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The Art & Science of Modern Seating

28 June 2024

Most people don't realize how much time they spend sitting down. If you happen to work at a desk (whether at home or the office), there is a high chance that you spend most of your time sitting in a chair. Without the right chair for the job, we risk damaging our bodies and developing musculoskeletal issues.

This is because the human body isn't designed for long hours of sitting down. Instead, it's designed for movement. However, since our daily lives require most of us to sit down, companies like FlexiSpot have started building ergonomic, functional, and stylish chairs for modern-day workers. Below, we'll look at how the basic office chair has changed in recent years, using two great examples of contemporary, ergonomic office chairs.

How Office Chairs Are Changing

If you look back at the office chairs from decades ago, you'll find them very different from most of the office chairs you'll see now. While there are some timeless classics, like ones from Herman Miller and Fritz Hansen, most new office chairs are miles away from their old-school counterparts. Here are some of the ways that office chairs have changed over the years.


One of the first big changes to office chairs in recent years has been the material that they're made out of. For decades, the go-to material for high-quality working chairs was leather. While this is a comfortable and luxurious material, it's hard to clean and doesn't offer any breathability.

To help with the breathability, we've seen modern-day office chair manufacturers make a shift in the materials that they use. Companies now most commonly opt for breathable fabric or mesh material. While some brands still offer leather options, most of them have shifted their focus to more breathable materials.


Another big change in modern office chairs is their design. This should be expected since design aesthetics and trends change quickly. With modern chairs, you'll see the designs intentionally fusing functionality with unique aesthetics. While old-school office chairs were primarily centered on intricate designs and wild colors, modern chairs are more stripped down.

This is likely to help the chairs match modern aesthetics as most offices have opted for more toned-down interior designs. There isn't anything wrong with loud or quiet aesthetics, and it's up to you to opt for the design that suits your preferences. However, you can expect that most modern office chair options will have more subdued designs compared to their predecessors.


The large majority of old-school office chairs focused primarily on comfort. This is why the materials tend to be very soft, and the design is focused on relaxing the body. While most modern office chairs still offer a lot of comfort, they also allow you to change the position of the chair to make you comfortable and get you more focused on the task at hand.

Nowadays, office chairs are ergonomic. They can swivel, recline, and adjust in almost any way you can think to suit your sedentary needs perfectly. That way, you can adjust the chair to your individual preferences and not suffer the consequences of sitting down for long periods.

A Look at the FlexiSpot BS8

If you're looking for an example of a modern office chair, look no further than the FlexiSpot BS8. This chair is a great example of how design philosophies and technological advancements have resulted in the creation of functional and stylish office chairs.

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To start, this chair features an S-shaped design. This type of backrest is meant to fit perfectly with the natural shape of your spine, offering much more support than a typical chair. On top of that, it features a full mesh material for the seat and backrest, meaning it's very breathable and ideal for both warm and cold climates.

Additionally, the backrest has nine different settings, so you can recline it as much as you want. This is great if you're looking to take a break and rest in your office or if you're watching a video and would like a more relaxed sitting position.

This chair allows you to tweak the tiniest details to accommodate your seating position. Aside from the zero-pressure seat, you can also adjust the headrest. That way, you can also keep your neck in a suitable position and provide it with the support it needs.

A Look at the FlexiSpot BS12 Pro

The FlexiSpot BS12 is one step up from the BS8. It's a very high-quality office chair, which comes with a built-in Donati adjustment mechanism. This allows for seamless adjustment of your seating position and helps you achieve peak comfort no matter how you're sitting.

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While it's on the pricier side, it allows you to reap all the benefits that modern office chairs have to offer. Not only can this chair help improve your physical health, but it can even boost productivity and creativity in your workplace.


Modern-day working requires modern-day solutions to preserve employee's health and keep them pain-free. Suppose you're someone who is constantly sitting on a chair at home or the office, the chair that you use matters a lot. Using the wrong chair can lead to a whole lot of trouble later down the line, such as lower back pain, neck pain, and other uncomfortable sensations that can affect your focus and productivity.