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Physical Changes from Long-Term Use of Standing Desks

15 December 2022

You may not realize it, but sitting down for long periods of time isn’t that good for the body. This is why many of us report back pain and other common problems from sitting down at work all day. This is also why a lot of people are starting to shift to standing desks.

These height adjustable desks - as the name suggests - are designed to be used while you’re standing. That way, you aren’t sitting down for that long throughout the day, which can alleviate back pain, help you feel better at work, and even result in more productivity.

With that said, a high-quality standing desk can be brought up or down, depending on if you want to work while sitting or standing up, allowing for you to be in complete control over how you wish to work.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the physical changes from long-term use of standing desks and what you can expect if you decide to make the switch from your standard office desk.

Less Back Pain

The biggest long-term change that you will feel when you switch to a height adjustable desk is that you have much less back pain. Many people report that after using standing desks for a longer time, they start to feel their back pain less.

For most office workers, back pain is one of the most common complaints out there. This is large because the posture they practice when sitting down for hours every day is very bad for the back and puts unnecessary pressure on it. So, at the end of the day, office workers typically report some sort of back pain.

Back pain can cause a range of issues in your daily life. Not only is it very uncomfortable, but it’s hard to remain as functional as possible when suffering from it. But with a standing desk, you’ll start noticing a reduction in back pain the second you start using it. And the more you stand up while working, the less frequent your back pain will become.

One of the main reasons people are shifting to standing desks nowadays is because they can reduce back pain. This is one of the most common problems getting in the way of office workers’ lives, so switching to a desk that reduces back pain can do wonders for comfort, quality of life, and even productivity.

More Calories Burned

The sad truth is that when you’re at a sitting desk all day, you aren’t burning that many calories. Humans don’t burn that many calories when sitting down. But since most office workers spend the whole day doing their work while sitting down, they end up feeling very drained at the end of the day without burning that many calories.

On the flip side, since standing requires a bit more energy than sitting, you end up passively burning calories while at work. This helps you use up all the energy you get from your meals and snacks so it can lower the risk of obesity and weight gain.

There are many people that report significant weight gain when they start working a desk job. And the main reason for this is that you don’t burn that many calories sitting at a desk, which is what most office jobs require you to do all day.

While you still need to practice a healthy lifestyle and eat a proper diet to lose weight, standing desks help you burn more calories over time. This means that you’ll have a slightly smaller chance of gaining weight while working your desk job, which is very important for many desk workers.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Sitting down after meals is not good for your blood sugar levels. Doing this raises your blood sugar levels and as any doctor will tell you, high blood sugar levels are usually a bad thing for a person’s health.

However, there is evidence that shows that standing desks can lower blood sugar levels in the long term. This is because those that use standing desks likely aren’t sitting after meals, so there’s no chance for their blood sugar to spike up.

Conclusion - Should You Get a Standing Desk?

There are many benefits to having a standing desk. It can help you burn more calories, lower your blood sugar levels, and even reduce back pain which many office workers suffer from. However, standing desks can also be tiring and aren’t ideal for all tasks.

That’s why if you’re considering a standing desk, you might benefit more from an adjustable desk. That way, you have complete freedom to choose your working position while also keeping your productivity as high as possible!