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Setting Up a Gaming Computer Desk

14 May 2021

Whether you’re a streamer, a beginner at gaming, or just a casual gamer who wants to enjoy some hours of good gaming screen time, your setup will make all the difference in your experience. Sure, it might sound ok to just do it on the couch or any surface, but that won’t necessarily give you the comfort you’ll need to stay in a single position for hours on end. 

Below are a few things you should consider when setting up your very own gaming space:

Ergonomics is King

Choose a good ergonomic table – your gaming setup will need a sturdy surface that’s wide enough to hold all your hardware and give you the best possible comfort while you use it. The beauty of ergonomic tables is that it’s not just a simple table that holds things. It can give you a good multitude of benefits that will be good for your mental and physical health. This includes good blood circulation that will prevent the development of certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. While you’re at it, might as well get an adjustable table so you can set it to an ideal height that will be comfortable for you. This way, you can easily switch from a sitting to a standing position so you can stretch your legs for a little bit. 

Get a good ergonomic gaming chair – this is likewise a key component to your whole gaming setup. An ergonomic computer chair is specially designed to provide you with maximum comfort that will help you last sitting for hours on end without feeling fatigued, soreness, or pain in your legs, neck, feet, or shoulders. Like the ergonomic table, this is designed to provide you with a lot of great benefits. It will support your body as it sits comfortably without putting pressure on certain body parts that will eventually lead to soreness and pain. Good blood circulation is always a good thing, and ergonomic chairs do exactly that. 

When you use both the ergonomic table and chair you can expect to reap a whole lot of benefits that your body will thank you for in the long run. You’ll get good blood flow throughout your body and this will mean your body will remain healthy and discourage the development of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle pain, soreness, and even the development of mental health issues such as anxiety, mental fog, or depression. Best of all, ergonomics is primarily designed to promote and maintain good posture. This means you’ll be spared from developing musculoskeletal conditions that can give you a lifetime hunch, or the development of carpal tunnel that’s easily triggered and developed by poor posture. 

Lighting Matters

You may think it’s ok to just have your overhead light when you’re gaming. But insufficient lighting can lead to eye strain that will disrupt your gaming experience. The last thing you’d want is to have dry or irritated eyes that will constantly cause you to pause your game and lose your momentum – or have to cut the whole game short because your eyes can’t take it anymore. So what do you do? Assess the lighting in the space you intend to use, if you’re casting too much of a shadow while you’re sitting, then that’s not good. A table lamp, wall lamp, or overhead lamp will help add some more light to your space. Be cautious though, too much lighting is just as bad as insufficient lighting. So make sure to test it out and have a good feel for space before you make it final. You should also avoid placing your lighting implements in your eyeliner where you’ll always be looking at the bulb or the initial flow of light that can hurt your eyes. 

Energy Source

Your rig will be needing a whole lot of electricity to power it all. The first thing you need to do is consider how many items you need to be plugged. This should not just be limited to your monitor and pc. Consider if you need a phone charger close to you, are you using a desk lamp, are you planning to set up a sound system to make your gaming experience even more intense? Once you’ve figured out the number of cables you’ll be needing, you’ll next need to ensure you have access to sockets without stretching your wires. If it’s not possible, consider using extension cables. Do note that you need to properly distribute your power consumption to make sure you do not overload the sockets or extension strip. Failing to do so can result in an electrical fire that is not only dangerous for you but can easily kill off your equipment. 

Organize Before, During, and After Setting Up

Organizing your space should not be done in just one go. You’ll need to do this in several phases to make sure it’s all in the right position. Organizing before you start the setup can save you time later when you start to put things together. Segregate each component of your gaming setup in categories that will be easier for you to index—this can be by size or by item with peripherals and accessories. While you’re putting things together in your gaming space, start with the bulkiest item and work your way through the rest. Organize your cables before you plug them in so you’re sure they’ll be out of the way and won’t be a safety hazard. Once you’re done with everything, take a seat and get a feel for what you’ve just accomplished. Continue your organization while you’re sitting. This way, you can make final adjustments to where everything should be. Common needs should be positioned within arm’s reach while other items should be placed away from your immediate space so it won’t create an obstruction.

The most important thing you need to remember while you’re setting up your gaming space is to have fun while you’re doing this. It’s expected to be excited to have your area enjoy gaming whenever you want, but it should not be done haphazardly to ensure you achieve the optimum gaming experience.