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The Best Standing Desk Deals This Black Friday

25 November 2022

Searching The Options For A Standing Desk

When it comes to securing the best standing desk, there are a range of options available - all offering a wealth of health benefits. Improved productivity, a fresh and more creative thinking space, and alleviated aches, pains and physical and mental stressors are all credited reasons to invest in a sit-stand or standing desk.

Early studies suggest that, alongside reducing back and shoulder pain, use of standing desks correlates positively with better blood sugar management and a decreased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, various cancers, and even premature death.

Whilst studies are still in their early days and the correct ratio of height adjustable or standing desks used alongside traditional seated desks is inconclusive, it seems clear that there are definite benefits to incorporating a standing desk into your workday. Finding a desk that works for you, whilst allowing easy access to standing working, can seem daunting - but that’s where we come in.

When it comes to choosing the perfect adjustable or standing desk for your needs, there are plenty to choose from, but FlexiSpot routinely offers the best in quality, design, and value and has won multiple awards and industry recognition.

FlexiSpot’s Unbeatable Reputation

From special mention in Independent’s Indy/Best for the 10 Best Standing Desks, Tech Radar’s Best Standing Desk 2022 for office and home, and GQ’s Best Standing Desk collection, when you buy FlexiSpot you know you’re investing in a piece you can trust. We’re trusted and respected by the best reviewers in the industry, who try and test our pieces to give a robust and honest review, and have hundreds of satisfied customer reviews.

With extended warranties and over 1000 patents across our product line, we have the perfect standing desk solution for everyone, whatever your needs. From the traditional design of the Retro Height Adjustable Desk EHD5, to the sleek, modern aesthetic of the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8 and the ultimate storage flexibility of the Studio Standing Desk ESD1, there’s something for everyone! That said, we’re particularly excited about one of our leading desks, the FlexiSpot WFO/WFH Standing Desk E8. Let’s take a further look.

The FlexiSpot WFO/WFH Standing Desk E8

In fact, the FlexiSpot WFO/WFH Standing Desk E8 is a multi-award winning standing desk. Holding first place as Best Standing Desk 2022 with TechRadar, PC Gamer, and the Independent, the E8 has been proven to perform with both style and substance, and impresses the experts across the board for use in shared, busy offices to streamlined working from home office spaces.

The standing desk adjustment element itself - the most important aspect of this desk - incorporates gadget compatibility with sleek integration and easy to use presets.  With up to four pre-programmable height presets, height memory and child lock functions, a steady rising trajectory and anti-collision system and a height range of 60cm to 125cm, the E8 really has the best standing desk capability available. With a dual electric motor and super quiet transition at less than 50 Db, standing desk height adjustment is smooth and undisruptive, so you can maximise time on your latest project without a fuss.

With a range of desktop finishes - including Rubberwood, Bamboo, Black Walnut, Graphite, Marble, Walnut, and a sleek matte black finish - there are a range of styles to suit any decor. You’ll also find ample storage space below the desktop for all your files and documents, and a discreet cable management tray beneath the desktop keeps your workspace neat and tidy.

The FlexiSpot E8 Black Friday Deal

The FlexiSpot WFO/WFH Standing Desk E8 has so much to offer, and provides reliable and inspiring standing desk support for any office. To enable as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of the E8, we’re offering a huge 27% discount this Black Friday.

From 25th to 28th November, you can have the E8 delivered to your door and ready to help you navigate your next work project for just £319.99, saving a little over £100 on our standard price of £439.99.

Bring The E8 Home for Optimum Productivity

Whether you’re sharing a large office with colleagues and need the flexible standing desks for hotdesking, or you work from a home office, the reliability of the E8, beautiful design and ease of use for all work spaces make it a perfect choice for those seeking a standing desk upgrade at a fantastic discounted rate this Black Friday.

Order yours today while stocks last, and let us rejuvenate your work space for some excellent new productivity, better comfort, and an all-round improved working experience.