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Putting Together the Ideal Desk Layout for Two Computers

10 September 2021

Your home office should be private, pleasant, and accessible. It should also make you more comfortable while being cost-effective. Working from home has several advantages, including improved productivity, reduced commuting time, and improved work-life balance. 

Because you will be utilizing your workspace for a long time, you will want to ensure it is the appropriate fit. It takes twice as long to set up a two-computer desk. We can assist you if you need to start working remotely or wish to improve your home office.

Standard ergonomic elements such as a chair and desk are necessary items in the primary home setup. A two-computer desk will also have productivity-enhancing capabilities such as a wireless printer and a docked laptop and being distraction-free. Here are some suggestions for possible workspaces.

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Organizing your Clutter

You want to keep the remainder of the room free when you have a desk set up for two computers. Remove all unneeded clutter from your desk and the area around it. The goods you use daily might be kept near the twin computer desk layout. Items that are not used very often can be stored in drawers, under the desk, or to the side of the desk.

You might put shelving or cabinets if you have space on the floor or the walls. These may be useful in keeping your two-person workstation organized. 

Some people maintain only a few items on their table to achieve the desired minimalist look – phone, laptop, PC screen, tablet. They may also use a PC screen mount and install all of these gadgets underneath it.


A double or triple monitor setup necessitates the most incredible lighting possible. Larger screens can have adequate lighting, which will improve the adjustable standing desk setup. 

Bad lighting puts a burden on your eyes, reduces your vitality, and might cause headaches. It is convenient for an L-shaped standing desk in a corner where there is not always enough light. 

Allowing some natural light in through windows or installing an overhead skylight are two choices. During the day, natural light will cause a more potent glare, but you may minimize this with curtains or blinds.

A well-defined desk lamp and the light source may be required in a complex L-shaped desk configuration. The glare from the screen could be reduced by using a screen bar lamp. 

Add some accent or ambient lighting, such as an RGB-controlled system or lovely, warm ambient lighting if you have a gaming two-computer desk layout. You can even opt to turn off the illumination.


Cable management equipment such as cable trays, Velcro strips, and cable ties are available to bundle or route the links together. 

Even if you choose wireless gadgets, cables might pile up as you add more devices to your desk configuration for two laptops, resulting in a cluttered appearance. If you have many cords, cable management boxes are a better solution because you may store power strips under the desk or anywhere else out of sight.  


With a perfect two-computer desk layout, desk ergonomics is what makes your home office tolerable. Consider elements like support, adaptability, and comfort when selecting your office chairs. 

To relieve tension on your neck and shoulders, consider employing an adjustable monitor arm. Tilt, height, and swivel adjustments are available on monitor arms for a unique fit. 

For working or gaming, choose the right ergonomic mouse and keyboard. Ergonomically designed equipment and accessories can assist you in avoiding shoulder, wrist, and arm discomfort.

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Choose the perfect desk for your twin monitors to get the best ergonomics, aesthetics, and clutter-free experience. Consider how you intend to use a suitable desk, such as an adjustable standing desk. 

For greater lifespan and durability, most desks are now built of hardwood, solid wood. Wood has a distinctive appearance because grain patterns ensure that no two desks are alike. A glossy white, brown, or black colour, for example, provides a clean, essential, and classy aesthetic. If you are on a budget, some desks allow you to customize the components and décor to fit your budget. 

Next, consider your storage options, such as drawers: the number of drawers you want and where they will go. 

Think steel legs, a trestle, and a 2 ft depth for holding workstation accessories and monitors when it comes to the desk's size and structure. Make sure there is enough area at the desk for the chair to move around.

Whatever you prefer or choose to pick as your standing desk, FlexiSpot has you covered. You do not need to worry about its superior quality and functionality because standing desks from FlexiSpot deliver more than your expectations.


The next step is to choose your equipment, as the right parts can make a big difference in productivity and how your setup looks. Wireless peripherals are popular these days since they do not have any messy, heavy wires and have a clean, minimalist appearance. Monitors provide an excellent gaming, watching, and working environment.

Choose a dual-screen monitor after determining the primary purpose of the monitor in your two-computer desk configuration, whether professional, gaming, or household use. 

Certain professions and hobbies require higher refresh rates, lower response times, and colour fidelity. For gaming purposes, mechanical keyboards are ideal. For regular chores, though, you may go for a wireless mechanical keyboard with minimal appearance and adequate functionality.


Assess your desk after you have finished using it to maintain it tidy. To free up vast regions of the desktop, put away all of the less commonly used items. Then, using a moist cloth, wipe down the desk to eliminate any dust. 

Also, focus on cleaning the devices you use the most, such as mice, styles, keyboards, and so on. All of the flat, vacant spaces can be cleaned with a moist wipe. You may use a brush for challenging regions like between keyboard keys. 

Final Thoughts

There are certain adjustments and changes you should note when setting up a desk layout for your dual monitor workspace. Follow this article as a guide and include some quirks along the way to make it more personal. In no time, you will bring your dream setup into reality.