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Physical Activity and Mental Health

19 April 2021

Hannah wakes up every morning at 6:00 am to prepare breakfast for the family of five.  She is a working mom and only stops working when she is nursing her baby.  When her two children reached the age of three, she started  to work, her husband is a handyman.  They have to make both ends meet so she has to work  and asks her mom to take care of her children. She's thankful that her mom lives nearby so that it makes it easy for her to just have the children stay with her while she's  at work.  Day by day that is her routine.  She never misses anything with that schedule.  Her husband is hardworking however what he earns is not sufficient to cover all their domestic expenses which does not include her home mortgage.  Nevertheless,  it seems she has a happy family and is managed well.

One day, her best friend and officemate, Betty, has recently observed Hannah is too much engrossed with her work, usually silent and usually misses lunch breaks.  Hannah's work involves too much paperwork.  So she works sitting at her desk for almost eight hours.  But she never complained.  She hates confrontations.  Her best friend, Betty was too concerned with her because they have been friends since they were in elementary school.  

One day, she invited Hannah for a snack but Hannah refused.  She has deadlines to beat and her boss is a workaholic and perfectionist.  Betty did not insist so they just went on working until five. Time to go home and and Hannah is excited to leave her office to attend to her children.  Her neighbors think she's an ideal,wife and mother and wife.

The following day, Hannah was absent. She didn't report for work and there was no notice or phone call from her.  Hannah's boss asked Betty to check on her because it was the first time Hannah was absent.  Betty visited Hannah and she saw her just lying on her bed crying profusely but silently.  Betty asked her "what is going on?" Hannah did respond and just kept on crying.  Betty saw her food was untouched meaning Hannah refused to eat.  Betty was a little worried about her friend's situation. She reported this to Hannah boss.  

Five days have passed and still Hannah did not report for work,  Her boss sent a doctor to check on her.  The doctor asked everything about Hannah's life.  His conclusion was that there seemed to be no problem with the household. Her husband said they were happy with how things are going in the family.  With all the details gathered, the doctor  concluded that Hannah is suffering from "psychological distress." Based on an online definition of this condition, this means that it is an "emotional suffering related with stressors and demands that are difficult to cope with in daily life" (online

On analysis, Hannah is overly stressed out not only for doing her chores as a mother but also doing her job as an insurance clerk.  The daily rigors of office work really gave her so much stress with her routine sitting on her desk for long hours . She also has to  cope with her boss' demands as she is a perfectionist employer.  

Research results on mental health shows that "sitting six or more hours in a day is  likely to bring moderate distress," and women are reported to experience high distress in connection with prolonged work sitting"  in other words, physical activity is necessary even in a workplace to avoid mental distress. To address this situation, it is  better to reduce  sitting time when you're working at home or in the office.  We can engage in physical activity such as moving our legs and arms or standing from time to time to make our mind and body refreshed.  A short nap may also get us energized mentally and physically.

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