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Power Naps and Ergo Chairs: The Flexispot Way

22 June 2021

Power Naps and their Benefits:

A power nap is something that you can benefit from a lot. This allows you to recharge and prepare yourself from long hours of work after your lunch or even before lunch. You can rest your mind even for a minimum of 30 minutes before launching back to work. This can stimulate the brain cells and can give you better blood circulation when you wake up. With a power nap, you can perform better at work because you can feel recharged. It is because even during the first few hours in the office, you can encounter a lot of stress and fatigue because of the challenging matters. These things may be the source of:

  • spine fatigue
  • shoulder strain
  • lumbar area pain

These are the reasons you should be taking a power nap in the office before you get back into action. However, it could be absolute if you use pieces of equipment that provide you an ultimate power nap experience even for just 30 minutes. These pieces of equipment are found at Flexispot. 

So, before we enumerate all the ergo chairs that could give you an absolute power nap. Let us discuss first the reasons Flexispot ergo chairs are one of a kind and the reasons people prefer them over the ordinary swivel chairs. Thus, let's move on to the next part of the discussion.

Ultimate Ergonomic Solutions of Flexispot:

All the ergo products from Flexispot provide the ultimate ergonomic solutions that you deserve to have. From the standing desks to the ergonomic chairs that you can rely on, Flexispot ensures that all these are at the reach of your hand. This is because you deserve to be safe and free from all kinds of ergonomic pain that are possible because of improper posture. Thus, Flexispot creates an array of products that have the most reasonable prices and flexible payment terms. Aside from that, Flexispot ergo chairs have: 

  • The most amazing parts that offer flexibility:

This is true with most ergo chairs from Flexispot. These products can be flexed in certain angles from 90 degrees to 120 degrees usually. This ensures that you can enjoy leaning your back on the chair as you rock back and forth. 

  • The most durable parts that ensure the sturdiness of the products:

When you use these ergo chairs, you may enjoy sitting on them without the fear of stumbling down or falling over these chairs unlike with other swivel chairs that easily get broken even with a slight rocking. The seating area of these products is carefully laid on the frame to ensure that it would not get wobbly. Accidents happen because of an unstable cushion. With Flexispot, you may enjoy sitting while taking a nap with these products. 

  • The sturdiest steel bases that can ensure the durability of the chair:

You don't have to worry about falling off from the ergo chair because the base of the ergo chair is ultimately sturdy and its frame is even and can fit the flooring compared to other swivel chairs that are dangerous to use if you wish to take a power nap. 

  • Cushions that are insect-proof:

You don't need to worry about the bugs that might breed within the foam of the ergo chair because, at Flexispot, they ensure the quality of the foam or cushion. They carefully stitch and install these cushions on the frame to make sure no bugs will thrive in between. Plus, these cushions are water-proof. Hence, no insects could easily get in the foam and breed there. 

  • features that can optimize your sleeping:

Some of the ergo chairs from Flexispot have this feature. One of them is a massage chair such as the Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080 that has heating points that can massage your back. This is a very nice thing to experience especially if you want to have a power nap. 

This can also make you feel relaxed and can help stimulate your blood. Once the blood is stimulated in your veins, this can help your system work efficiently. So, while sitting on this chair, after the power nap, you may try clicking on the heating patterns with the help of a remote.

  • The incredible gas lifting system:

The ergo chairs from Flexispot have a gas lifting system that helps you adjust the ergo chair without strain in the muscles that others feel with ordinary swivel chairs. The gas lifting mechanism of the ergo chairs can move the ergo chairs easily. 

  • The breathable mesh and leather cushions:

These materials allow the air to pass the mesh freely. It makes your sitting experience worthwhile and can help you prevent sweating, unlike the ordinary swivel chairs where the heat builds up. These ergo chairs also have leather cushions that help you sit on them comfortably. So whether you're sleeping or not, you can enjoy these products. You can also have the utmost nap that can recharge your system even for 30 minutes. 

  • solid rolling casters:

The ergo chairs have rolling casters that can make these chairs move easily. With these rolling casters, you may easily transfer the product from one place to another. 

  • Incredible height ranges:

The Flexispot ergo chairs have incredible height ranges that make these products suitable for adults and children. You may choose your desired level that is taller than your actual height in case you want to take a nap. This makes it easier for you to optimize your power nap. 

  • Superb lumbar support:

These ergo chairs can protect your spine, hips, buttocks, and lumbar. You can make sure that when you sit here and take a nap, you can take a rest here comfortably and without much pain or strain when you wake up. This is because as mentioned above, these products are designed and engineered based on the curves of the spine hence you can be safe even after sitting here for long hours. 

Final Thoughts:

Every worker deserves to have the most rewarding power nap. All workers like you need to take a rest and rejuvenate at least 30 minutes every day so you may have the optimal performance at work. Thus, Flexispot is here to offer the best ergonomic chairs to help you maximize your sleep to its fullest level.