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Staying Fit at Your Workplace

14 January 2022

Getting up from bed every morning to arrive at the office in time is enough stress on its own. Then, imagine the additional trouble we face from sitting down at desks or around conference tables for several hours every day – exhausting!

Stretching, yawning, neck twisting – we just cannot wait for closing hours. Indeed, there are health risks associated with sitting down for prolonged periods. Some people may begin to develop back pains and muscle spasms after some time. In severe cases, diabetes and obesity.

Standing desks are a great way to avoid sitting for too long. With this working desk, you can perform office tasks comfortably while standing up. Flexispot offers a wide range of quality desks that will help keep you in great shape at work.

That said, it is important that we find a way to stay healthy and keep fit while sitting at a desk all day. Here, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to help improve your workplace wellness.

1. Commute Regularly

Living a routine can become boring and tiring over time. So, why not shake things up a bit? If you take the bus to work, you may want to drop off at a distance from the office and walk the remaining length of the way.

Do you drive to work? You can try to pull up in the far end of the car park or a couple of complexes away from your office building and then walk to your desk. Though they may appear insignificant, these small changes can make a big difference to your workplace wellness. They should help keep you more active at the office. Taking 10-minute walks thrice daily is enough to qualify you as a consistent exerciser.

2. Stand on Your Feet Regularly

You cannot stay seated for hours every day and expect to remain in good shape. As simple as it seems, standing up now and then at work can help reduce the health challenges related to sitting for too long.

If your job requires you to sit at a desk always, look for any opportunity to stand a bit. You may stand while performing activities such as taking phone calls, replying to emails, typing documents, or proofreading files.

We are in the electronic age, and using the internet for various tasks is now the norm. However, rather than deliberate about projects with co-workers via text and social media messaging platforms, you can simply walk up to them to have a chat.

Furthermore, you may want to get yourself a standing desk that will allow you to work comfortably even when on your feet.

3. Use Your Breaks Effectively

Instead of gossiping with colleagues during breaks, you can use your free time to stretch your body by exercising. You can walk down the corridors and around your office blocks to try to break a sweat. Place hand weights on your desk to use at intervals.

Here are simple exercises to attempt in your free time:

  • Sit upright and engage your abs.
  • With palms facing the ceiling, raise your hands and return them to your shoulder level. Repeat this while marching in place.
  • Raise your left and right knees one after the other. While at it, ensure your arms are bent at the elbows and begin an up-and-down movement.

4. Use the Stairs

Indeed, this is one of the most effective ways to keep fit at the office as it helps burn calories and body fat. Climbing the stairs can also assist one in building stamina, endurance and strengthening leg muscles.

Instead of following the easy route of using the elevator, challenge yourself by taking the stairs, even if you get out of breath after climbing just two flights. If you continue utilizing the stairs, there will be improvements with time.

5. Rearrange Your Workspace

To make life easy at work, you may have smartly arranged your office items, such as telephone, notebook, and folders, within reach on your desk table. Even though this will save you a lot of time while working, it won't allow you to get up and walk around.

So, if you are the type that spends too many hours on your seat at the office, you should consider reorganizing your workspace so that you need to stretch or move about to get some items.

Furthermore, ditch that way-too-comfortable chair for an upright one with armrests that will keep you sitting straight at work. By keeping your back and shoulder muscles engaged, an upright chair will stay active and fit. Also, you may use an exercise ball instead of an office chair for balance. Browse through Flexispot’s catalogue for a suitable chair that suits your taste.


Many cannot find time in the morning or after work for exercise. Following a long day at the office, most people can only come home to rest. Moreover, exercising regularly may not necessarily cancel out the adverse effects of sitting at a desk for prolonged periods.

The best way to ensure that you remain fit at the office is to be active while working. With the tips mentioned in this piece, you should already be armed with enough knowledge to always keep you in good shape at your workplace. So, begin your journey to leading a healthy office lifestyle now.