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Reading Your Favorite Coffee Table Book on a Desk Bike

17 May 2021

Last week, I went to a bookstore and I found only a few customers inside. Some were browsing on different books; others are looking at some of the other items that could be a nice gift for moms for Mother’s Day. Some children were also busy skimming some children’s books while others were so engrossed with reading that they were already sitting on the floor.

New coffee-table books also abound and most of them look interesting. I am not really into coffee-table books. I have been a huge fan of Reader’s Digest ever since I was young. I remember I was able to add more vocabulary words to my vocabulary repertoire which I was able to turn into passive vocabularies when I joined a spelling bee contest. Many, many years ago.

In this age of computer technology and the Internet, you can read your coffee table books and other favorite books through the Apps on Kindle, even tablets. You can subscribe to a certain magazine or pay for an article on a back issue. Then you’re ready for a reading pleasure of a lifetime. These days you don’t have to go to the bookstore, they are paperless. 

However, the beauty of reading a book in its paper form is that you can appreciate the glossy or slick pages slipping on your fingers as you turn the pages. Then there is something different on the scent or smell as you turn each page of a newly arrived book on the book corner. And it does not strain your eyes as much as when you are reading on a tablet or kindle. Well, it is just my observation and I do respect yours.

I cannot forget one coffee-table book I encountered that aroused my interest. I remember the title, “Psychology with your coffee? “a coffee-table book by the distinguished American historian of psychology, Wade Pickren” (review by Brock, A.C. 2014). Although until now I have not read the book, I wish I could take hold of it and one day has an opportune time to read it in the park or near the beach. Based on the review, it has more about psychology and its history which is quite interesting for me to read.

A Backgrounder on Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books or cocktail table books are said to be bigger than an ordinary book, with a hardcover and usually displayed on a table for reading entertainment. it was reported that David Brower was given the credit for coming up with today’s coffee table book. The first appearance of the name “coffee table book” was in 1961 in Arts Magazine.

Coffee table books were appealing to many because of the various topics from ordinary to not-so-ordinary topics. Unlike the digital books that we could on our smartphones, coffee table books define one’s personality and character thereby owning one is like flaunting who you are.

There are a lot of coffee table books tagged as the best this year, 2021 published online by Glamour Magazine UK. I picked out some which fascinate me based on their titles and descriptions namely:

● Interiors (Orange Edition) The Greatest Room of the Century - best for decorating

● Delicious Places: New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors – best for foodies

● Women The National Geographic Image Collection - best for feminists

● Beaches by Gray Malin Enterprises – best for summer reading

● If I could tell you just one thing by Richard Reed – best for inspiration and motivation

Others were not mentioned but worth your time reading. Coffee table books I think will never be outdated because there is a different kind of pleasure and sense of fulfillment that books give us regardless of whether they are new or old.

A great setting where you can read your coffee table book is in your garden or patio where you can feel the fresh air while you’re reading. Your bedroom is also an ideal place to read your coffee table book. But I am afraid you would feel sleepy while on the bed and you will not be able to finish it. but it is fine. Books are usually not meant to be read in one sitting.

Having chosen and finally purchased the coffee table book of your dream, let’s try to figure out the furniture that matches your book. I could suggest one kind of furniture that you can buy from FlexiSpot.  If you have not come across this brand name, well, it is one of the leading manufacturers of home office furniture around the world. It is trusted by millions.

FlexiSpot does not only design ergonomic furniture, but it also boosts the productivity and wellness of an individual. So, I think it is best to purchase a Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 where you have a desk and a built-in bike so you could do exercises for physical wellness. 

Smart Features of a Desk Bike

This amazing product is durable and you can do many things with it not only for work, for physical exercise, but also other activities such as reading, having coffee, watching videos or video chatting with your children on the desktop.

 Everything could be one on the desk as you wish. And doing them while you exercise is shooting two birds at the same time because you are enjoying an activity and at the same time you can pedal and exercise your legs and lower muscles so you could be physically healthy.

Another feature of this product is that the desktop is adjustable, that is, you can move it forward or backward, up and down to make it more comfortable for you.

This equipment also has four casters so that you can easily and smoothly move it to another location of your choice in your home. it also has an adjustable seat according to your height, whether you are 5’ 1” or 6’2”.

The six (6) resistance levels allow you to change your level according to your whim. I think this will be great for you to keep just like your favorite coffee table book.