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Picture Perfect Workstation

16 Apr. 2021



That is the term used to describe things, places, and events that are deemed worthy of being posted on Instagram and actually, any other social media sites. Those pictured must be pleasing to the eyes and urge the viewers to recreate the same style of the picture. For places that feature places and events, the looker must feel the need to go and experience whatever the photograph has in store.


While it is true that a clean workstation must be your utmost priority, you can still have your very own instagrammable workstation too! With just a few simple steps, the ideal Instagram look can be easily achieved!


What’s Your Style?

Before buying everything that you see in a photo, you must first consider if it is even your style. An instagrammable workplace is no use if the design does not speak to your soul and give contentment to your heart.


The style of your working space should also be inspiring-- not just for those viewing your social media accounts but for you as well. Still not sure what type of aesthetic to go for? Here are a few popular styles that can help you decide;


l If you are a fan of beach house-inspired pieces and the undone look of wood, try a Nautical theme.

l For those after a minimalist lifestyle accented with pops of playful hues, the Scandinavian design will please you.

l People with a  taste for the finer things in life in the 21st century, an Urban Modern Chic style accented by edgy designs mixed with glamour is perfect for you.

l Are exposed steel hardware with a mature feel more up your alley? Consider an Industrial look for your workstation


The aforementioned styles are only just of the few ideas that you can take inspiration on, but feel free to follow what your heart wants if you want to go and venture out of the box.


Quick Quirks

Look for little things that can add attitude to your dull workstation. It can be done with a unique pen holder, a table mirror with an irregular shape, or unexpected materials that are used for the construction of your table


If you can spare a little spaces for an interesting standing desk, the L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L by FlexiSpot would be your best office desk. Worried that it may only work on a certain corner of your workspace? Or are you left-handed and prefer a standing desk that is not a one-trick-pony? The good news is the reversible L-Shape standing desk can easily be configured to fit your needs.  Rejoice for the right or left hand users, rejoice for inclusiveness!


Speaking of inclusiveness is also a noteworthy fact to know that the spliced boards for the L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L is made with environmentally sourced wood. A standing desk that suits its customers and cares for the environment? Now that is a good deal for your instagrammable workstation.


Remember, the furniture must work for you and not the other way around. That prevents you from having an overall uncomfortable workstation.


Light Up The Way You Work
While artificial lights can provide an ample amount of brightness while you work, nothing beats natural sunshine.


An ideal workstation is by the window. You might be wondering why work by the window if you are already comfy and settled by your usual spot. Well, if you are by the window, you can feel the warmth of the sun caressing your skin. For those still not convinced, sunlight is known to boost the brain’s production of serotonin, which is known as the hormone that helps you stabilize your mood. It is also important for the regulation of sleep patterns, eating, and digestive processes.

Working near a window also provides you with a view from outside. Eye strain is a common condition for people who spend lots of time working or playing with a computer or smartphone. With that in mind, a quick fix to relax your eyes are to stare at something for a couple of minutes. This is important so that you can still be in tiptop shape even after long working shifts.


Just face it-- working by the window is the best place you can have. Your serotonin levels never deplete. Your eyes have something to feast on other than your work computer. And finally, it provides the perfect lighting for the picture-perfect workstation.

A visually appealing workstation can provide positive energy while you work. It also does not hurt that your friends and family would adore the chic styling of your working space. Your work boss may even see it as another level of professionalism because you can curate an amazing workstation while making sure that you are doing a great job.


Just remember that a neat and well-designed workstation is a reflection of the worker behind the lens and computer screen. So make sure that every element of it screams you.

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