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Taking Remote Working to the Next Level: 5 Tips to Set Up a Home Office

12 April 2021

Let’s discuss some tips to set up a home office!

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way the corporate world operates. Work from home became the new normal – and many people couldn’t be happier about it. More flexibility, no daily commute, and time and money savings – what’s not to love about remote working?

The only downside is that your productivity and efficiency may take a hit in a non-traditional work environment. While many people think you can work from the bed, on the couch, or in the backyard when at home, you’ll realize that you only reach the highest productivity level when you work at a proper workstation with a nice desk and a comfortable chair.

Creating a space that contributes to your work-from-home success is a creative process that you can thoroughly enjoy if you put your heart to it.

We’ve prepared this home office guide to help you create the perfect home office setup that maximizes your efficiency and productivity.

Top 5 Tips to Set Up a Home Office

Set up the perfect work area with these tips to make the work-from-home situation easier for you.

1. Choose the Best Location

Do you have an empty room or a corner that you can transform into a home office?

If yes, that’s great!

If no, this is where your creativity comes into play. You may use your basement or a part of your kitchen table (if you’re okay resetting your office after every meal) for this purpose. Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily need a large space – a little corner of a spacious room may work just fine. See if you have a spacious empty closet, or you can do something with the area under the stairs.

The thing is, you can easily find plenty of spaces at home that you can convert into an office. All you need is some creativity.

2. Get the Right Desk

When working from home, you can expect to spend a lot of time sitting at the desk, even more than at the actual office. One of the best tips to set up a home office is to get yourself a desk that’s not only budget-friendly but also super comfortable. It should fit your workspace and go with the aesthetics while helping you boost productivity.

If your desk doesn’t keep you comfortable throughout the day, you’ll eventually develop aches, pains, and other long-term health issues. It’s best to ditch the traditional “fixed” desk and go for a standing desk that allows you to adjust the height and stretch your legs from time to time.

A 2019 one-year follow-up study showed that the participants reported a 22% decrease in their sedentary time during work hours, thanks to the sit-stand desk intervention. It was concluded that the participants had an overall pleasant working experience with a sit-stand desk without compromising their productivity. After a whole year of intervention, workers continued to enjoy increased activity levels and decreased sitting time during work using such desks.

If you want to take your work-from-home game to the next level, we recommend getting your hands on the Height Adjustable Standing Desk EC1 at Flexispot. This durable, elegantly designed desk is designed to fit your body contours, offer whisper-quiet operation, and ensure the highest level of comfort all day long. It offers advanced functions at a reasonable rate. Made with high-grade steel, it promises optimal durability and effectiveness. The lifting capacity is up to 275 lbs. You can work while sitting or standing with this standing desk and not worry about any spine health-related concerns!

This budget-friendly standing work desk shows excellent resistance against stains and scratches. This means the aesthetics of your home office won’t be compromised whatsoever. Even at the highest adjustment point, the desk won’t wobble. Thanks to the powerful motor and two or three-stage legs, you can enjoy smooth transitions throughout the day.

You get to choose from three frame colors to match the theme of your office. You’ll also love the sit-stand reminder for increasing your activity level during work hours.

3. Get a Comfortable Chair

An ergonomic chair with the right height and comfort level is an essential item for any workspace. Before buying a chair, make sure it offers proper support to your neck, back, and arms.

An ergonomic chair also allows you to recline with comfort during work hours. The seat depth is also adjustable, which means you can enjoy a customized seating experience depending on your body shape.

Apart from this, if you like to put your feet up while working, you can place a footstool under your work desk. Moreover, if you’re using a computer, the keyboard must be the right height for convenient and comfortable use. Also, you must place the mouse where it’s accessible and provides cushioning for your wrists.

4. Choose Smart Storage Options

How many supplies do you need for remote work?

Apart from a laptop, you may have to deal with several documents, files, stationery, and other office supplies, depending on the kind of work you do. Having proper storage options is a good idea unless you want your workstation to be messy and disorganized.

And no, by storage options, we don’t mean large cabinets and huge drawers. You could do well with a compact cubby system. All you need is a few bins to organize your stuff. Alternatively, you can stash all your work items in an empty shelving unit or use plastic storage tubs if you have to pack your office at the end of the day. A little effort goes a long way in making you feel more organized and motivated.

Our Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet is a sturdy and durable steel cabinet that’s tightly sealed at the bottom for safe and efficient storage of your office items. It can carry materials up to 120kg. Featuring a rolling filing pedestal with inset handles, this cabinet will add to the aesthetics of any modern home office. The three drawers are secured by an interlock system with two keys. You can rest assured that all your files and valuables will remain safe in there.

This file cabinet guarantees exceptional durability and abundant storage space. You’ll get two utility drawers, a complimentary stationery tray, and a deep bottom drawer to keep your items neat and organized. Thanks to the full-extension sliders, you can enjoy easy access to all folders.

Furthermore, the anti-tilt mechanism allows you to open one drawer at a time to prevent the cabinet from tipping forward.

5. Tame the Wires

One of the best tips to set up a home office is to have a cord management system in place. You’ll likely have many cords on your workstation for recharging your laptop, mobile phone, and other electronic devices.

To make sure your desk looks neat and tidy, use a twist tie or something more elegant to make sure you don’t have extension cords and power strips running across the floor. Also, when choosing the perfect spot for your desk, think about where the outlets are.

That being said, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection in the office. You can use a Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi mesh system to ensure you stay connected at all times.

Final Words

As far as remote work is concerned, these tips for setting up a home office will help you boost productivity and efficiency while enjoying maximum comfort. You can create your desired workspace anywhere and decorate it however you like – the only limit is the available space and your imagination.

Focus on investing in high-quality products that add to your convenience and provide uncompromised comfort and durability. You can trust Flexispot with all your home office needs. From standing desks and accessories to health and fitness products, this one-stop-shop has everything to take your remote work game to the next level!

With our tips to set up a home office, get ready to work in style in an elegant and functional home office!