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The 3 Best Height Adjustable Desks for Small Spaces

22 February 2023

Finding a desk for a small working space can be tricky. And you might think that the benefits of a height adjustable desk are beyond your space.
Standing desks can be great for your health, posture and productivity, but many models are very large.
Even if you only have a small space, you don't have to give up on your standing desk dream. Well designed standing desks offer good desktop space while fitting into small spaces. Whether you work from home or in a small office space, there are standing desks which will fit.
Here's a breakdown of the best height adjustable desks to fit small space environments and tips on how to choose the perfect one:

#1 The Comhar EW8 All-In-One Standing Desk

The Comhar EW8 Standing Desk is perfect for your small home office space. This height adjustable desk has a stylish aesthetic that will complement any interior design style. And it comes in several different colour options!

With a compact desktop space of 120 cm x 60 cm, this standing desk will fit in a living room nook, a corner of your bedroom or amongst other spare room furniture with ease. The surprisingly spacious desktop is perfect for your computer, desk lamp and a few personal items too.

There is also a handy drawer which is ideal for hiding away your clutter at the end of the work day. The clever collision detection technology means that you can add a set of drawers underneath to maximise storage without worrying about a crash.

The broad height range makes this desk perfect for multiple users. And the advanced keypad has memory preset slots so that you can save your favourite height ranges.

Specification highlights:

- 72 cm - 121 cm adjustable height range

- 50 kg load capacity (ideal for one computer)

- Desktop size: 120 cm x 60 cm

- Advanced keypad

- Chipboard worktop with 7 colour options

- Frame colours: white or maple

#2 The Vici Duplex Standing Desk

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk is a great multi-functional option, whether you work from home or occupy a small office space. The innovative split top design makes this desk perfect for work, hobbies and homework too.

Both sides of the Vici Duplex can be raised and lowered to offer a flexible sit-stand workspace. This unique feature makes it possible for the desk to be used by multiple users. And the wide height range means that children can also make use of this desk.

The Vici Duplex is particularly good for improving your desk posture by allowing you to position your computer monitor on the upper shelf at eye-level. Having your monitor raised can help relieve neck and shoulder pain and encourage you to sit up.

Specification highlights:

- 71 cm - 123 cm adjustable height range

- 60 kg load capacity (ideal for one computer)

- Desktop size: 120 cm x 60 cm (and splits into 35 cm and 25 cm tops)

- Standard keypad

- Chipboard worktop with 7 colour options

- Frame colours: black or white

#3 The L-Shaped Adjustable Desk E1L

The L-Shaped Adjustable Desk is a great option for anyone looking to maximise their desktop space and make the most of an empty corner at home or at the office.

The desk provides plenty of desktop space and the necessary load capacity to hold multiple computers or devices, as well as other personal items.

The L-Shaped desk can be set up either on the left- or right-hand size. With its sleek, modern design (and three colour options), the L-Shaped desk will suit any interior design style and space.

Like all FlexiSpot standing desks, the L-Shaped desk is carefully designed to provide a seamless transition from sitting to standing mode, even with the additional desktop side panel.

Specification highlights:

- 71 cm - 120 cm adjustable height range

- 100 kg load capacity (ideal for two computers)

- Desktop size: 160 cm x 101 cm x 58 cm or 180 cm x 121 cm x 58 cm

- Standard keypad

- Chipboard worktop with 7 colour options

- Frame colours: black, white or maple

Tips for choosing a standing desk for your small space:

● Carefully measure the available space for your desk. Do you want your new desk to sit along the wall, tuck into a corner or sit between other furniture?

● Think about which way you would like your desk to face. An L-shaped desk can be great for using corner spaces, but do you want to face the wall or look out the window as you work?

● Check the load capacity (especially if you need multiple monitors).

● Decide on your preferred colour and material options. Think about the space you have and what styles would work well there.

● Check the warranty period and price point.

With a little creative thinking and desk research, it's possible to find a standing desk to suit even very small spaces.