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Small Space, Big Personality: 7 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Small Office

02 Feb. 2024

Whether it's a home office or on-site space, there's a common misconception that smaller spaces can never be as practical or chic as bigger spaces. The good news? It's a myth!

With adequate planning and the right furniture, you can transform even a corner of your bedroom into an office space worthy of the world's top companies. Here's how.

1. Add mirrors

One trick you can use to make a small space feel bigger is adding full-length mirrors to the wall. It works like a sort of optical illusion - looking into the mirror makes the room feel twice as long, which can ward off any feelings of claustrophobia that come with working in a smaller space.

2. Make the most of vertical space

While you might not have a ton of room outwards, you probably have plenty of room upwards. Instead of cluttering the floor and walking space with items and storage boxes, make the most of the wall by creating vertical storage.

Shelves, ladders, or even small cupboards attached to the wall provide a great way of freeing up floor space and making the room feel less cluttered. You can add decoration, too, in the form of plants and books to make the space feel more personal.

3. Optimise comfort

If you don't have a lot of space to work within your office, comfort has to come first. This means prioritizing buying the right furniture. That means the kitchen chair you're using in your office is a temporary fix. You'll want to replace that with something ergonomic.

Ergonomic furniture allows you to sit in a way that benefits your posture and long-term health, with your body supported in all the right places. By investing in ergonomic furniture, you can make your office space more comfortable, better for you, and more stylish, too. Just because ergonomic furniture is practical, it doesn't mean it can't look good, too!

At FlexiSpot, we have a whole range of ergonomic chairs to suit your office space, big or small. For the ergonomic chair to revolutionize how you work, check out our comprehensive range today.

Likewise, your desk should be small enough to fit comfortably into your limited office space by being large enough to accommodate all your belongings. Height-adjustable desks are ideal for those who prefer to stand when possible or for double use as a storage shelf when you're not working.

4. Colour-drench your space

Colour-drenching is a trend which refers to painting the entirety of a small, including the ceiling, in the same colour. Colour-drenching a small space creates a sense of infinity, so the next time you're reaching for the paint pot for your home office, choose the same shade for your walls and ceiling.

Opt for brighter, lighter colours where possible - super-dark shades can make a space feel smaller.

5. Organise cables

If there's one word that makes a small space feel even smaller, it's clutter. And one of the biggest culprits of clutter in an office? Cables.

If you have multiple electronic devices plugged in - let's say your laptop, second screen, speakers, and printer - that's automatically multiple cables to contend with. And you definitely don't want to be tripping up and spilling your coffee everywhere!

First things first - ditch any duplicate cables that you simply don't need. Once you've gotten down to only the cables you use every day, buy a cable organiser to keep them neat and tidy under the desk.

6. Keep clutter to a minimum

Staying on the clutter theme, we mean it when we say clutter can make a small space feel even smaller. Not only that, but if you're working in a cluttered room there's a much higher chance of knocking something over, whether that's a pile of important documents you're working on or your morning coffee.

Documents are one of the key culprits of clutter in an office space. To cut down on how many documents you keep in the space, stick to printing only what's important. These days, most files can simply be digitised.

If you must print documents, keep them in a document folder or in your desk drawer - having them sprawled all over your desk will not only make the office space less pleasant but also increase the risk of losing them.

7. Use wall-mounted lamps

Small offices tend to mean small desks, so keeping as few items as possible on your desk is a must. Clunky desk lamps can take up a lot of space, so opt for wall-mounted lamps instead to free up the space on your desk for more important items.

The next time you're choosing an office space to rent or looking to transform a part of your home into a workspace, bear in mind that size isn't everything. With just a few tricks, you can transform even the smallest of spaces into somewhere practical, comfortable, and of course stylish to work in.

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