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The Best Ergonomic Office Desk Combos

27 Apr. 2022

The Best Hack of Ergonomic Office Design

When it comes to ergonomic office design, creating a space we love that also works to our needs can be easier said than done. We all want an office space we can feel proud of and want to step into - particularly if we’re working from home and need a definitively different space to help us set and maintain work/life boundaries.

Finding ergonomically superior office furniture, from full support chairs to height adjustable desks, used to mean sacrificing on style. However, as the industry has grown - and as Flexispot has taken hold of  the market - the choice for ergonomic office furniture has grown massively. You no longer have to sacrifice your design preferences to fix your back pain!

What’s more, with so many styles now an option in ergonomic ranges, you don’t have to limit your redesign dreams. Having so much choice can feel overwhelming when you’re looking to redesign an office space - so we’ve married some of our favourite pieces together to create the perfect signature combinations for any design style; and make your design project a little easier. Let’s take a further look.


Our Favourite Office Design Edits

The High Design Edit:

The Dynamik Desk EB2 is a sleek desk option with optimum ergonomic options to keep you comfortable and focused. With a dual-motor lifting system with built in anti-collision, it makes transitioning between seated to standing working effortless. It also features a built-in sit-stand reminder in a discreet control panel, ensuring you stay mobile whilst keeping your controls in easy reach without any compromise in style.

Whilst the EB2 features the highest grade in ergonomic technology, its range of desktop finishes ensure a truly high design feel, with no sacrifice on support. From sleek matte colour finish to wood grain from mahogany, cherry wood, and walnut, the Dynamik Desk EB2 is the best choice if you’re looking for a high design ergonomic desk.

It also makes a perfect match with the Flexi Chair Oka BS9. With a fully ergonomic back support design, built-in lumbar support and full back tilt positioning, the Oka is a highly refined choice for your next desk chair, with the latest in ergonomic support technology. With an understated design, sleek silhouette, and burst of colour in bright mustard, this piece truly makes a statement in any office, while keeping you focused and comfortable. 

The Minimalist Edit:

If you’re looking for something a little more minimalist, the Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk EG8 keeps the best in ergonomics utterly effortless. With built-in anti-collision, a smooth motor for silent height adjustment from seated to standing, a tempered glass top and sleek hidden desk drawer, the Comhar EG8 will satisfy even the most devout minimalist.

Paired with our classic Home Office Chair, and you’re well on your way to an enviable minimalist office space. With 360 swivel, an adjustable height range, and built-in full ergonomic support kept hidden from view for the sleekest option, this little wonder may look lightweight, but it packs a lot of support. Its classic design and wheel castors make the most of this chair’s flexibility, and the range of pastel colour designs means it can add a gentle lift into any understated office.  

The Fitness Edit:

If you’re always looking for your next fitness fix, our top choices from our fitness range could be just what you’ve been looking for. Both castor equipped, you can swap these seats over as much as you like to keep your office feeling fresh, while keeping you active.

The Sit2Go Fitness Chair

offers unprecedented exercise capability for office workers, combining cycling with ergonomic seated comfort - pedal away those desk hours! With a built-in calorie tracker and fully adjustable height bracket, you can take care of your health and boost your productivity, whatever height you like to work at.

Meanwhile, the Wobble Stool, which offers full positioning flexibility and greater ergonomic support as you engage your abdominal muscles when using, can offer a gentle alternative opportunity for exercise.  In a range of  colours and light enough for easy movement and storage, this stool can suit  any space, and be tucked away quickly for unobtrusive storage.

Combining these two pieces in your office can ensure you have an active, invigorating work space when needed - alongside the option to offer a more traditional, subtle fitness feel when needed. 

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