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Signs Show, You Need An Adjustable Standing Desk

19 May 2021

Having a standing desk in your workstation can change your usual approach to work. This leads you to work more efficiently. You do not have to keep on feeling that you have to drag yourself to work and just wait for the time to pass. This innovative setup is something you are going to enjoy for a longer time.

The best thing you can gain from a standing desk is that you are to reap amazing health and productivity benefits! You may improve your health and productivity by using an adjustable standing desk. Learn the hints that you need a standing desk by reading this post!

What a Standing Desk Can Do For You

With a typical desk, you are prone to sitting for longer hours. If you keep up on this for a long time, you can wreak havoc on your body and health. 

This is what is known to be living a sedentary lifestyle. Not to be harsh or morbid but did you know that More than 20% of all deaths in persons aged 35 and up are caused by a lack of proper physical activity.

If you work as a professional in an office or someone who is remotely working, you may be at risk for poor health as a result of your extended sitting hours. An adjustable standing desk could be your lifeblood in certain situations.

Standing Desks: How are They the Best For Me?

When your health is affected by a sedentary lifestyle, you will undoubtedly encounter concerns such as impaired posture, weight gain, back pain, and so much more. Standing desks assist you in maintaining a healthy balance between standing and seated activities.

While sitting for extended periods can be harmful to one's health, standing for lengthy periods can be uncomfortable to the legs. It's critical to maintain a good balance between sitting and standing time.

If you are finding the standing desks interesting, you can check out FlexiSpot’s website for a wide variety of standing desk options for you to choose from. 

To make that purchase, you need to fully grasp the benefits you can reap from getting yourself this far from the traditional office desk. Maybe you have been too accustomed to your traditional work setup, and now, you want to spice things up and even add some ergonomic features into the mix. For a better work experience, standing desks can help you achieve that. 

The Upside of Owning a Standing Desk

A standing desk is automatically associated with more exposure time to standing instead of sitting. Standing is known to help you burn a few extra calories more than sitting but other than that, you can certainly get access to a plethora of benefits. 

Here are some things you might get and experience from owning a standing desk.

● ADJUSTABILITY: It allows you to switch between standing and sitting for some time.

● BETTER POSTURE: It reduces the chances of poor posture while sitting or standing.

● VARIETY: If you need to go to the creative mode, your standing desks will assist you in switching to the standing mode.

● FLEXIBILITY: You can, on the other hand, activate your sitting mode and complete a variety of routine tasks such as checking your email.

Tell-Tale Signs Why You Might Be in Need of a Standing Desk

Now that you've got to learn everything there is to know about adjustable standing desks, let's look at some of the symptoms that you need. Let’s dive into these right now.

1. You Keep On Slouching

Slouching makes us look and feel lazy and tired. Aside from that, this poor positioning can turn into a bad habit and mannerism. Slouching significantly leaves an impact on your body posture. Poor posture can lead to numerous ailments and potentially delicate health issues. Slouching is one apparent sign that suggests that you need to get a standing desk this instant. 

With time, you'll notice that standing or sitting upright causes you a great deal of discomfort. When you start using an adjustable sit-stand desk, you will notice a significant reduction in slouching, which will help you live a longer life with better health and a more professional appearance.

2Your Back is Constantly Causing You Pain 

Your critical body muscles can shorten and even tighten over time if you spend most of your time sitting. Problems can develop as you get older, particularly if you do not take care of your health.

An adjustable standing desk like FlexiSpot’s L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L can aid that discomfort. This desk can reduce the pain experienced in your spine or lower back. 

It is possible and more likely that all of your muscles begin to engage when you utilize a standing desk, which helps to keep your back strong and flexible. You can always add some ergonomic attachments, which are also available on FlexiSpot's website, for some added benefits.

3. You are Gaining a Few More Extra Pounds

When you sit in that soft and cozy chair, your body may become fluffy as well. That might be an indication that you are starting to gain a significant amount of weight.

Sitting for an extended amount of time wastes all of your muscles that could have been used to improve your physical structure, making you incredibly tired.

You may be surprised to learn that the health hazards connected with obesity can potentially lead to the development of cancer. When you start using standing desks, you reduce your risk of disease while also burning a significant amount of calories.

4. You are Feeling Less Focused and Motivated

Sitting for lengthy periods is the leading cause of exhaustion at the end of the day. When you move your muscles, you gradually increase your ability to work harder. It enhances your capacity and, as a result, the amount of energy you have throughout the day.

When you stand at your desk, your brain tells your body to pump more oxygen and fresh blood throughout your body. Even as the day changes tonight, it keeps you active and energized. You won't get any of the possible benefits of fresh blood running through your veins or the feel-good chemicals if you sit for long periods.

5. You Experience Digestive Issues

This might be because of your slow metabolism. When you move less and sit for a long time, your body starts experiencing a significant decrease in overall body metabolism. This affects your body’s rhythm and energy expenditure. This also leads to poor food digestion. 

Your sedentary lifestyle likely is to blame for a considerable decline in your body's metabolism. Also, only if your stomach is powerful enough to handle the food you eat will your food be effectively digested.

Increased physical activity causes your stomach to produce more digestive enzymes. You will undoubtedly face troubles such as gas, indigestion, or other digestive disorders if you do not exercise or at least engage in proper physical activity.

Final Thoughts

Now that you've learned about the obvious advantages of a standing desk, you should acquire one for yourself. If you've been seeing any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should consider making a lifestyle adjustment right away.