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Standing Desks and Employee Health: An Investment in Employee Welfare

25 June 2024

Standing desks have come a long way in the past couple of years. They aren't just sought-after by work-from-home employees or the modern office environment in the UK but are well-embraced throughout the world.

One of the defining features of a standing desk is its capability to enable an individual to alternate between working standing and sitting. While the concept may sound simple enough, there is a lot of serious technology that goes into designing and constructing a standing workstation. From its mechanical components that enable the user to adjust the height of the desk to its carbon steel legs and scratch-resistant surface.

In addition, you would also be surprised to know that standing desks are also linked to postural wellness and provide loads of other health advantages as opposed to sitting and working for 7-8 hours straight. From helping the user stretch their legs and improve their circulation to gradually improving their spine health and restoring the natural curvature of the spine, standing desks can be an excellent addition to the workplace to help boost employee wellness.

Some Innovative Height-Adjustable Work Desks You Should Consider Investing In

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Premium Series E7

When it comes to affordable, durable, and innovatively versatile work desks, it doesn't get any better than the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Premium Series E7. Featured by TechRadar as one of the best desks from 2021-23, the E7 comes with a ton of functionalities.

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For example, its legs are made from high-quality carbon steel. In addition, it has a dual-motor mechanism that offers a noiseless operation when adjusting the height of the desk. The height range of the desk is up to 123cm with a width of up to 200cm, which means you can easily outfit it with larger workstations with room to spare.

Moreover, the standing desk has a 161kg weight-load capacity and comes with 4 height-adjustable presets that the desk remembers. This means that you won't have to remember your height settings. Furthermore, its built-in anti-collision system guarantees the table won't tilt over as it immediately detects any load that is in the opposite direction of its movement.

Plus, it also comes with an under-duct cable management system to hide all your wires and cables in an effective and organized manner.

The FlexiSpot 4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q

The big brother of the Series E7, the FlexiSpot 4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q features a breathtaking design and durable construction. The standing desk has 4 carbon steel legs with a four-motor height adjustability system for easy and seamless functionality.

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With a maximum load capacity of 300kg, a height range of up to 130cm, and a total width of 190cm, the E7Q has just about everything you would ever need in a standing desk. In addition, it also comes in a wide array of surface materials to help you match the overall office interior design such as chipboard, solid wood, and bamboo.

The FlexiSpot Next-Generation Height Adjustable Desk E7 PRO

With a sublime design philosophy, highly durable construction, and cutting-edge features, the FlexiSpot Next-Generation Height Adjustable Desk E7 PRO is truly an avant-garde piece of performance office furniture.

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Named as one of the best standing desks in multiple renowned magazines TechRadar, Mirror, and GQ, to name a few, the E7 PRO features a semi-C leg structure (uncommon in most standing desks) allowing users to work with more stability and a lot more space to set up their workstation.

In addition, the desk comes with a 4-way memory controller that helps users preset their desired height setting – which means all you will have to do is press a button and the desk will automatically set the correct height.

Moreover, the E7 PRO also comes with a built-in charger embedded at the side of the legs and has a child lock system preventing your kids or pets from messing with the desk when it is left unsupervised. But perhaps one of the best things about the desk is that it also features an under-desk magnetic cable concealment functionality allowing users to be more organized.

Some Great Health Benefits for Employees Who Are Considering Using Standing Desks

An Opportunity to Naturally Improve Your Postural Health

One of the best health benefits for employees using standing desks is the minimization of back and neck pain. When standing and working, you will automatically resume a more natural posture, keeping your spine, shoulders, and neck in a more relaxed position, decompressing your entire body. This in itself can be a good way to reduce neck and back pain.

Plus, what's great about standing desks is that they can be adjusted for height – which means anybody can use them. You can set the desk when you want to work sitting down and alternate between standing and sitting with ease.

Reduced Fatigue

Sitting and working for hours at a time can lower your circulation, causing you to feel more stressed and tired – resulting in overall bodily fatigue. This can be counterproductive when you want to get things done fast and with effectiveness. Standing desks offer a very creative and healthy way to alternate between standing and sitting so that you feel energized throughout the day.