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Standing Desks Designed and Functional to Meet Individual Working Needs

02 Aug. 2023

Standing desks have been one of the innovations that has really caught on since the Covid-19 pandemic, with the shift of so many people working from home. The lockdowns meant that many people were experiencing the reality of working from home for the first time for an extended period.

This meant that they had a chance to really look at the space they were working from and envisage how to make it better. During lockdown, people spent a lot of time thinking about and redesigning their working environment to better benefit their health and wellbeing, as well as how to keep their work-life balance.

Adjustable-height desks were already on the market prior to covid but because many employers were quite inflexible about their office furniture, it meant that not all that many people had the opportunity to try one.

Catering for Individuality

One of the best things about them is that they are customisable to fit the height and preferences of the individual user. This means that you can have a bespoke working position that you feel is the best for your back, neck and shoulders and your general levels of comfort.

With standing desks you can optimise them to fit your own preferences and you can use them in both a standing and sitting position that suits you the best, for the duration of time that works for your life and work. Some people will stand more often and some will sit more often but the average recommendation for sitting vs standing in an 8 hour working day is a pretty even split of around 4 hours each.

Some people will find standing for long durations physically demanding at first but it will gradually get easier as you begin to do it more often. There are specially-designed mats that can help to take some of the pressure off your feet when you are using a standing desk and this should help to ease a lot of the fatigue that you will initially feel.

It does get easier to use standing desks the more that you do it and you will find that the strength of your legs and your balance will improve, the more that you do it. Standing has a large impact on your core strength and you will feel the positive impact that it is having as time goes on.

Everyone is different and each will find a unique solution that fits them best by using an adjustable-height desk. The combination of different heights available will make it easy to find the height that suits you the best, both in terms of standing and sitting.

Accommodating Your Varied Working Needs

A major feature with adjustable-height desks is that they fit in with the working needs of their users. They are usually designed to have quite a lot of room on them for the various different tasks that you may have in mind for them. This means that whether you are working on a computer or cutting out a pattern to sew a new dress, the desk will have plenty of room to accomplish your task.

Some standing desks are on wheels, which allows them to be moved easily to a different location where they won’t be in the way, when the working day is over and done with. This is something that helps to keep the home office tidy and assists in promoting a healthier work-life balance. If you are able to move the work desk out of sight during your downtime, you shouldn’t feel as much pressure just to do a little more work when you are meant to be relaxing. This is something that a great many remote workers struggle with when working from home, so having a definitive way to combat this is a good thing.

A Workspace As Versatile as You Are

Being able to think differently and adapt to new challenges and problems is something that is highly prized by employers and this is something that many employees have had the opportunity to demonstrate amply over the last few years. Having an adaptable desk can make all of the difference in the world to people who are focusing on how to get the best results for their health as well as improving their productivity at work.

Whether at home or in an in-person workplace environment, standing desks are now an ingrained part of the working culture. There is more demand than ever for them because more people have tried them and found out how good they are at keeping the body and mind stimulated during the working day.

The very act of standing up can boost your blood circulation and therefore the energy and productivity that you can pour into your work every day.

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