktop comes in a dozen distinct colours, from maple and marble to bamboo and rubber wood. The Q8 standing desk, on the other hand, includes lesser customization colour options.

Whether you choose a black or white frame will likely rely on the colour scheme of your current space. You can arrange them in any way you like, and each workstation will still look sleek and contemporary in your office.

FlexiSpot E8

Load Capacity:  Both items differ considerably in loading capacity as well. The Q8 standing desk claims a loading capacity of 100 Kg. The advertised 125-kilogram loading capacity of the E8 desk makes it a safe bet that you and another family member can sit comfortably on it without fear of tipping it over. This makes using the standing desks even comfier.

Height Range Without Desktop: The E8's crucial lifting speed of 3.8cm per second ensures that your transition won't interfere with your productivity in the least. The motor is both powerful and remarkably silent. Considering how often it's used, the absence of mechanical problems will be even more impressive.

The leg-raising process comprises three levels, with the highest level requiring a raise of 125 cm. The process begins at 60 cm and goes up to that height. The steel frame ensures that it remains steady even when loaded to full capacity. At the same time, the Q8 standing desk differs slightly in terms of height range as it has a maximum height range of 124 cm, which is certainly not bad at all.

Horizontal Range: Apart from the height range, the two desks also differ in their horizontal range. The E8 standing office desk has a wide horizontal range of 110 cm to 190 cm, which is so generous. On the other hand, the Q8 offers you a horizontal range of 140 cm, which is not bad at all.

FlexiSpot Q8

Desktop Dimensions: The variable surface area dimensions of the rectangular E8 ranging from 120cm x 60cm to 180cm x 80cm provides ample room for your laptop and other desktop necessities, including an open planner, notebooks, a smartphone, a pen holder, and an Anglepoise lamp.

You won't have any problems if you use a desktop computer and monitor; you'll have plenty of room to put some plants or a picture of your loved ones on your adjustable desk. Even the largest gaming setup may be easily arranged on the desktop. If you need additional features, though, Q8 is what you need. The Q8's generous 140 x 70 cm footprint provides ample room for all of your essential devices.

Keypad Child Lock: As the E8 standing desk is raised, rounded corners form at each of the three leg parts, making it safe for children's fingers. If you're worried about children getting hurt while you're away from your workstation, the E8 model has a child lock so you can get up and go without worrying. However, a child lock is not available for the Q8 desk.

The control panel allows you to set the height of the seat and the footrest for yourself and one other user, activate the child safety lock, and more. Since the height adjustable desk is always plugged in, the USB charger for your phone is always available and is a welcome feature.

Warranty: Used correctly, these products have an indefinite life. Both items are made with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials; therefore, they come with solid guarantees. A seven-year warranty is included with purchasing an E8 standing desk, and a ten-year warranty is included with purchasing a Q8 standing desk.

The Final Verdict

Those looking for a standing desk can choose between two different models, each with its own set of benefits. The constraints of your finances will also be a consideration. E8 offers a lot for the low price of £439.99. In the same way, the Q8's £699.99 price tag does not reflect the device's inferiority in any way. So, visit Flexispot right now and pick out your own standing desk.