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Standing Desks Incorporate the Design Aesthetics of Modern Life

03 January 2024

Height-adjustable desks have become a standard part of home and office life in the 2020s. They were gaining popularity before this but the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that more people than ever were working from home and wanted to find a better and more comfortable way of working from the space that they had access to. In this time of immense change for large swathes of the population, it is only natural to want to incorporate our home workspaces into the aesthetics of modern living and we look at how this can be achieved.

There is a feeling of comfort that comes from being able to have a stylish workplace that integrates into the rest of our home environment and doesn't look too out of place. Incorporating the look and feel of our standing desks into the aesthetic of our lives can make them feel a much more natural part of everyday life and they are versatile enough that they lend themselves easily to this.

Ways to Incorporate Standing Desks into Modern Design

There are several different possible approaches to incorporating height-adjustable desks into modern design aesthetics, and we look at some of these below.

Make them the Bold Centrepiece of the Room

One of the most impactful ways to incorporate a height-adjustable desk into your aesthetic scheme is to position it as a bold centrepiece and talking point in the room. Some of the larger and bolder designs such as the E7Q lend themselves especially well to this. A large range of different desk surfaces in a range of colours and texture give many options for how to achieve this. Allow bright white walls to accentuate and draw the eye to the dark tones and sleek lines of your statement desk situated in the middle of the room.

This gallery-like aesthetic works especially well if you work from a laptop and can use the desk as a kitchen or dining room table as well as a daytime workspace. Being able to clear the desk once your work is done allows the standing desk to be free to draw the eye and look impressive.    

Embrace Minimalism as an Aesthetic

If you choose to embrace minimalism as an aesthetic in your home, you are going to have lots of clean straight lines and a clutter-free environment and this is something that standing desks lend themselves to well. They will often come with accessories such as drawers that attach to their underside to inconspicuously hold paperwork and keep it out of public view.

A smaller standing desk will fit right into a minimalist design aesthetic and it is possible to get them in a range of colours so a clean white look would go well with many minimalist stylings. The clean lines of the standing desks really lend themselves to this kind of modern aesthetic and it is definitely possible to have them blend in well to their environment and surroundings.   

Accessorise to Match Your Own Style

One of the best things about the range of height-adjustable desks is that they are versatile and can fit into most spaces either unobtrusively or as a statement, depending on how you wish to frame them. Accessorising so that they have colours which match other room decorations can help to make them feel like part of a modern design scheme, as well as maintaining their obvious level of utility.

If you are someone who has many house plants, you needn't avoid the height-adjustable desks when deciding where to place them. Although the height can change, the motors that power them assure a smooth transition and your plants will be perfectly safe on the strong and stable surfaces provided.

Embrace the Innovative Features

There are many innovative and helpful features on standing desks and there are also accessories that can help to make them even more useful. Cable management systems can help to keep the clutter to a minimum and encourage clean and sleek lines. They also include features like keyboard trays to help to keep work and play separate and to maintain a stylish aesthetic.  

Peg boards can be attached and they in turn can add another layer of utility but also style, depending on how you wish to use them. They come in a wide range of colours so you can find one that feels right for the look you are going for, and they have many ways to hold things that can also be incorporated into your preferred aesthetic.

Hanging lights from wireframes or peg boards that have been attached to the desks can help to add to a warm aesthetic, with the additional light sources adding a glow to your home. The versatility of these desks really is one of their greatest features.