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Start your Fitness Journey with these Exercises

19 January 2022

It's 2022, and the start of a new year is a perfect time to begin living a healthy lifestyle. Developing a routine of consistent exercise is one of the most beneficial acts you can do for your long-term wellbeing. Individuals often hit the gym at the beginning of the year and never return a few weeks or months later.

Heading to the gym for the first time might be stressful. It may get hard to keep track of the many sets, reps, and workout variants, and everyone at the gym will undoubtedly have their own interpretation, making things much more inaccessible for newcomers.

If you're serious about developing a gym habit, it's ideal to start with basic exercises and advance to more challenging ones as you gain confidence. That is why, for optimum growth, you should concentrate on these five compound exercises. 


The first compound exercise on the checklist is among the most fundamental. While a squat may seem straightforward, proper form is necessary if you want to lift heavy. Indeed, there is no shame in beginning with just the bar or even doing squats with your bodyweight until you get the feel of it.

Soon, you'll be able to begin tossing dishes on the bar. This workout will strengthen your legs and core. It's critical for full-body strength development. The barbell back squat is a popular and complex exercise that focuses on leg and back strength. It's a time-honored method of starting a leg day and a deserved focal point of any lower-body training program.

Squats are a weightlifting competition exercise, but they are also a classic measure of lower body strength. The posterior chain is highlighted by the barbell being placed on the traps, or back muscles, but the whole body is involved. Back squats may be trained in a number of methods, ranging from heavy single lifts to several repetition sets. This workout strengthens and increases the size and strength of the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings.

It requires back and core stability to keep the torso aligned properly. It may be used to improve fitness and cardiovascular health and is sometimes referred to as the "king of exercises." Therefore, take your time perfecting this workout.


The deadlift is another compound exercise you should concentrate on when you visit the gym for the first time. Because the deadlift engages your back muscles, particularly your lower back, you must take your time and ensure proper technique.

If you attempt to lift heavy weights in this exercise without appropriate technique, you run the risk of suffering a serious injury. However, if performed properly, this exercise may help heal your back issues by activating muscles in your back that are difficult to engage with most other exercises. The advantages of this exercise include the fact that it primarily targets the back, hamstrings, and glutes but also integrates the lats, traps, and forearms; that it develops and stabilizes the core; and that it is effective even with light to moderate weights.

It's simple to scale for non-powerlifters by lifting the bar until someone can do it without tensing their lower back; and it can be performed with a mixed grip or straps if grip is a difficulty. The deadlift is a foundational exercise that should be included in any fitness regimen, and you should include it in yours as well.

Bench Press

The chest press, sometimes called the bench press, is one of the most fundamental and rudimentary exercises for the upper body. It primarily works your chest and biceps muscles, but also incorporates assistance from other areas of the body, such as the shoulders and core.

You may also do this exercise using dumbbells to make it simpler in the beginning. Therefore, if you really want to lift heavy, you must improve your barbell form.

Shoulder Press

The overhead press is an undervalued compound exercise, and many beginners may not place a high premium on it. It focuses on the shoulder muscles and is one of the most effective strategies to build your body.

Barbell shoulder presses performed standing or sitting are a classic exercise for gaining strength and training the shoulders, particularly the front heads, but not exclusively.

Also, the triceps play a critical part in overhead pressing. The benefits of this exercise encompass shoulder muscle and strength development, a focus on the front heads of the shoulder, and an effective triceps workout.


The pull-up is a bodyweight exercise that strengthens the upper back, biceps, and core. It is often used to measure army and operational fitness and is an excellent predictor of "relative strength," or strength in relation to one's body weight.