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Obesity: A Growing Public Health Concern

20 April 2021

Kate, 30 years old has the most beautiful face in her company.  She has a well-chiseled nose, perfect oval face,   dewy and lucid skin,pouty lips and long blonde tresses.  She's the envy of every girl in the office as far her beauty is concerned.  All along she's not happy with her beauty because she's obese.  Her wait measurement is almost 80 cm.  She's afraid that one day, her weight might affect her personality and most of all, her health.  What triggered her  being overweight is not a secret to her friend's. She loves to binge on sugary snacks such doughnuts and chocolate cakes every time she's in front of the TV set or using her computer. She can't stop this habit.  It makes her adrenalin rush.  The binge on food as she recalled started when her boyfriend broke up with her a few months ago. He has to go to New York to make more money and to look for greener pastures. It was one of the saddest situations in Kate's life.  

Today, thousands of American women are suffering from obesity or being overweight  which is getting prevalent across the nation. For health experts, this is a growing concern in public health.  Being overweight could result in an increased rate of hypertension and diabetes, among other risks.  This situation may also shorten lifespan by as much as five years.  According to American Journal, the occurrence of obesity is higher than 60% among older people in the US (American Journal of Medical Sciences, 2006). Aside from illnesses that may result from  being obese, depression may also occur among overweight individuals.  And this may lead to negative consequences for someone who is overweight.  There are times that negative thoughts and loneliness accompany depression that could ruin a person's life.  As such, the prevalence of obesity is in focus among the health experts aside from the current Coronavirus pandemic. This is a serious concern in public health.

For someone who is beyond the ideal weight,  there are solutions to control weight as long as the person suffering from it is really determined to reduce weight by eating the right kind and amount of food.  And this is not new to anyone. Everyone knows we have to eat balanced meals with more fruits and vegetables but the problem is, we are not resolved to address this problem. It is not bad to eat sugary snacks but there should be a limited intake in each day.  More vegetables should be eaten to reduce weight because vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that will make you strong but does not make you fat. In fact, they will make your body leaner and lighter.

Another solution to being obese to get some physical activities to reduce fat in our body because when we move and exercise, we perspire, metabolism gets faster, and we loose our weight.  As more people today lead a sedentary life, more physical activities are encouraged  so that problems about obesity may be reduced or totally resolved.  When you can't  really have the time to exercise because of your work whether work from office or work from home, we have the perfect solution for this nagging problem.  

As a freelancer on  work from home set up, you can do two things at the same time.  For example, if you want to finish your paperwork to beat the deadline but at the same time want to engagement some physical exercises while doing your work, it is totally possible with FlexiSpot,  the company offers a wide array of products that would support your goal of being productive and at the same time possess a healthy body.

One of the products that is worth buying is Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair.  It is a superb companion. For people who love working and exercising simultaneously.  It has a comfortable chair with a breathable mesh fabric backrest.  This ensures  comfort and superb experience when you  want to take a nap or just take a rest from your work.  If you want to adjust the height of your seat, it is possible with the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair.  The seat cushion provides the best sitting experience. The awesome thing about this product is that you can bike to exercise and at the same time work without disturbing your co-workers.    Be just productive for the day while improving your strength and stamina.  Life becomes  entertaining with this FlexiSpot product.  With the cycles on your feet,  you can flex and exercise your legs and feet muscles at any time of the day.  It is now possible to shoot two birds at the same time.  Also, the whole family would love  to sit on the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair because you can adjust the height of the chair for each member of the family.  If everyone uses it, then everyone becomes physically fit and sickness will go away.  Being physically fit prevents illness and you are more productive every day because you are healthy.  You don't incur absences in your work  and that means your boss will be happy.  Who knows he might give a raise or a promotion. How about that? Perfect attendance has its own rewards and you might be one of those lucky ones to receive the Employee of the Year Award or a promotion to a higher and much coveted position is just waiting to be snatched.  

FlexiSpot has been rallying behind health and productivity that is why the products are created and designed not only for functionality and durability but also for each user's work efficiency and well being.

For more details about Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair, you may visit its website.   Flexispot chat is also available for spot questions you may have about other products available for grabs.  Shipping is also available and free via FedEx to some Continental States in the United States. As an original buyer, you may also avail its warranty feature for product defects. However, this feature is non-transferable.