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Mirror, Mirror: Creating Interior Space with Mirror Design

22 May 2024

Use A Mirror to Style Up Your Interior Design

Most of us have a few mirrors in our homes, but are we using them to their best advantage? The design impact of a mirror can make a huge difference in the look, feel, and overall atmosphere of your home. Not just a supernatural tool for fairy tale heroes (or villains!) these handy pieces of home decor can also work wonders in creating the illusion of more space in our homes and making the most of our interior design. So, grab your mirrors, and let's explore how to use them to make your space feel bigger and brighter!

How Mirrors Can Expand Your Interior Design Horizons

Increasing light, changing the ambiance of a space, and creating a new sense of space in a room are just some of the ways we can use mirrors in interior design. The perfect combo of easy style and practical design, mirrors are the gift that keeps on giving! By understanding how and where to use mirrors in your living or office space, you can create a stronger sense of depth, dimension, and style in almost every room - let's take a closer look.

In smaller rooms or areas with limited natural light, mirrors can make a space feel larger or add a greater sense of openness. If you're in a room with dim lighting or small, low-level windows, mirrors can be a particularly great tool in spreading light evenly throughout the room, minimizing shadows, and making the most of the dimensions of your space. This clever hack can create a sense of depth and expansiveness, even in small spaces!

From ornate, gilded frames to sleek, minimalist designs, mirrors come in an array of styles and finishes, meaning you're sure to find the perfect piece for your space. They are also one of the quickest and most affordable ways to uplift a room, with mirrors to suit every budget - whether you're on a shoestring or able to splurge.

Let's take a look at some of the more specific ways you can use mirrors in your home or workspace to make the most of space, light, and home layout in your interior design to live and work more comfortably.

Making the Most of Natural Light

We've looked above at how mirrors can open up a room in general, but positioning a mirror directly opposite a window can bounce sunlight around the room, instantly brightening up your space and making it feel more expansive. It's like adding an extra window without any construction hassle, and it helps bring the outside in!

Create Depth and Space

If you have a small or narrow room that feels a bit claustrophobic, mirrors can come to the rescue to help create depth and space. Try placing a large mirror on one of the walls to create the optical illusion of extending the room. Opt for a mirror with a sleek frame or no frame at all to maximize this effect - especially handy if you want to create a sleek but inspiring space.

Bring In More of Your Favourite Views

Alongside bringing light and nature into your space, clever use of mirror placement can double up on a gorgeous natural view outside your window. A strategically placed mirror can bring in the beauty of the outside world - maybe you want to see that magnificent neighborhood tree from wherever you're sitting or share more of your artwork on another wall - whilst also making the room feel more expansive and larger.

Create Stunning Focal Points

Mirrors can also be used to decorate your space instead of artwork or photographs: a more ornate mirror frame can add an extra touch to your interior design, whilst smaller mirrors can be styled in groups, providing a point of interest whilst also opening up your space to feel more bright and airy.

Balance Design Symmetry

The symmetrical placement of mirrors can create a sense of balance and high design in any room, evening out differences in room setup. You can try pairing identical mirrors on either side of a main room feature, like a fireplace or bookshelf, or even above a side table to tie the room design together. Experiment with different sizes, styles, and configurations to bring your space to life!

Make The Most of Mirrors for Your Best Interior Design

Mirrors are our favorite interior design hack. Affordable, functional, and flexible, mirrors cover so many bases in making your home a comfortable yet stylish place you love to be. Whether you want to create the illusion of more space, maximize natural light, or simply add any style or dimension to your home, a mirror or two can make all the difference! So get creative and experiment with what works for you. Your home will thank you for it!