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Signs That You Need an Ergonomic Standing Desk

02 June 2021

While a regular desk may be doing its job, an ergonomic standing desk will provide a better experience for you in the long run. You might think that you do not need a new ergonomic desk, there are a few signs that can lead you to invest in one FlexiSpot ergonomic standing desk.

You are constantly constipated

When you exercise more, your colon moves as much, which makes it simpler to defecate on time. Maintaining a healthy muscular tone in your abdomen and diaphragm is also critical for waste movement throughout your digestive system. Regular exercise can promote a healthier weight, specifically as you age.

What should you do if you are leading a sedentary office life though? This is the part where an ergonomic standing desk can help you prevent constipation.

You find it hard to move your joints

Joints that are achy and difficult to move can occasionally be an indication of inflammatory disorders such as arthritis or an autoimmune disorder. However, joints might stiffen if they are not used frequently enough. Utilize them to prevent them from locking up and causing you pain. To utilize your bones, muscles, and joints, a standing desk can help break the long periods of being seated.

You find it hard to breathe

Your lungs become relatively weak when they are not used as the quality of the muscles moving in and out with each breath becomes poorer if they are not exercised consistently. The less exercise you perform, the more out of breath you become, even when performing simple daily duties. With a standing desk, you get to put in some work as you finish your daily office tasks.

You become sluggish

Are you frequently lethargic and fatigued? Exercise and standing up helps your body's tissues receive oxygen and nourishment. If you devote most of your time seated while working, your muscles do not receive the same level of energy they require to keep you functioning well.

One of the most frequently expressed concerns among those considering a standing desk is their ability to perform daily chores such as writing or making phone calls. While operating while standing may require some adjustment, those who use standing desks report no detrimental impact on regular tasks.

The improvement in mood and energy, as well as the alleviation of spine, shoulders, and neck pain, is likely to result in an increase in productivity and mental alertness. Whenever the physique as a whole is in better physical shape, it performs more effectively, which logically results in increased productivity. A standing desk will surely keep a steady and even flow of oxygen throughout your body and brain to help you achieve your goals.

You tend to be forgetful

Regular physical activity encourages your body to produce more chemicals that help boost growth factors. They stimulate the formation of blood vessels in the brain. With an increased blood flow to the brain, it improves your ability to think, recall, and make judgments. This is especially helpful if you are in a fast-paced working environment that requires you to be quick. FlexiSpot standing desks will literally keep you on your feet as you remember every tasks and deadline that you need to finish.

You experience back pain

If your core are weakened due to inactivity, they are unable to support your back properly. This significantly simplifies the process of tweaking your core and back muscles during common activities such as standing or reaching. Pilates, yoga, stretching exercises, and even simply standing is beneficial for strengthening your back. An ergonomic standing desk can help you develop more strength for your core and back muscles that will lessen your chances of developing debilitating back disorders.

You get hungry at most times

Although it appears as though you would be more hungry if you exercised more often, the contrary is generally true. Aerobic exercise such as biking, swimming, walking, and running can actually help you lose weight by altering your body's levels of specific "hunger hormones."

You get terrible mood swings and anxiety

Sedentary behavior and prolonged sitting have been correlated with the severity of sadness and anxiety. Therefore, it makes sense that standing would promote mood and happiness.

In 2011, as part of the "Take-a-Stand Project," a sample of 24 office employees received a standing desk. Respondents self-reported better mood changes after a four-week period during which they decreased their average sitting time by 66 minutes. 

At the conclusion of the four-week intervention phase, volunteers were given a questionnaire about the advantages of alternately sitting and standing. Their responses are that 87 percent reported reported increased increased comfort, 87 percent reported reported increased increased energy, 75 percent percent reported increased health, 71 percent reported increased focus, 66 percent reported increased productivity, 62 percent reported increased happiness, and 33 percent reported decreased stress as a result of owning and using the sit-stand desk installed at their workstations.

Surprisingly, when the standing desks were withdrawn, participants reported a decline in mood. This indicates that adopting a standing desk as part of a comprehensive lifestyle change is necessary to reap the rewards.

What FlexiSpot desk should you get though?

By listening to you, our qualified home office furniture designers produced the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)! Combining innovative features with a convenient cost, this standing desk is not only inexpensive but also recognized in terms of quality and efficacy. Now, you may sit and work or stand and work for as little as $247 without having to worry about spine health risks.

One of our beloved clients. Anria B. is liking the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) by a whole lot. 

“I got the full single office set - stand-up desk, lockable cabinet, and desk cycle. The desk lifts and lowers whisper quiet, it is stable like a regular standing table and pretty. Some reviewers on YouTube said it wobbles, I'm convinced they simply did not tighten the main bolts underneath properly.

The set blends beautifully into my modern white walls and light gray flooring. It looks really great, does not take up excessive space and the cycle rides whisper quiet. It is ridiculously easy to quietly and slowly cycle 9+ miles while working, just nice and slow. It gets your blood moving and your muscles gently engaged and toned. The seat is very comfy for a cycle.”