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Security in a Virtual Online World

28 October 2021

People go to their respective offices all the time, frequently repeating the usual pattern, completely oblivious of the digital threats and ramifications that folks are exposed to on a daily basis. Safeguarding the integrity of oneself as well as the organization is a critical aspect of any employment, and through being fully cognizant and informed of the hazards or even adopting minor adjustments in the workplace, anyone could assist in protecting themselves and keep the organization free against virtual threats plus data infringements.

Aside from making ergonomic office solutions to keep every employee healthy, FlexiSpot is here to help you stay safe whenever you explore the corners and depths of the cyber world.

Maintain the Secrecy of Login Details

Maintain the Secrecy of Login Details

Many frequently remark that accounts are comparable to personal hygiene products. This means that nobody, including the coworkers, should have access to this information. Such credentials must be known exclusively by the owners themselves.

Now that it is out of the way, there would be times that the forgetful folks would want to jot their private login information down on a notebook or a sticky note. However, this is a counterproductive way of remembering these details. To reduce the need of writing these all down, people can choose a simple yet still effective code to use each time they log in. After all, frequently updating the accounts is recommended. Having a relatively similar login across many domains, companies, and private details increases the likelihood of a criminal obtaining control over the system, corporate data, and confidential details. They would attack services which people are likely to visit yet which may not be as effectively secured as they should be, such as an e-commerce page. As a result, keeping the exact login at the office as one might for something like an instant discussion board is never a good idea. To have complex login info, there is a myriad of code generators that are free to use on the internet.

In addition to that, never provide personal or financial data to anybody through any device and platform even if the other person on the line sounds trustworthy and convincing. Never proceed with any exchange unless folks have confirmed the details with any relevant party, when in doubt. Most scammers tend to rattle their victims with calls of urgency which they need to take care of in a snap. This is why it is important to keep one’s composure when dealing with suspicious callers.

Secure Everything Before Leaving the Office Cubicle

Assuming folks never intend to exit with the desktop exposed to everyone, along with each of the papers, emails, and private data at other's fingertips, folks should secure the desktop each moment they depart from their cubicle to avoid this. Especially when people are just hopping into the pantry for a quick snack or a brief restroom stop, it's a smart option to adopt the practice of locking the desktop while not using it thus ensuring that nobody else would have control over all of it.

If it’s Too Good To Be True, Do Not Click On It

If it’s Too Good To Be True, Do Not Click On It

Given that so many messages are arriving within the account daily, it is indeed possible to be duped towards opening a file or opening a website that appears to have been delivered by a friend or family member. Despite the fact that scammers are getting increasingly believable as well as persuasive, people must constantly proceed with caution prior to making moves.

Make Sure the Workstation is Up To Standard

Folks understand that changes on the security may be difficult and frustrating, although it could be awfully appealing to choose to keep delaying. However, bug fixes address any identified safety issues, closing breaches that might potentially become exploited by an attacker to have access to the device. 

Consequently, when folks are still using an earlier iteration of the operating platform and apps, they are leaving the machine vulnerable to such attacks. Even though privacy applications can help to maintain the safety of the devices, having the system in its current iteration is among of the most effective means of safeguarding the device from harmful malware and phishing attempts.

Forgo Accessing Communal Wifi Connections as Much as You Can

Forgo Accessing Communal Wifi Connections as Much as You Can

When working away from home, community internet connections are extremely handy. However, they could potentially pose a significant risk to personal security. Therefore people must make a judgment before accessing this. Within the instance that individuals are employed by a firm, folks possess a valid duty to preserve the confidentiality of personal online activities on the corporate servers. While the residential internet access is secured, the one at the sandwich bar where folks could opt to accomplish a few tasks before actually catching a ride is not. It implies that users run the danger of having their internet behaviour monitored by others. Everyone within the proximity could view whatever others are doing digitally if they use the appropriate application.

The above implies that, if no safeguards are in place, anybody with motivation could view:

  • Each web page that users browse
  • Each notification an individual receives
  • The account details for a variety of web pages

Since the risk is obvious, it's only reasonable that people would like to feel secured.

Maintain a Neat and Orderly Workspace with FlexiSpot

Crucial documents, credentials written on paper, and financial data strewn throughout the workstation indicate that folks are willingly disclosing private data to the public. The realization that private data may be the key to a criminal's ability to obtain admission to sensitive corporate data is alarming. It would entail serious ramifications and also be a life-altering impact on the organization. Therefore constantly maintain the cleanliness of a workstation to prevent a prospective intrusion. To help everyone with this, FlexiSpot carries a wide array of ergonomic standing desks which could also double as storage solutions to keep crucial documents in place.

Final Thoughts

Now that most people move within the virtual world, it is important to remember the safety tips mentioned above to guarantee that everyone would avoid any life-altering problems that these could entail.