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The Biggest Trends in Height Adjustable Standing Desks We've Seen This Year

08 December 2022

Are you sitting down comfortably? Or are you already among the millions of people reaping the benefits of having a height-adjustable desk in your work or home office?

The health risks of sitting for too long are well known, and people are turning to standing desks to promote better well-being and to counteract the adverse health implications of a sedentary lifestyle.

With so many standing desks on the market, how can you be sure you're getting the best one for your needs? Now is a great time to look into purchasing a height-adjustable desk. Their growing popularity pushes manufacturers to test new ideas with every revision of their standing desks, resulting in unique features.

This article will look at the most significant trends in height-adjustable standing desks we have observed this year. In addition, we will discover how the new trends have benefitted standing desk users.

Why Should I Choose a Standing Desk?

Standing regularly for prolonged periods - say half an hour of standing on and off - is all you need to start benefitting from multiple health benefits. For example, evidence suggests that standing more at work improves job performance, engagement, and physical and psychological health.  This demonstrates how we can reap big rewards when we make small changes.

The Biggest Trends in Standing Desks We've Seen This Year!

The popularity of standing desks has helped to drive significant innovation in the design and available options when purchasing a standing desk. Here are some of the biggest trends we are seeing right now:

Stylish Ergonomic Design: The look and feel of a standing office desk have become much more critical in the last 12 months. The primary driver of this change is the rapid increase of people working from home or taking advantage of a hybrid or remote working environment.

This change in working habits has created a demand for a stylish and ergonomic design that fits the home's individuality. As a result, manufacturers offer more varied styles, accessories, colours, and designs to cater to changing design tastes. The challenge is that although the style is increasingly essential, the office desk must remain practical and ergonomic.

Collision-Free Height Adjustability: To keep costs down, businesses often choose to invest in static standing desks, but there is growing evidence that users demand height-adjustable standing desks, especially in the home. Look for a standing desk with a smooth and quiet motor and an extensive range of movement for the height positions. Check out Flexispot’s exciting range of height-adjustable desks, which offer all this and more.

Collision-free adjustability allows users to find the perfect height to work from and a comfortable position without damaging the surrounding environment or the desk.

Desk Connectivity: Standing Desks are getting smarter, and the connectivity options have changed rapidly in the last 12 months. The minimum expectations are standard USB connectivity, but various USB speed and power options also exist.

USB connectivity has changed over the years. The latest desks offer USB 3.2, which provides a greater power pass-through and can connect to a laptop or PC for effortless connectivity. Other popular features include wireless charging for mobile phones, RGB colours, HDMI, and Display-Port pass-thru.

Centralised Cable Management: Keeping a working environment clear of cables helps keep your home office looking smart and reduces clutter, creating a calming workplace atmosphere. Cable management is essential on a height-adjustable desk because as the desk moves up or down, the monitor cables need to move with it. The last thing you want is your brand-new monitor falling off because of cable snagging.

Manufacturers should incorporate a good cable management solution into the desk design. You must be able to quickly and easily access your cords and cables without constantly moving them out of your way. Flexispot’s range of height-adjustable standing desks offers some innovative cable management solutions to keep you as organised as possible.

Customisation: The ability to customise your height-adjustable standing desk is becoming a much more popular request. Standing desks can be equipped with optional extras and accessories, including peripherals. For example, some solutions feature desk extensions to increase the surface area or acoustic panels. Some even allow you to attach a desktop PC / laptop directly to the desk, making cable management even more convenient.

Customised side stands are also a growing requirement for a modern standing desk; perhaps you require a matching drawer set or even a height-adjustable lectern.

Sturdy framework: Standing desks are costly, so you must buy from a reputable seller that guarantees a robust, rigid, well-built framework. Choose a desk made with high-quality materials, and be sure to inspect it, checking that it is sturdy enough for your needs.

A metal frame provides the best stability, and a lightweight top made from wood or composite will create a firm aesthetic option. Every use case is different; you may just be using the desk to write notes or use a laptop; others may have multiple monitors, speakers, microphones, and so on. In this case, a sturdy desk with a solid build quality and strong motor would be required to move all of your equipment up and down safely.

Lightweight and Moveable: The modern office space is evolving, often incorporating changeable partitions and moveable walls. To facilitate free movement, moveable desks are becoming more popular in an environment where space is at a premium.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek into the latest trends hitting the height-adjustable standing desk world. As you can see, the design process is focused on making minor adjustments to solid and reliable pre-existing designs. All Flexispot’s height-adjustable standing desks have been designed with you, the user, in mind, so be sure to check them out.