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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

12 April 2022

If video ever truly did kill the radio star, it looks like radio has risen from the dead. Alongside the rise of smartphones, podcasting has made a huge splash on the media scene - not only do most people listen to them, but many people now even host their own, all from the comfort of their own homes!

These days, podcasts cover just about every topic under the sun. The range of popular podcasts covers true crime, fitness, current affairs, wellness, comedy - and that’s just the beginning.

With so much fantastic content to choose from, delving into the world of podcasts can indeed be a tad overwhelming. Most of the time, people tend to find out about podcasts through word of mouth, as they’re not as heavily marketed as traditional media. But if you’re looking for a new podcast to get stuck into bingeing, here are the top shows you should be checking out right away:

1. Scandal: The Dropout

If you love nothing more than sinking your teeth into a juicy scandal, listening to The Dropout is an absolute must. It tells the unbelievable story of Elizabeth Holmes, the entrepreneur who made a name for herself when she founded what appeared to be a groundbreaking tech startup, named Theranos.

Theranos quickly gained a ton of media attention and investor interest for promising to reinvent the medical industry by introducing an all-new, faster, cheaper way of conducting blood testing.

However, all that interest collapsed into a wave of whistleblowing and scandalous media attention,  when it was revealed that the whole company was in fact a fraud. The blood testing system championed by Ms. Holmes produced inaccurate results and was nowhere near as technologically sound as she reported it to be.

Since the scandal broke, a number of media outlets have covered the story, each with their own spin on how a bunch of lies managed to become a multi-million dollar investment. The Dropout is one of the best of these, detailing all of the lies that led to the scandal in wonderfully clear and engaging detail.

2. History: Revisionist History

Popular author and public intellectual Malcolm Gladwell puts down his pen and picks up a mic for this wonderfully entertaining podcast that seeks to readdress misconceptions we have regarding historical events.

Gladwell is an incredibly personable host, making it all too easy to coast through the multiple seasons of history discussed from a fresh perspective. Revisionist History is wonderfully broad in the subject matter that it tackles, covering everything from the oil we fry our chips in, to the way we view major historical figures such as Winston Churchill.

If you’re looking for an anthology series that never ceases to entertain, definitely head along and check out Revisionist History.  

3. True Crime: S-Town

Without a doubt, S-Town is one of the most unique podcasts out there. Its subject matter is so bizarre and fascinating that most readers are hooked within a matter of minutes. From the makers of other incredibly popular podcasts Serial and This American Life, S-Town follows host Brian Reed as he investigates the bizarre small-town goings-on that all surround a listener who reached out to him - the indomitable and eccentric John B. McLemore.

S-Town manages to make a number of wild twists and turns throughout its run, and is a masterclass in how to unravel a story. The interviews, editing, pacing, music - everything is top-notch and makes it hard to hit pause between episodes. That being said, the thing that gives S-Town its most unique and addictive quality, is the chemistry and relationship that forms between host Brian Reed and his most unusual of subjects.

4. Comedy (and science!): The Infinite Monkey Cage

For those who like a dose of scientific content, but prefer it wrapped in a more easy-going, less technical skin - The Infinite Monkey Cage is the podcast you’ve been searching for. A witty, light-hearted look at the world of science as seen through the eyes of scientists.

Hosted by scientists and national treasures Brian Cox and Robin Ince, each episode covers a variety of fascinating scientific ideas, but all while giving a good dose of laughter. Listening to The Infinite Monkey Cage, you’ll find yourself chuckling so hard you won’t even realise how much information you’re soaking up.

5. Health: Optimal Health Daily

Hosted by Dr. Neal Malik, Optimal Health Daily is a charmingly light podcast in which the health expert answers a variety of questions from listeners that address all things related to health, diet, wellness, exercise, and more!

The easy-going attitude of the host makes Optimal Health Daily very easy listening, and is a great way to bring better focus to how you’re looking after yourself! 

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn about the world around you, or simply just to relax, all while keeping your hands free. Find your new addiction with one of these top 5 podcasts for any occasion.