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My Christmas Gift Guide: A Nudge in The Right Direction…

30 November 2023

Don't Worry: I've Completed The Christmas Gift Guide For You!

I'm so excited for the twinkling lights and festive decorations of holiday cheer this year, but I know the stresses of Christmas shopping often cast some shadows. With only a handful of hours  and so many people to buy for this season, finding the perfect Christmas gift can feel impossible, right?

But a nudge in the right direction can make the gift hunt so much  easier, and I thought a wish list might be appreciated! Flexispot has an amazing Christmas sale this year with some huge discounts, and you can grab a bargain whilst helping me make next year more productive than ever.

The Desk of My Dreams

Save me from piles of paperwork and desktop discomfort! I've had my eye on the E7 Pro for ages, its been a mainstay of the Flexispot ergonomic range for years now thanks to its perfect combination of style, detail, and design. Over the next month it's 30% off at just £349.99 - perfect timing!

Sleek design and cutting-edge technology has put this top of my list; this expert ergonomic flexibility would make such a difference to my comfort and focus throughout the day. The electric height adjustment really sets this aside from other standing desks too, and knowing those long hours could be so much more comfortable for even less makes this a must!

Ergonomic Bliss!

The desk of my dreams would be perfectly accented by a top tier ergonomic office chair. I have been extra good this year, after all. The Ergonomic Office Chair BS3 is not just a piece of furniture; it's a visual delight and a functional masterpiece. Engineered with precision and  a breathable mesh design, the BS3 promises optimal lumbar support and encourages a healthy sitting posture - all year round.

It's the perfect fit for me. Adjustable features, including height, armrests, and reclining angle, would make it the perfect fit. Whether I'm burning the midnight oil or navigating through long work hours, the Ergonomic Office Chair BS3 would make the most of my workspace.

Over the holiday season, the BS3 is down to just £119.99, a saving of an incredible 40% - you can take a look here, or share this with the elves if they're helping you this Christmas…

Kicking Back in Comfort

At the end of the day and through those chilly evenings, I'd love to unwind in the Flexispot Recliner XC2. With expert construction to high quality materials, meticulous attention to detail and the perfect reclining angle adjustment, this is a proper investment piece to wrap the next film, book, or cosy evening in absolute comfort for years to come.

The best bit? It's on a 40% discount over this Christmas season, down from £199.99 to just £119.99 for the next few weeks only. An absolute steal.

Tidings of Organization: The Multifunctional Locker CB10

Another thing that would make my Christmas truly  merry and bright is the Multifunctional Locker CB10 from Flexispot. Practical, stylish, and sleek, it could help turn my cluttered office into a cultivated space of zen productivity; the best present I could ask for!

The CB10 offers ample storage space with multiple compartments, making it perfect for storing office supplies, paperwork, and gadgets galore. Its sturdy construction and contemporary design would be a valuable addition; surprise me with a beauty at 35% discount this Christmas, down from £199.99 to just £129.99!

The Best Christmas Ahead!

There's so much to organise and gather this season, but the best gift of all is sharing it in comfort with people you care for. I hope this list makes your planning that little bit easier, and I can't wait to spend some Christmas joy with you!

Take a look through these Flexispot favourites and, who knows, maybe you'll find some extra bits and pieces for the rest of the family too? We have so much to get stuck into next year, I feel like we're getting off to a great start, that's for sure.