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The Best Standing Desks for a Make Up Vlogger

20 August 2021

The Stiff Competition of Vlogging

This is the truth when we talk about vlogging. Numerous personalities have been famous and well-known in their respective contents, however it took them years to win the race. They have also encountered numerous kinds of stress and body pain. These people have tried different contents and failed at first, yet with great perseverance, they were able to withstand all the challenges. The question to you now is "how would you surpass all these things as a vlogger?" You might be one of them who tries to make a name in the industry. You might also be one of the make-up vloggers who is trying to make video content about make-up trends and styles. The challenge is how to create something worth a million views without putting your health at risk. 

Ergonomic Problems Faced by Make-up Vloggers

You may find countless make-up challenges online that require the content creator to go physical when he/she tries doing the challenge. From blindfolding the content creator to not letting him hold the brush and let the other person put the makeup on him, these are the challenges that content creators do to gain more viewers. There is nothing wrong with that however, what's not good is when they put themselves at risk. 

This is because when they do these challenges, they possibly could experience ergonomic pain. They may also experience stress and fatigue in keeping their area clean while filming especially when their content is about make-up products. You may be one of these talented make-up vloggers and you might be one of those who need some ergonomic products from Flexispot. The products that are sought-after in the market and could alleviate the pain caused by:

  • spine strain
  • muscle strain
  • shoulder sprain 
  • numbness around the neck 

So, worry no more because with Flexispot standing desks, vlogging would be easier and pain-free for you because these products are made with precision and correct measurements to adjust and follow the contours of your body. Aside from these, the standing desks from Flexispot have the most incredible specs and features to help you make your content lively and full of innovations. So, in the next part of the article, we will talk about the parts of the standing desks that could help you with your content. 

The Ergo Specs and Features of Flexispot Standing Desks

When we talk about standing desks, the Flexispot standing desks may be the best option for your deck needs especially when you are a content creator. This is because compared to ordinary desks, the Flexispot standing desks stand out in the competition because they are created with the most unique features such as the up and down movement unlike with the ordinary tables or desks that would make you adjust a lot. So, 

If you're going to use the Flexispot standing desks, you just have to click the up and down buttons if you're using the basic keypads and the functions like height memory preset for the premium keypads. These functions make the standing desks the best product for your vlogging needs. This is because when you are filming, organizing your area is easier and quicker with the Flexispot standing desks because of the drawers that most standing desks have. Your viewers would also be fascinated with this because the Flexispot standing desks could add up aesthetics to your work area. You may also use the standing desk during the shoot for added showmanship. 

Aside from that, organizing the surface of the Flexispot standing desk is easy too because most of the surface of the Flexispot standing desks is wide and could hold most of your vlogging equipment such as the camera, microphone, and the make-up kit. All these things could be safeguarded on the surface because the Flexispot standing desk would not make the objects on the surface tumble. After all, these desks are durable and are made of high-grade steel and wood. Thus, you can ensure that the desktops of these standing desks are thick and sturdy. 

If you worry about the lifting speed of the standing desk, you don't have to because the speed of the standing desk is certainly fast and could lift objects in just less than 3 seconds. so you can ensure speed in your content plus you don't have to wait for so long just to complete the lifting. You may also do other stuff while preparing for your vlog. 

The standing desks from Flexispot also have a whisper-quiet function that is less than 50 Db. It means even when you click the up and down buttons or height presets of the standing desk while filming, you don't have to worry because it would not create much noise that would affect the quality of the audio. With Flexispot standing desk, you can ensure a polished and pleasant video that you can take. Plus, people would get fascinated more with your content because there would be no nuisances while filming it. Most of all, you would be able to focus more on your masterpiece when there are no nuisances around. 

The standing desks from Flexispot are height-adjustable so if other younger members of your family are filming too, they may be able to enjoy doing their vlogs with this standing desk. 

With all the features and specs of the standing desk, you can ensure that all these products can be a big help for your content. So, with the Flexispot standing desks, your vlogging would be put to the next level and could make you the next famous make-up guru. 

Final Thoughts

Creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. These are the best qualities of a successful make-up artist. However, as an artist, you are also prone to different kinds of ergonomic pain. These kinds of pain could affect your vlogging and your energy when filming. Using ordinary pieces of equipment could also affect the aesthetics of your work area. Thus, switching to the best ergonomic products is a wise choice. Try Flexispot to ensure a flexible way of presenting your contents online.