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Sleep and Productivity: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

13 December 2021

Getting enough sleep at night isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Sleep is something we all covet. Having a nice restful night is something we all need in order for us to get enough energy to take on the day. We have all been there where we don’t get enough sleep the night before, feel groggy, and must try to focus on the work for the day. It is hard to do, really for anyone. Our eyes start to blur, words mash together, and we feel like the whole day is a struggle. No one wants to have to deal with this for one day, let alone for the whole week.

Many people suffer from this constantly. Due to insomnia, stress, or even health issues, many people can’t easily fall asleep as some people can. There are times where this can happen to the best of us off and on. It could be due to diet or lack of exercise as well. Finding a way to balance your sleeping habits and the responsibility of your work is a balance we all need to be on top of. How we feel as soon as we wake up really ends up giving us an insight into how the rest of the day is going to be.

8 hours of sleep

The average person needs roughly 8 hours of sleep in order to fully function throughout the day. Granted we all don’t get this amount exactly. We may get more than the average 8 hours but usually, we tend to get less than what is needed. One night of sleep without enough hours can affect your entire week. You can slowly have the lack of sleep eat away at you and lower your coordination. Your mental focus, reaction time, and even your mental health can dwindle with each passing minute of the day.

There are many ways you can make sure that you are not missing out on any amount of sleep. Some people make sure that they schedule their sleep. Setting a certain time of night that you go to sleep helps you plan for the whole week for the better. Picking a time to sleep, a time to wake up, and a time you need to be out to work will set up a lifestyle that is much healthier than going to be when you are tired. Most people shuffle when they are tired enough to go to bed. There may be a time in which you are not tired and stay up past midnight, which ends up messing up the rest of your week.

Doing this even once could create insomnia for you in the future when you are older. Insomnia is quite a struggle for many of us. Sometimes it hits us harder than the average person and sometimes it hits us occasionally. Not being able to fall asleep when you need can also lead to you tossing and turning throughout the night. Because of this, people sometimes suffer from restless leg syndrome and causes more reasons to prevent you from sleeping.

All of this will make you feel like you are dragging along during the workday. Your productivity will suffer, your career may go downhill and it could cause you to lose your job. No one of course wants that to happen. Sadly you could end up having some trouble with your health that could cause serious issues in the near future. You could gain more weight easier; you could suffer from nerve or heart issues, and you can also suffer from potential brain issues.

little as sleep could put a wrench in all those plans

With us all trying to climb the corporate ladder and make more money to have a comfortable lifestyle, it makes you realize that something as little as sleep could put a wrench in all those plans. Your employer may also notice you are more tired at work than you do yourself. If your boss walks by, seeing your eyes get heavy, glaze over, or even nod off a bit, it is going to tell them that you don’t care enough about your work to be responsible enough to get enough sleep at work.

The way you represent yourself professionally shows how much you value your job. The perception you give off is almost like your suit of armor. It protects you from the negative views people may give off when your work without even knowing it. Perception is not always the best thing for an employer to base your career on, as it is just an opinion, but you would be surprised with how often it happens. Employers want to make sure that they have hired the best of the best. By hiring you, they are not only investing in you but investing in the way you may help profit their business.

Again, all of this being taken away from you due to lack of sleep can be quite devastating. Having a major part of your life taken away or diminished due to not getting enough sleep is very disappointing. No one wants it to happen to them or honestly anyone they know. Most of us wouldn’t even wish that on our worst enemies. Losing your job causes a domino effect in your life that may be hard to recover from.

consequences that will happen to you due to lack of sleep

The best thing to do is to remember the consequences that will happen to you due to lack of sleep. Remember that while staying up a bit later than usual on a weekday may seem harmless, it will cause a downward spiral. You can put your best foot forward, focus on the best path for you and remember to try whatever you can to ensure you have the best grip on your sleep schedule.

Making sure you have a solid plan to make sure you are avoiding missing out on putting a stop to sleeping your solid 8 hours is going to be better for you in the long run. Keeping your focus and attention on this will keep you on track for a better tomorrow.