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Social Media Auction Rules Introduction

13 November 2023

Auction on Twitter Description

The auction on Twitter is organized by FlexiSpot Ltd, G-PARK UNIT1, MOULTON PARK, SUMMERHOUSE RD, NN3 6WD NORTHAMPTON, UK. It is not an event hosted by Twitter. Under the following conditions, participation is possible by placing a valid bid either from 10:00(GMT) on 13th November to 23:59(GMT) on 19th November, or from 10:00(GMT) on 21st November to 23:59(GMT) on 27th November.

Bidding is for a discount code, allowing the highest bidder to purchase the auctioned product from Flexispot Ltd. Bidding is done by stating a price in pounds for the offered product in the comments. However, the bid is only valid if it is shared (tagged) with two other Twitter participants (friends).

Bids start at £1.00. If more than one valid highest bid is placed, the winning bid is the one posted first in the comments (order of comments). Repeatedly placing the same bid is not allowed.

The products for auction are the X2 recliner and the GT5 gaming desk (160*80cm).

The respective winner will be announced via Twitter on 11.20 or 11.28(GMT).

Employees of Flexispot Ltd and individuals under 18 years of age are excluded from the auction. Winners agree to have their email addresses (with mosaic) published on social media platforms used by Flexispot.

The terms and conditions of Flexispot apply to this action.

Flexispot Participation Conditions

§1 Preamble

Flexispot Ltd ("Flexispot"), G-PARK UNIT1, MOULTON PARK, SUMMERHOUSE RD, NN3 6WD NORTHAMPTON, UK, offers the auction described above. Participation in this auction and its execution are subject to the following provisions, which are accepted by participating.

§2 Participants/Eligibility

Eligible participants, unless otherwise described in the respective auction description, are only natural persons residing in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Persons under 18 years of age and other persons with limited legal capacity require the consent of their legal representative to participate in the auction. In some auctions, individuals under 18 years of age may be excluded from participation, as indicated in the auction description.

Participants in the auction are obliged to provide all information requested for the execution of the respective auction correctly and truthfully. If any data in mandatory fields is incomplete and/or incorrect, the participant will be excluded from participation, even retrospectively.

Employees of Flexispot, affiliated companies, any partners for the specific auction, or their spouses or life partners, as well as their family members, are excluded from participating in auctions.

§3 Auction

Flexispot organizes a limited auction. Unless otherwise stated in the description above, participation is governed by the present conditions.

Participation occurs when participants follow the participation conditions described in the auction description and meet the participation requirements.

§4 Exclusion, Non-Consideration

Flexispot is entitled to exclude participants suspected of violating these participation conditions from participating in the auction.

Flexispot is entitled to exclude comments of a pornographic, sexist, racist, right-wing extremist, glorifying violence, or commercial nature from participating in the auction.

Flexispot is entitled to exclude participants from participating in the auction without stating reasons in case of manipulation of any kind and extent. Retroactively granted auctions may also be revoked and reclaimed. The use of technical aids, such as scripts for automated registration and participation, is not allowed and leads to exclusion from the auction and possibly to the revocation and recovery of discounts.

§5 Availability and Functionality of the Auction

The availability and functionality of the auction cannot be guaranteed. It may be terminated or removed due to external circumstances or constraints without creating claims against the organizer. This includes, among other things, technical problems, rule changes, or decisions by platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

§6 Notification of the Winner

The execution of the discount action is solely the responsibility of Flexispot or its partners. The winner is determined from all eligible participants.

The determined discounted participants will be notified by Flexispot or their partners.

Participants have no right to modify or supplement the respective prize.

In case of providing a false or incomplete name and/or (email) address by the participant, the right to the discount is forfeited. The same applies if the discounted participant does not report and accept the discount within a deadline set by Flexispot or another third party.

Claims from the auction are not transferable.

All consequential costs associated with the auction are to be borne by the participant.

§7 Complaints

Complaints from participants will only be processed if submitted in written form, stating the auction.

§8 Naming of Participants

Flexispot and the partners are authorized to publish the names of the participants on the internet as part of the auction. There is no entitlement to publication. The winning participant agrees to this by placing the bid, which can be revoked at any time.

§9 Liability

With the handover of the respective auctioned product to the respective participants, Flexispot is released from any obligation.

All information provided by Flexispot, especially in connection with the publication of winning participants, etc., is without guarantee.

Flexispot is generally not liable for technical failures or the availability of the offer, unless it is charged with intent or gross negligence. This applies in particular to technical failures in connection with the transmission of participant data or submissions. Claims for damages are limited to the amount of the respective discount.

There is no liability of Flexispot for participants excluded or not considered according to § 4 of these participation conditions.

§10 Data Protection

Personal data is necessary for participating in the discount action. The participant assures that the information provided about themselves, especially first and last name and email address, is truthful and correct.

Read about how we handle your personal data in the Flexispot PRIVACY POLICY. The data will only be used by Flexispot within the scope of this auction.

In the event of winning the auction, the participant agrees to the publication of their name and place of residence in the advertising media used by Flexispot. This includes the disclosure of participants on the Flexispot website and social media platforms used by Flexispot.

The participant can revoke their declared consent at any time. The revocation must be made in writing to Ltd, G-PARK UNIT1, MOULTON PARK, SUMMERHOUSE RD, NN3 6WD NORTHAMPTON, UK, or electronically via the email on our website. After revocation of consent, the collected and stored personal data of the participant will be deleted immediately.

§11 Notices and Conditions of Third Platforms

If the discount action from Flexispot is offered through a third-party platform (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Pinterest), the following applies:

In addition to these participation conditions, the relationship between the organizer, the participant, and the third platform is determined by the participation conditions and privacy rules of the platform operator (see, e.g., or

Participants cannot assert claims against the third platform (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) related to the use of the application or participation in the auction.

Participants acknowledge that neither the application nor the auction are sponsored, supported, or organized in any way by the third platform (e.g., Twitter, Facebook,) or have any connection to the third platform (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

All information and data communicated or collected by participants through the use of the application or by participants will only be provided to the organizer and not the third platform (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

All inquiries and notices regarding the auction should be directed to the organizer and not the third platform (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

§12 Miscellaneous

Legal recourse regarding the auction is excluded.

The possible ineffectiveness of individual provisions does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

Flexispot reserves the right to change or correct the participation conditions and rules at any time - within the legally permissible framework.