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Prepare Back-to-work Gifts for Your Employees

10 September 2021

For some employees, returning to work is a special occasion! Even if they return to familiar surroundings, an abrupt change in their adapted lifestyles may be difficult. 

Apart from disinfecting the office, the pandemic caused some of these reservations, and businesses are working to overcome them. 

As employees return to work amid these difficulties, a widespread habit of giving all employees a welcome back present is gaining popularity. It might be a good idea to cheer up exhausted employees and improve their mood so they can return to their former productive selves. 

What else can you do to assist employees to feel enthusiastic about their workplace, assuming that all other safeguards have been taken?

Another thing to note when giving employees gifts to employees after a long remote work session is items that show and appreciate their presence and efforts. 

An excellent company to get gift items and functional office equipment are FlexiSpot. You can see various options of ergonomic office tools like standing desks and ergonomic office chairs. 

These welcome return to work gift ideas for new hiring and existing staff are sure to be great hits. We have compiled a list of pictures that are functional, safe, comfortable, and affordable.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Standing Desks from FlexiSpot

Nothing shows appreciation and respect to employees other than a standing desk. This tool is essential ergonomic equipment from FlexiSpot

Rather than allowing employees to recline in an out-of-date office chair, standing desks keep them moving while they work. 

Any office worker needs an excellent standing desk because this will promote activity and a better working experience. 

You can check out the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series from FlexiSpot, and this will surely leave a smile on your employees' faces. 

Increasing Available Resources and Workshops

Please provide more information to your staff so that they can make a move easier. Prepare some more materials ahead of time so that your team is ready. You can even select the formats that are most convenient for you. 

Hosting virtual health courses that employees can view from their desks, sharing links to publications and videos that they might find helpful, and providing updates on services or perks offered are just a few examples.

Hybrid Reorganization Combines Both

Some offices will opt for a hybrid workplace rather than a total return to work scenario. Employers are rethinking their office layouts with innovative office accessories, more thoughtful, more attractively integrated work equipment. 

These are not only more appealing, but they are also more ergonomic and promote better workplace wellness. To make employees feel more welcome during lockdown scenarios, pair an office standing desk with an ergonomic chair.

Care and Safety Packages

Care and Safety Packages

The most apparent welcome return to work gift is a safety kit. This gift idea might be a welcome gift basket filled with refreshments, workplace supplies, and safety items. Gloves, handwashes, hair nets, masks, and sanitizer bottles, on the other hand, will be the focus. 

While the economy and your workplace may be improving, they are still not completely safe outside their houses. Employees continue to put their health in danger as they return to work. 

By giving employees safety supplies at their desks, this gift basket can assist them in protecting themselves. It has the potential to help individuals avoid developing COVID-19 and is available to use right immediately.

Bag Organizers

Employees require a well-organized backpack now that they have a lot more to carry to work. While it is simple to slip a bottle or lunch box into a bag, smaller objects are more likely to be misplaced. 

These clever bag organizers keep all of your things together, so they do not get misplaced. These back-to-work gifts can be used to store keys, chargers, small tools, pencils, electronics, makeup, and more.

Hampers for Health and Wellness

Have you ever considered how much your staff might appreciate calming presents to help them rest and unwind? 

These are the soothing gifts they anticipate, which will provide a welcome break from their work surroundings. This welcome back to work gift also demonstrates that you prioritize their health to help them feel at ease at work.

Staples for the Office or Desk

Staples for the Office or Desk

More welcome return gift ideas include giving goods that employees utilize daily. You may customize the contents of your welcome back to work present for each department, and you could consist of some general office supplies or office desk accessories that each team member will like.

Organizing a Happy Hour

Now that everyone has returned to work, it is the perfect time to turn those virtual happy hours into actual ones. 

Set aside a particular happy hour for employees to be entertained, socialize, or have lunch together. Always remember to follow the state's norms and rules when sharing areas.

Virtual Presents

Smaller return-to-work gifts can be helpful and can be shared simply with hybrid and on-site personnel. Consider what you can offer them via emails, such as gift cards, food delivery discounts, transportation, literature, or sweets. 

You might also give them a complimentary membership to a popular wellness program, such as yoga or meditation applications. The best aspect is that you have complete control over the amount you want to put on those virtual gifts.

Holders for Lunch Boxes

A lunch box, similar to water bottles, could be a beneficial welcome back present idea. The idea is the same — to avoid unwelcome socializing and viral dissemination. 

Because staff may bring their silverware, it is also a fantastic method to encourage them to get healthy home-cooked meals and improve sanitization. After they have used their lunch supplies, they may store them safely in these convenient lunch box totes.

Essentials for Cooking

Essentials for Cooking

More employees are preparing meals at home instead of bringing home-cooked meals because it is easier and healthier. An excellent kitchen beginning set or a guidebook that provides them ideas would be a terrific return to office gift. 

Otherwise, offer them a gift card to one of the most prominent online cooking schools or home stores where they may learn the skills and materials they will need to succeed in their culinary endeavors.


Offices restrict access to public spaces such as the tearoom, cafeteria, and water fountain to preserve social distance. Instead of giving them communal objects, please provide them with a bottle to fill with water. 

This is the ideal back-to-work present because it may help everyone reduce the risk of contamination and reduce the need for employees to move about too much.

Final Thoughts

If all employers show that they care and respect their employees through the proper recognition and merits, fewer employees will resign. 

Even just through the little things, any gesture will express the message that those actions speak louder than words.