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Qualities of a Corner Sit Stand Desk

29 April 2021

There's no question that standing desks have become popular. There are so many kinds of standing desks in all shapes and sizes on the market. But standing corner desk options have very limited until recently. Corner sit-stand desks are also being noticed.

However, this posed a new problem. Finding the right corner sit-stand desk for the corner office. In this article, we’ll discuss the proper corner sit-stand desk options for you to choose the best one.

Benefits of a Corner Standing Desk 

Is the office space too tight? Are your eyes tired of the glare from the monitor? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for a corner desk.

Home offices are important in the house as this is where business is conducted when working from home. Thus, attaining the highest level of productivity and organization is imperative. Getting a corner desk for the home office will revitalize the working day.

A corner standing desk is an advantageous addition to the workspace. The benefits of having an adjustable corner desk include: 

1. Maximizes the Workspace

Extra workspace on each side of the workstation when you add a corner setup into your office.

2. Provides Easy Adjustment

Ergonomics improvements are not just keyboard and screen placement. When making the office space more ergonomically beneficial, corner workstations are a top priority. It is because a standing desk for corner locations can easily be adjusted between standing and sitting to counter the negative effects of sitting for too long.

3. Offers a Larger Working Surface

In choosing the right L-shaped standing desk, it provides enough space to support dual and single monitors without obstructing the cabinets and walls when being adjusted.

4. Saves Overall Space

An L-shaped standing desk fits perfectly in any corner desk configuration. It can be fitted neatly into an office corner or cube.

5. Makes the Most of Unused Space

Deep desk corners are generally known to be a dust collector and a haven of lost pens, cords, and other small lost items. With L-shaped standing desks, these are able to fill in the previously unoccupied spaces.

Why Should You Purchase a Standing Desk?

Not many people understood the benefits of using a standing desk. The most benefit is to provide relief for people suffering from back pain.  The L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L by Flexispot is the perfect corner sit-stand desk for your office or home.

Using a standing desk helps alleviate this pain. In addition to eliminating the negative effects of sitting for too long, it can also increase productivity. Standing for long periods affects the blood flow to your brain and other parts of the body. Resulting in being able to receive more energy that is sustained for long periods. Thus, increasing productivity.

Workspace setups are not the same as the workers using them. Most employees change the look and function of their workspace with more monitors, ergonomic keyboards, and specific chairs, while others were left with a setup made by past colleagues.

Corner workspaces represent one configuration that continues to rise in popularity in both corporate and home offices—and for good reason. It makes the most of every usable inch on your desk surface to accommodate piles of papers or other leftovers from managing multiple projects at once. Add in the sit-stand component to it, and suddenly you can include numerous wellness benefits to the growing list of why it works in the office.

Reasons Why Your Office Needs A Corner Desk

1. Saves overall space:

 The best reason people buy a corner desk is to save space in their home offices. This is especially true if they are small rooms where start-up businesses are made, and new freelancers trying their luck. Instead of having a standard computer desk in the middle of the room, leaving out on using the full potential of the surrounding area. A corner desk will fit into the corner of the room, enabling to free up valuable space for other purposes.

2. Maximizes workspace:

An L-shaped desk will provide extra workspace on either side of the workstation with a corner setup. The extra space made can be used for storage purposes for filing cabinets, shelves, and drawers to be a more efficient office. With the desk placed in the corner, you can upgrade the room out from the corner, rather than working around the workspace.

3. Makes the most of unused space:

Deep desk corners are collectors of cords, the occasional lost pen, dirt, and dust. Corner workstations eliminate that problem. A corner desk is a more suitable working area with extra space on either side of the computer for dual monitors, notetaking, desk trays, and other items like printers while keeping everything within reach.

4. Provides easy adjustment

Corner workstations are easy to adjust between sitting and standing to prevent back problems. It also provides the proper viewing distance from the screen.

5. Prescribed Ideal Position

Glares from the computer screen will be eliminated when using a corner standing desk. When using a standing desk against a window. Chances the sun’s rays will shine through the screen and will produce glare to outshine the lit shine making it hard to read. The corner standing desk eliminates that by positioning the screen away from the window while at the same time letting the fresh air in

6. No Distractions

Facing away from the room will remove any potential distractions that can take away concentrating on your work. Bette focus can be maintained on the computer screen – especially if the home office wasn’t designed to be soundproof to eliminating the noise pollution coming from the outside.


Corner Desk vs. Straight Desk? Which is More Space Efficient?

Whatever the size of the office space, in designing the office furniture, space efficiency must be considered at all times. The more space means the easier the office will be to work in. 

Large desks occupy a big amount of space, but it’s the shape of your room to be factored in, and the types of tables and desks that can fit into it. The corner desks and straight desks are ideal for office setup. You need to study both and find the right type of furniture.

Corner desks are a popular office furniture option. They’re placed in corners, leaving a large part of the office space free. This will depend on how many free corners there is and the number of staff the company has. 

Straight desks are more flexible, as they are placed along a wall, under a window, they can be arranged in different angles and in the middle of the space. The problem is that these are bigger. Resulting in having less floor room to work with.

Now you have the props and cons of corner vs. straight standing desks, it is you who will decide. When it comes to space efficiency, the corner desks outscore the straight desk. But in terms of capacity, maybe straight desks are better.