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The Best Plants for Your Home Office

07 March 2023

Using Plants to Rejuvenate Your Office

Numerous studies have shown that plants in the workplace can help us feel less fatigued, have greater focus and energy, and improve our immune system – as well as brightening up the office! Sounds like an absolute win-win, right? But, what if you're not particiularly green-fingered, and are more likely to find a sorry looking cactus on your windowstill, rather than a flourishing ficas? Don't worry; we've found some of the best plants for the office for even the most uncertain plant owners.

Foolproof Plants for The Office

Finding the right plants for your office space is essential to improving your environment without creating extra stress in worrying about plant care! Whether you like a low maintenance evergreen or find the plantcare process theraputic, there's plenty of plant options for your office, all with a host of benefits for your wellbeing.

The Low Maintenance Plant Option

Plants that can do well without daily watering or a demanding care plan are perhaps most in demand for offices, particularly with many people adopting hybrid working schemes or sharing desks. If you're working from home, plant care may be last on your list whilst you juggle household chores with the next big work project. Either way, there are plenty of low maintenance plants to choose from if this sounds like you.

Sansevieria (AKA Snake Plant)

The Sansevieria, also known as the Snake Plant, is a popular office choice and is known as being a true survivor, needing minimal attention to flourish. Watering once every few weeks to permeate the top layers of soil is enough to keep them happy and thriving, and they can also cope well in both well-lit or darker areas. They're also not too fussy when it comes to temperature – so however warm, cold, or draughty your office is, or if you're in a termostat battle in your office(!) - the Sansevieria will do well.

When it comes to the health benefits of the Sansevieria, you can thank them for brilliant air-purifying qualities, as well as their capability to calm allergy responses and boost mental health. An easy office addition with maximum payout for minimal investment!

The Dark Office Plant Option

Unfortunately, not all office spaces have the luxury of large windows or lots of natural light. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of plants that can not only cope but actually thrive in lower lights, and they should be top of your list to look into for a desk plant if your office is on the darker side.

Zamioculcas (AKA Zamio)

The Zamioculcas is one of the easiest indoor plants to keep, so perfect for your office space. With shiny, hardy leaves and the ability to flourish well for weeks, perhaps even months, without water – it's a great choice for a dark or gloomy deskspace. As long as your Zamio is out of any draughts or intense heat from radiators, expect your plant friend to flourish!

Zamioculcas plants are known to clean the air of pollutants and toxins and improve cognitive function – so make room for your leafy plant pal on your desk and welcome the improved best and brighter vibes!

The Room Filling Plant Option

If you've got plenty of room to fill in your office space and you're looking for a plant that is a true showstopper with optimum health benefits, maybe a big botanical is where your plant investment lies. Bigger botanical plants can offer a lush, jungle vibe to your workplace, add some interest for the eye for colleagues and visitors alike, and act as natural barriers between work stations or block off your pile of laundry from your Zoom call!

If this sounds like the perfect plant choice to add that extra something to your office space; take a look at our favourite big botanical plant choice to fill your workplace and lift your mood.

Extra Large Yucca

With stunning sword-shaped leaves, a rich emerald green colour, and growing up to 1.5m tall, the gorgeous Extra Large Yucca plant can be a real showstopper of an office plant. As well as being a beautiful plant for the office that can help rid the air of pollutants and increase calm and focus in your working habits, Yuccas also have a host of health benefits.

Through topical skin application such as soaps, shampoos, or lotions, as well as consumption in liquid form, the Yucca can be utilised to help with a range of health ailments. Research has found Yucca plants successful in minimising arthritic pain, boosting overall immunity, and – perhaps most important for the workplace – in inhibiting oxidative stress in the body. The Yucca could transform your working day in more ways than one!

Plants for Productivity This Year

Whatever office space you're working in, bringing in the right plants can help freshen up your workplace, improve your focus, and boost your mood. Now is the time to dress up your home office and feel rejuvenated for the month ahead. Which plant are you starting with?