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The Best Headphones For Work Meetings

31 Mar. 2022

Work meetings are not just becoming more frequent, but they are also now taking place while working from home.

This means that frequently, possibly even daily, you need to be speaking to your workmates or your superiors while at home. This is obviously not ideal, especially for those that don't have a dedicated office space to work from.

It just isn’t great to have the audio blaring out from your work computer, with quarterly reports and Agile stand-ups being blasted across your home; you’ll eventually notice your neighbors complaining if nothing else.

The best thing to do to avoid annoying your entire household too much is to get some good headphones for work. Here are some of the very best headphones for work meetings.

#1: Sony WH-1000XM4 Series

It is really hard to beat what has quickly become the absolute headphones on the market right now. It is hard to beat the Sony headphones when it comes to their sound quality, but what really makes them so impressive is their noise-canceling abilities.

While being able to block out the sounds of your boss from bothering your family, sometimes you can benefit from blocking out the sounds of your family so you can work a bit more easily.

Sony WH-1000XMs are famed for their noise-canceling qualities for a good reason. What is even better is that they can swiftly shift from noise-canceling out the sound of your family eating lunch to being able to easily hear them at the touch of a button, allowing in ambient sound.

Though the battery life could be a bit better, the Bluetooth connectivity is excellent, and they make for an excellent way to be able to get through work meetings easily, plus their strong band makes them perfect for slinging around desks with headphone hooks.

Plus, they are great to just listen to music to during the day!

#2: Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods is easily the most commonly sold type of headphones available on the marketplace right now, in part because of their brand recognition.

However, even though Apple Airpods might be mainly famous because of their brand recognition, they are still one of the best options for headphones during work meetings.

A big part of this is because of the fact that they just work – other than needing to figure out your initial Bluetooth, Apple Airpods generally just work without needing to worry.

As long as you keep them charged, which is easy to do thanks to their charging carrying case, you can easily pop your Airpods out of their case, turn on your Zoom call and get into the meeting with no worries.

There is also the added benefit that Airpods are super inconspicuous – you won't get weird comments about what kind of expensive headphones you are wearing because most people won't even be able to tell that you are wearing headphones at all.

Plus, they are fashionable, and a lot of other people will generally have them on as well, and it is always nice to have something in common with the other people in your big Zoom call.

#3: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Sennheiser headphones are definitely not the most popular options for noise-canceling headphones, primarily because of their higher price.

However, this high price is for a good reason; they have pretty much the best sound on the market right now.

With upwards of 25 hours of battery life and a frequency response up into the 22k Hz range, Sennheiser headphones look and act futuristic.

If you work with audio in any comparison or really need to carefully hear the exact sounds of what is going on around you, then these are the right headphones for you.

Just make sure to save up well in advance, because these are the priciest option there is.

#4: Sony WF-1000XM3

These are a similar pair to the above-mentioned Sony WH series, with the key difference being that they are not over ear headphones, but instead inner-eat inserts, like Airpods.

These have all of the advantages of noise-canceling and careful audio control that the Sony WH series has, only without any of the hassle of dealing with over-ear support – anyone with long hair will understand the occasional frustration of trying to fit a big pair of giant headphones over their head.

The only real downside of these headphones, besides their price, is the fact that the people physically around you might not even realize you are wearing headphones at all – your family might just suddenly start talking to you without warning, while you sit there oblivious, carrying on with your work or meetings, ignoring them entirely.

Of course, whether this is a blessing or a curse depends on how much you like those you live with.

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