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The Desk Tour Series Flight Attendant Edition

06 May 2021

It’s time for another desk tour! This is the third part of a series that showcases what working desks around the world look. The series is designed to give you an idea on how to organize your workplace and to give you inspiration. We will also hear from real people, their stories, and their secrets to success.

In this edition we are going to hear from Carmen. She’s a twenty-eight-year-old writer from New Mexico who shifted career when the pandemic hit.


The Flight Attendant Turned Writer

I’m a decorated flight attendant. From an early age, I’ve always wanted to be either a writer or a flight attendant. My aunt and mother were flight attendants themselves. When I was choosing a career, I decided to pursue my dream of being a flight attendant. Writing is something I enjoyed very much, but a career in writing I thought was difficult, so I decided to park it in the meantime. We needed the money when I was deciding which path to take. My father became very ill and so I thought I had to make sure that I could help as soon as possible.

Thinking about it now, I didn’t write the whole time I was in college. When I graduated, I immediately started working for British Airways. I thought about writing something on the side, but it was difficult because training hours were long, and the little time I had I spent working on a restaurant near the campus. I started flying as soon as I passed training. I was having the time of my life. My father passed away soon after, and it was my mother’s turn to get sick. I felt so happy that I made the right choice in choosing flight school. I was able to send my mother to the best hospitals. 2 years later, she recovered.

I was able to buy a new house for her and a New York apartment for myself. I felt fulfilled and accomplished. I received several awards, and I was on top of my game. But then, the global pandemic put a halt to everything.

I was in South Africa when news of a possible pandemic came. I was horrified mike many, but life went on thinking the terrible things other people were experiencing won’t ever touch my world. I was wrong. A couple of months later, all flights were cancelled, and I was in danger of being stuck in Europe.

I remember being shock at first, and then depression hit. The commercial aviation industry along with similar industries went down and crashed into pieces. A special flight chartered us home. Back in New York, I was faced with an uncertain future. I was at lost for a week. And then I remembered writing, and it gave me hope.

That night, I decided to fix a spare room and turn it into a home office. I went online and started ordering office furniture and equipment. Three months later, I found an editor who pitched my manuscript to a publishing house who responded positively. I’m now in the process of publishing my debut novel.

I miss flying. I really do. But I feel happier now more than ever. Writing is now my home. My mother’s also very happy for me. I flew her to New York a week ago and we’re now together.

The global pandemic changed so many lives. It changed mine for the better. I wish it’s the same for everyone, but of course that’s not true. To those who are thinking of pursuing a career in writing, this desk tour is for you. I hope this would help you design your own desks and writing studio.


Adjustable Standing Desk

Most flight attendants are fit. Perhaps because we don’t sit around at work. We’re often obliged to move around the cabin to give service to our passengers. Writing is the opposite, but it doesn’t have to be.

I never liked sitting down for extended periods of time, so I was thrilled when I discovered all about standing desks. Standing desks are traditional-looking desks you can use sitting down, but when you want to work standing up, you just need to push a button and your table transforms into a standing desk. It’s magical! Now, when I think it’s time to stand up and move around, I only need to convert my desk into a standing desk.

I got mine from Flexispot. Flexispot is a company dedicated to providing ergonomic office furniture and equipment. Their goal is to make products that would appeal to people who love living a healthier lifestyle. My Adjustable Standing Desk Pro is the perfect solution. Mine has a natural wood finish, which I love. It complements the bare brick walls of my writing studio.

On my desk you can find my trusty iMac with its minimalist Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. 


Ergonomic Chair

I got my ergonomic chair from Flexispot as well. The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is perfect for allowing me to write, seated down without straining my back. Ergonomic furniture are designed to cradle the body to prevent aches and pains associated with ordinary office furniture.

With the minimalist design of my ergonomic chair, I was able to easily incorporate it with the rustic design language of my studio.


Ambient Lighting 

I don’t know if this is just a woman thing, but ambient lighting can really help set the mood. I love that ambient lighting prevents glares that often annoy me when writing. It creates an atmosphere of creativity to be quite honest. 


Sound Bar

My Samsung Sound Bar is the perfect companion to my ambient lighting system. I love listening to background noises like the sound of the beach or the forest. It transports me to places I miss going without leaving my room. Try it!


So that’s my writing studio and desk setup. There are many more desk solutions out there, but make sure you pick the perfect one for you. I wish you good luck! And may we all be safe during this global pandemic.